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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1856 to 31 December 1860

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ADCOCKJoseph.Thur21Jul1859Passing three counterfeit half-crowns at Victoria Hotel, Beeston, on 12th inst; committed for trial at next Assizes
ADDERLEYJames.Thur7May1857Landlord of the Greyhound public-house Beeston, charged with keeping a disorderly house; fined £2 10s plus costs
ALLSOPThomas.Thur28Oct1858Butcher from Beeston; robbed in a brothel in North Street by Ann BRADLEY and Francis HARRISON; remanded
ALLWOODWilliam.Thur19Jun1856Aged 32, shoemaker, Red Lion Street, arrested in Beeston for stealing 2s 7d from Hannah MARR
ALSOPPThomas.Thur4Nov1858Robbed by Francis HARRISON, one of the world’s unfortunates, in house of ill-fame; three months imprisonment
ANNABLERobert.Thur13Oct1859Married at Hove Church on 6th inst, Mr Robert ANNABLE of Beeston-Notts to Miss Mary ROWLAND of Brighton
ASHERHannah.Thur20May1858Died at Beeston, on 19th inst, aged 81, Mrs Hannah ASHER
ASTLEEliza.Thur8Jan1857Married at Baptist Chapel, Beeston, on 6th inst, Mr James WRIGHT of Loscoe, to Miss Eliza ASTLE of Beeston
ATTENBOROUGHThomas.Thur9Sep1858Inquest at General Hospital : Labourer, aged 60, thatching a stack at Beeston on Saturday week and fell from stack, died Sunday
BAGUELEYJoseph.Thur7Aug185614-year old son of John BAGUELEY of Beeston, drowned in the Canal near Ryelands bridge while diving for apples
BAILEYJames, junr.Thur27Nov1856Assaulted by Thomas WOODWARD publican Wollaton and Robert MARSHALL on 11 Nov; defendants fined 15s
BAKERMr, sen..Thur27May1858Thursday last his horse fell down on Beeston Hill throwing him into road, horse fell on top; escaped with bruising
BALLAnn.Thur19Mar1857Died at Beeston on 15th inst, aged 13 years, Miss Ann BALL; and, on the 16th, aged 22, her brother, John BALL
BARKGeorge.Thur18Feb1858Inquest: Infant son of William BARK, lacemaker, Beeston, died in bed on mother’s arm on Sunday; “natural causes”
BARKERHenry.Thur15Apr1858Two young fellows, Henry BARKER and Reuben STEPHENS, broke fence of Mr WATSON; fined 5s and 2s 6d respectively
BARKERJohn.Thur9Jul1857Charged with obstructing highway on 3rd inst, knocking down Miss CLEMENTS with his cab; witness John LOWE
BARKERJohn.Thur15Jul1858Thomas HUFF of Chilwell vs John BARKER of Beeston for £12 malt supplied; judgement given for defendant
BARKERMr.Thur19Nov1857Best marksmen competition held in his field at Beeston on Thursday last; won by CARVER-Nottg, and JACKSON-Heage
BARKERWilliam.Thur7May1857Landlord of the Durham Ox public-house Beeston, summoned for allowing gambling in his house on 1st May; fined £5
BARKERWilliam.Thur12Aug1858Insolvency Court : William BARKER of Beeston, Mr J.W. SMITH obtained leave to amend schedule to incl John ORTON
BARNESJohn.Thur24Feb1859Died at Beeston on the 20th inst, aged 58, Mr John BARNES, High Road
BARNESLouisa.Thur18Feb1858Married at Beeston on Thursday last, Mr W. LEWING of Nottingham to Miss Louisa BARNES of the former place
BARNESMary Ann.Thur11Jun1857Died on the 6th inst, aged 56, Mary Ann, wife of Mr John BARNES, High road, Beeston
BATESElizabeth.Thur24Dec1857Died at Beeston on the 21st inst, aged 37, Mrs Elizabeth BATES
BATESWilliam.Thur6Oct1859Breach of Peace with James MATHER, fighting at Beeston nr Greyhound public-house 24th Sept; BATES own recognizance
BEEBYHannah.Thur12Aug1858Died at Beeston Ryelands on Monday last, aged 83, Hannah, wife of Mr John BEEBY
BELFIELDCatherine.Thur14Feb1856Died at Beeston on the 8th inst, aged 60, Catherine, wife of Mr Thomas BELFIELD
BELFIELDHenry.Thur21Feb1856Breach of peace at Beeston on 12th inst, threatening to beat his wife with an iron bar; costs and fines 25s
BELLJohn.Thur10Mar1859Charged with leaving a cart and two horses on high road at Beeston while in public-house; fined 15s including costs
BENNETTHenry.Thur30Jul1857Residing at Beeston, charged with creating disturbance at Carrington on Saturday evening; to pay 5s and dismissed
BENTJohn.Thur24Sep1857Aged 26, labourer of Leicester, employed by Mr MEE, builder of Beeston, obtained money from MEE under false pretences
BLACKHAMElizabeth.Thur31Jan1856Died at Beeston on the 25th inst, aged 40, Mrs Elizabeth BLACKHAM
BOTTOMOREEnoch.Thur23Dec1858Charged with assaulting Mrs HEDDERLEY, landlady of Greyhound Inn, on Saturday 11th inst; fined 3s & £1.2s or gaol
BRAMLEYElizabeth.Thur24Dec1857Inquest at White Lion Inn Bramcote, Elizabeth BRAMLEY 74 wife of John formerly Queens Head Beeston; burnt to death
BREWERSarah Ann.Thur12Mar1857Died at Beeston on 6th inst, aged 22, Miss Sarah Ann BREWER
BROWNJames.Thur14May1857Jas BROWN, Thos KNOWLES and John SHELTON, fined 10s, breaking down a fence, property of Samuel BRADSHAW
BROWNLouisa.Thur4Nov1858Died at Beeston on 30th ult, suddenly, aged 5, Louisa, daughter of Mr Thomas BROWN of Nether Street
BROWNINGWilliam.Thur26Aug1858Creating breach of peace at Beeston on 19th August; ordered to pay expenses and bound over in own recognizances
BURBIDGEWilliam.Thur29Nov1860Married at St John’s Baptist Beeston on 26th inst, Mr William BURBIDGE to Miss Hannah HEALE, both of Beeston
BURNHAMJohn.Thur22Jan1857County Court: John RAINBOW vs John BURNHAM, carrier, Beeston, £1.13s.6d, teachest for William PEACH Beeston
BURNHAMJohn.Thur17Nov1859Died at Beeston on 15th inst, aged 33, Mr John BURNHAM, carrier, Villa Street
BURNHAMWilliam.Thur31Jan1856Breach of peace at Beeston on 22nd inst with Samuel WALLIS; ordered to pay 7s each
BURTONGeorge.Thur7Feb1856FWK, aged 65, paralysed down right side; wife Sarah; wilfully murdered (asphyxia) by son George BURTON
BURTONGeorge jnr.Thur20Mar1856Crown Court: Pleaded not guilty to murder on 26 January 1856; jury returned a verdict of “Not Guilty”
BURTONGeorge jnr.Thur17Jul1856Suicide by suffocation (asphyxia) in his mother’s home in Newcastle street Nottingham; previously of Beeston
BUTTThomas.Thur7Jul1859Neglecting his wife, Ellen BUTT, who became chargeable to parish of Beeston; take wife out and pay 11s expenses
CAMPBELLMr.Thur6May1858Rival omnibus owners between Nottg & Beeston; DAWSON ran down CAMPBELL’s vehicle, risking lives; fined 54s
CAMPBELLMr.Thur6May1858Full report of incident between rival omnibus owners; charge of Wilful Damage; should have been Reckless Driving+£5 fine
CARNELLHenry.Thur17Feb1859Charged by John WALLACE of assaulting him in public-house Beeston on 5th inst; 3 times bound over to keep peace; 10s
CARTWRIGHTAnn.Thur30Jun185953yrs; precarious state after saved from drowning in Beeston lock by William & Peter SURPLICE, Saml WATSON Esq
CHARLTONElizabeth.Thur14Feb1856Died at Beeston on 10th inst, aged 73, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Samuel CHARLTON
CHETHAMWilliam.Thur8Nov1860Two young men, Wm CHETHAM and John DEXTER, assaulted Henry CROFTS, butcher, Beeston on Sat; 30s and 20s fine
CLARKThomas.Thur12Aug1858Inquest at General Hosp : Thomas CLARK, aged 5, father lacemaker at Beeston; burnt after playing with matches Wednes.
CLARKEJoseph.Thur28Jul1859Assizes: Alias ADCOCK; for passing counterfeit coins to Ann MIDDLETON; guilty, 12 calendar months with hard labour
CLIFFORDMary.Thur24Apr1856Beeston Inquest: held 18th inst on Mary CLIFFORD, accidentally burnt when dress caught fire, “accidentally burnt”
COLLINGTONAnn.Thur11Jun1857Shopkeeper, Beeston. Embezzled by Primitive Methodist local preacher, Joseph PAYNE, amount £4 18s; committed for trial
COLTMANJohn.Thur30Dec1858Married at St John’s Beeston on 25th inst, Mr John COLMAN to Miss Emma ROGERS, both of Beeston
COXCharlotte.Thur3May1860Died at Beeston on 27th ult, aged 51, Mrs Charlotte COX, Chapel Street
COXHannah.Thur4Mar1858Died at Beeston on 1st inst, aged 77, Mrs Hannah COX, City
COXWilliam.Thur6Jan1859Lad of 15, indecently assaulted a child named Fanny NELSON at Beeston on Wed (unfit for publ.); £5 or two months’
CROSSJohn.Thur28Jul1859Married at Registrar’s Office Basford on Monday, Mr John CROSS to Miss Mary CHARLTON, both of Beeston
CROSSMary.Thur21Jun1860Died at Beeston on 17th inst, aged 62, Mary, wife of Mr Thomas CROSS, of the Malt Shovel
CROSSSamuel.Thur19Feb1857Convicted of riding on shafts of cart on Feb 11th at Beeston; fined 15s and costs
CROSSThomas.Thur3Sep1857Tavern-keeper at Beeston, charged man of same name with assaulting him Saturday last, no relation; fined 14s
DAVELLThomas.Thur21Aug1856Reckless driving with two carts on the highroad at Beeston without reins attaching one to the other; fined 10s
DAWSONWilliam.Thur18Nov1858Proprietor of omnibus between Nottg and Beeston, charged Aaron BYAT, late servant, of assaulting him; case settled
DAYWilliam.Thur15Sep1859SAME vs Wm DAY: defendant coach proprietor at Beeston, plaintiff resides there, lent him £1 to run cab for voters; adjourn
DAYKINSamuel.Thur8Jan1857Charged by Wm PILGRIM, machine-maker, with assault at Beeston on 27th Dec after insult to wife; to pay 5s each
DEANMrs.Thur17May1860Licensed victualler, Beeston: creditor in insolvency case to William DAWSON omnibus proprietor Nottingham
DEAVILJohn.Thur3Jan1856Breach of peace on 3rd July last; since then defendant has kept out of way; good behaviour and costs 18s
DICKSThomas.Thur26Nov1857Youth apprenticed to Mr FELKIN lace-manufacturer Beeston, charged by Master for refusing to obey commands; dismissed
DOREJohn.Thur12Aug1858Well-known character, wilfully damaged field of wheat belonging to Mr William WALKER of Beeston on 4th Aug
DOREThomas.Thur20Dec1860Summoned for allowing gaming contrary to his licence on 8th inst at his public-house; convicted and fined 40s
DOVEThomas.Thur22Mar1860Beer-house keeper at Beeston; contravention of beer licence on 2nd February; fined £2 10s and license forfeited
FACERAnn.Thur18Jun1857Died at Beeston on Monday last, aged 84, Ann, wife of Mr Thomas FACER
FAIRFIELDGeorge.Thur26Jan1860Lacemaker of Lenton; breach of peace at Beeston on 4th Dec last; 15s plus costs or prison
FARNSWORTHHenry.Thur18Oct1860Wilful damage of damson plum trees by a youth belonging to Miss CHEETHAM at Beeston on 10th; 10s or 14 days
FARNSWORTHHenry.Thur13Dec1860Summoned for damaging fence of Mr Jonathan SHAW while in pursuit of game; fine of 10s
FELKINWilliam, jun.Thur19Jan1860Lace trade meeting: Letter dated 14 Jan 1860 from Wm FELKIN jun in favour of restricted hours for women and children
FOTHERGILLJames, sen.Thur28May1857Married on 6th inst, at Sieghford Church Stafford, James FOTHERGILL sen, Beeston-Notts, to Sarah DAWES
FOXEdward.Thur25Aug1859Charged with stealing a pair of boots, property of his master, William RICHARDSON, shoemaker on 9th June; 3 mths impris.
FOXElizabeth.Thur29Nov1860Died at Beeston on 25th inst, aged 69, Mrs Elizabeth FOX
FOXW.H., Rev.Thur11Jun1857Presented with memento on leaving Beeston, presented by Mrs GILL, Miss CHEETHAM and Misses WATSON
FREEMANSamuel.Thur14Jul1859Charged with assaulting Maria HART on 9th inst at Beeston; to pay expenses and promise to molest complainant no more
GARNEREdward.Thur27Jul1856On 21st inst assaulted Wm. TOMLINSON at Beeston during game of dominoes; fined, defaulted, committed to prison
GIBBONSJoseph.Thur27Nov1856Flogged a little boy named John MORLEY on head and face with horsewhip, leaving scars, for annoying him; 10s and costs
GIBBONSW.Thur23Jul1857Saved an elderly man from Nottingham who was fishing in the Trent on Monday last, no name as didn’t want to worry wife
GOODSONJoseph.Thur16Oct1856Michaelmas Sessions: Grand Jury: Joseph GOODSON, Beeston, Druggist
GOODSONJoseph.Thur14Oct1858Died at Beeston on 8th inst, after a few days’ illness, aged 54, Mr Joseph GOODSON, druggist
GREASLEYJohn.Thur20Mar1856Died at Beeston on 15th inst, aged 83, Mr John GREASLEY
GREENSMITHEliza.Thur18Mar1858Bigamy William BURTON, aged 23, Sims Street; 1st Matilda ROWE 8 July 1855; 2nd Eliza GREENSMITH 26 Oct 1856
GROVESIsaac.Thur5Apr1860Charged for offence against Highway Act, cart on public road without a name; dismissed and name added legibly on cart
HALL..Thur19Feb185710am yesterday, woman named HALL nursing 6-week old infant, had a fit and fell into fire, burning hair/face; little hope
HALLAMGeorge.Thur10Jan1856Inquest on Tuesday last: labourer, aged 73, lived with son-in-law Benjamin CHOULERTON at Beeston; “natural causes”
HARDYWilliam.Thur11Jun1857Violently abused Mrs Jane WINFIELD after she complained of his loudly arguing with his wife for three successive nights
HARDYWilliam.Thur10Sep1857Fined 10s for making a great disturbance at Beeston, about 8 o’clock, on Wednesday evening
HARDYWilliam.Thur5May1859Violently assaulted wife last Friday night; complainant also assaulted him on numerous times; sureties, keep the peace, costs
HARWOODElizabeth.Thur6Dec1860Died on the 1st inst, aged 55, Miss Elizabeth HARWOOD, Beeston Ryelands
HAZLEDINEGeorge.Thur3Jun1858Breach of peace with Wm. GREASLEY at Beeston on Wednesday evening last; fined 5s each
HEDDERLEYJames.Thur3Feb1859Died at Beeston on 1st inst, aged 60, Mr James HEDDERLEY
HENSONJohn.Thur20Mar1856Died at Beeston on the 19th inst, aged 77, Mr John HENSON, carrier
HENSONSelina.Thur21May1857Died on Friday last, aged 24, Miss Selina HENSON, Villa Street, Beeston
HEWITTRichard.Thur3Apr1856Married at Beeston Church on 30th ult, Mr Richard HEWITT to Miss Hannah BEEBY, both of Beeston Ryelands
HODGKINSONEdward.Thur30Dec1858Married at St John’s Beeston on 25th inst, Mr Edward HODGKINSON to Miss Selina SHEPHERD, both of Beeston
HOLDENRobert.Thur15May1856Peace Celebrations at Nottingham: Car carrying Robert HOLDEN, Grenadiers, Beeston, suffering from wound in leg
HORSLEY & ARAM..Thur12May1859Partnerships Dissolved: HORLEY & ARAM, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, lace manufacturers
HOUGHMary.Thur28Jan1858Died at Beeston on 22nd inst, aged 78, Mrs Mary HOUGH
HOWHenry.Thur16Apr1857Boys, Henry HOW, George BARROWCLIFF, Henry HOWITT, William BOWLER, swearing on Sunday on turnpike; 2s 6d
HUDSTONSarah.Thur30Dec1858Married at Parliament St Chapel Nottg, 28th inst, Mr Joseph DAKIN of Matlock Bath to Miss Sarah HUDSON of Beeston
HUDSTONEThomas.Thur11Aug1859Grocer of Beeston, fined 10s for having a l-lbs lightweight in his possession, deficient 1oz
HURSTFrances Sophia.Thur3Mar1859Died at Beeston on 27th ult, aged 72, Frances Sophia, relict of Wm HURST, Esq, clerk of the peace for the county
HURSTWilliam.Thur28Jan1858Died at his residence in Beeston after short illness, 77th year, William HURST Esq, clerk of the peace for the County
JACKSONThomas.Thur25Mar1858Sturdy obstinate-looking youth, apprentice to Mr RICHARDSON shoemaker Beeston; absconded Aug 1856; 3 mths hard lab
JERRAMSarah.Thur4Nov1858Died at Beeston on 31st ult, aged 20, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr James JERRAM
JOHNSONElizabeth.Thur25Nov1858Died at Beeston on 21st inst, aged 63, Elizabeth, wife of Mr William JOHNSON, Nether Street
JOHNSONIsaac.Thur15Dec1859Hired at Bingham statutes by Mr Wm RADFORD of Beeston, farmer, absconded 7th inst; ordered to return and pay £1 exp.
JOHNSONIsaac.Thur1Mar1860Farm servant employed by Wm RADFORD; absconded 21st Dec; previous conviction for same; 1 month prison hard labour
JOWELLWilliam.Thur30Dec1858Married at St John’s Beeston on 27th inst, Mr Wm. JOWELL of Beeston to Mary Ann WHITEHEAD of Ilkeston
JOWETTMary Ann.Thur3May1860Died at Beeston on 27th ult, aged 35, Mrs Mary Ann JOWETT, Villa Street
JOWETTWilliam.Thur5Jan1857Diary of Sergeant William JOWETT of 7th Fusiliers written during Crimean War, published 1857
JOWETTWilliam.Thur4Jun1857Crimean Monument at Beeston erected in memory of Sergeant William JOWETT, Royal Fusiliers; Private John LEES,
JOWETTWilliam.Thur4Jun185717th Lancers; Private Thomas TOULSON, 17th Lancers; Private Joseph OLDHAM, 95th
KELLYPatrick.Thur8Jan1857Vagrancy: Convicted felon, charged with begging for alms at Beeston on Friday, 2nd inst; 21 days in Southwell House of Corr
KIRKHenry.Thur21Jul1859Charged by Richard MERCER with assaulting him on 13th July, counter-claim by KIRK; both cases dismissed, pay expenses
KIRKJohn.Thur29Jul1858Wesleyan Ministers for Nottg determined at conference held at Hull : Joseph POSNETT (Beeston)
KIRKLANDJohn.Thur7May1857Died on Good Friday, at Toronto, Canada, in his 53rd year, John, son of the late Mr Henry KIRLAND, of Beeston, Notts
KNIGHTAnn.Thur17Jul1856Dishonest lodger, John KEMP, charged with stealing from Mrs Ann KNIGHT a shilling; fourteen days hard labour
LAMBERTAnn.Thur11Nov1858Inquest: Married woman, 49 years old, wife of plumber & glazier of Beeston, died Sat last, “natural causes”
LANGFORDMary.Thur19Apr1860Died at Beeston on 13th inst, aged 65, Mrs Mary LANGFORD, of the Boat Inn
LEAVERSE. Private.Thur15May1856Peace Celebrations at Nottingham: Car carrying E. LEAVERS, 7th Foot, Beeston, amputation of right leg
LEAVERSEzra.Thur31Jul1856Breach of peace at Beeston on 20th inst; Crimean hero took too much liquor; good behaviour and 13s 6d expenses
LEAVERSWilliam.Thur12May1859Assaulting Sarah BROOKS on 6th inst about 9 o’clock at night; pay 25s or default be imprisoned one month
LEEMANElizabeth.Thur12Aug1858Married at St John’s Beeston on 5th inst, Mr Michael HEWISON of “Hewison & Innocent”, South Parade Nottingham to Miss Elizabeth Greene LEEMAN, of Beeston
LEEMANJ.G..Thur19Apr1860Court of Bankruptcy: Draper, Beeston; last examination;
LEESEllen.Thur17Nov1859Died at Beeston on 11th inst, aged 25, Mrs Ellen LEES
LEESWilliam.Thur2Jul1857Penalty of 10s for fighting on Friday night and refusing to go away when ordered
LEVERSIsaiah.Thur25Aug1859Assaulted Joseph POTTER on night of 10th inst; convicted and to pay 15s
LEVERSPrivate.Thur27Mar1856Of 7th Fusiliers, lost right leg at Redan, the village showed their patriotism on his return and presented him with a chair
LEVIMrs.Thur5Feb1857Nottingham robberies: 5pm on 30th ult, Mrs LEVI of Beeston had purse stolen at Railway Station, contained £9 15s
LIEVERSIsrael.Thur23Oct1856Discharged soldier who lost leg in Crimea, drunk and breaching the peace on 15th inst; £10 surety and expenses
LINGERWilliam.Thur13Nov1856Convicted of an assault on Elizabeth HART at Beeston, ordered to pay costs 26s and to keep the peace
LOMASThomas.Thur15Oct1857Game offence: Thomas LOMAS trespassed on land at Beeston occupied by Frederick SPRAY on 2nd Oct; dismissed
LOWEAlfred.Thur14Aug1856Obituary of Alfred LOWE, Esq, JP, Highfield House, aged 67 of heart disease; established Beeston Observatory
LOWEE.J..Thur30Oct1856Birth on 27th inst at the Observatory, Beeston, wife of E.J. LOWE, Esq, F.R.A.S., of a son
LOWEE.J..Thur29Jan1857Slight earthquake felt at Beeston Observatory at 3.20pm on Wed 28th Jan
LOWEE.J..Thur19Jan1860Annual Mechanics Institute Elections: E.J. LOWE, Beeston, vice-president; Mr R. PORTER, Beeston, committee member
LOWEMatthew.Thur5Feb1857Died at Beeston on the 2nd inst, aged 77, Mr Matthew LOWE
LOWEMatthew.Thur5Feb1857Obituary: Of Beeston parish, pig-killer for 48 years, pinder for 32; lived in house he was born where he died last Monday aged 77; 14 children (8 living); 40 grandchildren (32 living); 2 great-grandchildren; killed 6,000 pigs during lifetime
LOWEMatthew.Thur7Oct1858At Beeston, on 2nd inst, aged 50, Mr Matthew LOWE
MAKINThomas.Thur1Jul1858Committed for trial at next Assizes for obtaining 12 gallons of ale under false pretences from John BARKER of Durham Ox
MALLEYEdward.Thur12Jul1860Swindlers, John and Edward MALLEY, not related, swindled men named CHARLTON and Joseph WORRELL of Beeston
MALLEYEdward.Thur19Jul1860Swindling & Assault: Edward and Michael MALLEY assaulted Elizabeth WORRELL 7th July; swindling withdrawn; £5 each
MANSFIELDSamuel.Thur20Aug1857A carter, employed by Mr BARNES, carrier, charged with being asleep in dray he was driving on 14th inst; Mansfield pleaded for extenuation as he had not slept for days and had just buried his child, and BARNES discharged him for the offence and he was now out of a job; the Magistrates discharged him with a caution
MARKHAMW..Thur9Oct1856W. MARKHAM, Commercial Inn, Beeston, charged with keeping house open after hours on Saturday 20th ult
MATHERJohn.Thur28Aug1856John MATHER, Beeston, charged with keeping dangerous dog unmuzzled who bit a child on 14th inst; dismissed
MATHERJohn.Thur8Sep1859Old man charged with poaching on 4th Sept in John WILLIMOTT’s field; others got away; 6 weeks House of Correction
MAWSONJoseph.Thur15Oct1857Ordered to pay 5s for breach of peace at Beeston on Sunday by fighting
McKENNAMary.Thur22Dec1859Married at West Bridgeford on 13th inst, Mr John Featherstone MORRIS to Miss Mary McKENNA of Beeston
MEAKINThomas.Thur15Jul1858Labourer; obtained 3 gallons ale, then six gallons, then three gallons, under false pretences from John BARKER at Beeston
MEAKINThomas.Thur22Jul1858Assizes : Aged 25, labourer, obtained total twelve gallons ale under false pretences from John BARKER; 6 weeks imprison.
MOOREHannah.Thur9Jul1857Died at Nether Street, Beeston, on Wednesday last, aged 26, Miss Hannah MOORE
MORLEYEliza.Thur30Aug1860Charged with being drunk in a public-house on Saturday night and refusing to leave; married/separated/cohabits; 14 days gaol
MORLEYThomas.Thur3Jun1858Married at Beeston Church on 23rd ult, Mr Thomas MORLEY to Miss Mary Ann LAMBERT, both of Beeston
MORRISJoseph.Thur27Sep1860Inquest: At Victoria Hotel Beeston, on Joseph MORRIS, cattle dealer of Chilwell, died suddenly at Beeston Wednesday
MOWM. Mrs.Thur11Nov1858Died at Beeston on Wednesday last, in her 25th year, Mrs M. MOW
MUIRJames.Thur12Feb1857James MUIR convicted of Assault on 6th Feb at Beeston; 12s including expenses
MURDENJames.Thur12Jan1860With William BENNETT, stealing two fowls property of George RADFORD, farmer, Beeston, 5th inst; MURDEN 6 mths
MURDENSarah.Thur15Mar1860Married at Beeston (no date given), Mr William Manly ASTON of Nottingham to Miss Sarah MURDEN of Beeston
NEWTON..Thur28Oct1858NEWTON vs CHARLTON, both reside adjoining property at Beeston; claim £1 damage to garden by pony; verdict of 12s
NEWTONGeorge.Thur2Apr1857Susan MOORE accused of stealing 18s, handkerchief & gloves at Radford from George NEWTON of Beeston while tipsy
NEWTONGeorge.Thur27May1858Married at Registrar’s Office Basford, Mr George NEWTON and Miss Sarah RICHARDSON, both of Beeston
NEWTONHenry.Thur26Jan1860Henry NEWTON (15) & Joseph THEOBOLD (12) stealing bobbins and carriages from W. FELKIN; NEWTON 1wk prison
NEWTONJohn.Thur14Jun18603 youths, John NEWTON, Wm CASTLEDINE, Hy FARNSWORTH, for destroying partridge eggs in Mr WALKER’s field
NUTTCornelius.Thur19Jun1856Charged with John GEORGE and William GEORGE for illtreating the son of William WALKER (see Wm Walker)
NUTTCornelius.Thur26Jun1856John GEORGE, Wm GEORGE and Cornelius NUTT assaulted little boy named Thomas WALKER on 17th at Beeston
OLDRINIT.J., Rev.Thur4Dec1856Birth at the Vicarage on 25th ult, the wife of the Rev. T.J. OLDRINI, of a son
OLDRINIT.J., Rev.Thur8Jul1858Birth on 3rd inst, at the Vicarage, Beeston, wife of the Rev. T.J. OLDRINI, of a daughter
OLDRINIT.J., Rev.Thur11Aug1859Birth at the Vicarage, Beeston, on 3rd instant, the wife of the Rev T.J. OLDRINI, of a daughter
ORTONMr.Thur19Apr1860Court of Bankruptcy: Richard GOODACRE of Nottg, named effects in possession of Mr ORTON, and HORSLEY & ARAN
OSLEYGeorge.Thur6Nov1856Aged 11, lacemaker, Willoughby street Beeston, destitute, father across the sea, cousins at Beeston beat him; enquiries
PACEYGeorge.Thur10Feb1859Charged with neglecting his cart last Saturday week at Beeston, being drunk at the same time; fined 20s
PAREWilliam.Thur25Nov1858Died at Beeston on 19th inst, aged 63, Mr William PARE, Union Street
PARSONHenry.Thur29Jan1857Convicted of breach of peace (swearing and making a noise) at Beeston on Saturday night last; fined 14s incl costs
PAYNEJoseph.Thur16Jul1857Sessions: Aged 43, baker, on 20th May embezzled Mrs COLLINGTON of Beeston of £4 18s; acquitted
PILGRIMWilliam.Thur17Apr1856County Court 11 Apr: Wm PILGRIM of Beeston machine-maker, vs. E. WARSOP, Parliament-street, Nottm, lacemaker
PILKINGTONAnn.Thur18Nov1858Married at St John’s, Beeston, on 15th inst, Mr Edwin S. SHAW of Edgbaston, to Ann PILKINGTON dtr of HEDDERLEY
PORTERSamuel.Thur10Jan1856Inquest on Monday last: Aged 54, late engineer on premises of Mr FELKIN at Beeston; “natural causes”
PORTERSamuel.Thur21Jun1860Breach of the peace: drunk and creating a disturbance at Beeston on Saturday night last; 10s and to keep peace 12 months
POTTIMOREEnoch.Thur9Apr1857Disgraceful family squabble: charged with wilfully damaging property of Joseph KIRKLAND, sister’s husband, on 30th ult
RADFORDMr.Thur3Apr1856Had five hen eggs stolen from him by John SILLS, an Irishman, in his employ; committed to prison for fourteen days
RADFORDSarah.Thur20Mar1856Died at Beeston on the 18th inst, aged 52, Sarah, wife of Mr Wm. RADFORD, farmer, Derby road
RADFORDW..Thur25Jun1857Married at St Peter’s Church, Derby, on 23rd inst, Mr W. RADFORD of Beeston Field, to Mary PORTER of Risley Park
RADFORDWilliam.Thur5Jun1856William BROGDALE from Barton stole numerous items including knife, property of William RADFORD, farmer, Beeston
RADFORDWilliam.Thur12Jan1860Letter published in The Farmers’ Gazette dated 27 Aug 1859 praising pulping machine invented by E.H. BENTALL, Essex
RICELeonard.Thur3Jan1856Died suddenly at his residence at Beeston on Monday morning, deeply lamented, aged 68, Leonard RICE, Gent.
RICHARDSONWilliam.Thur22Dec1859County Courts: Boot & shoe manufacturer, High-street, Beeston : First examination, request for adjournment; granted Jan 18
RICHARDSONWilliam.Thur20Dec1860Charged with H. WALKER for trespassing in pursuit of game on 10th Dec on land of Henry BALL; 20s each or 1 month
ROBERGeorge.Thur22Sep1859Labourer employed by Mr FRETTINGHAM nurseryman charged with using trap to capture game; fined 20s incl expenses
ROBERTSE.Thur10Jun1858Partnerships Dissolved : E. ROBERTS and Co., Beeston, Nottinghamshire, lacemakers
ROBINSONMaria.Thur14Apr1859Died at Beeston on 8th inst, aged 78, Mrs Maria ROBINSON
ROPERMary.Thur19Nov1857Died at Beeston on Tuesday last, aged 48, Mrs Mary ROPER
SAVAGEJane.Thur22Mar1860Died at Beeston on 19th inst, Jane, wife of Mr George SAVAGE
SHAWAnn.Thur9Jul1857Died on the 5th inst, aged 36, Miss Ann SHAW, Church Street, Beeston
SHIPMANHenry.Thur2Jul1857Henry SHIPMAN fined 16s and Alfred HOLLAND fined 12s for breach of peace at Beeston on Sunday morning 21st June
SIBBERTFrancis.Thur30Dec1858Married at St John’s Beeston on 26th inst, Mr Francis SIBBERT of Beeston to Miss Elizabeth TOMLINSON of Bramcote
SIMPSONGeorge.Thur3Apr1856A youth from Beeston, throwing stones in Queen’s Walk, struck Mrs SALT of Gedling Street in the head; 20s or 14 days
SLACKJohn.Thur5Nov1857Died at Beeston on Monday last, aged 49, Mr John SLACK, engineer
SMEDLEY..Thur17May1860SMEDLEY vs YOUDALL both of Beeston, claim to recover £1.9s for injuries to plaintiff’s little girl aged 9 by dog
SMITHJohn.Thur5Apr1860Carrier of Beeston, charged by Inland Revenue for carrying passengers without licence on 16th Feb; fined £7 10s
SMITHMark.Thur20Aug1857Mark SMITH, labourer, assaulted p.c. SHELTON Saturday evening at Horse Shoes public-house; pay sureties to keep peace
SMITHMark.Thur8Apr1858Mark SMITH (son) and John SMITH (father) created breach of peace on 28th March, drunk & quarrelling; fined 13s each
SOLESGeorge.Thur18Feb1858Driver of the Beeston omnibus, summoned by Magistrate for improper driving and damaging carriage; fined 20s
SPENCERJohn.Thur24Sep1857Lacemaker, Sneinton; At Beeston visiting brother who was dying; robbed by Ann SMITH alias Alice Rosanna BAYLEY
SPENCERJohn.Thur10Jun1858Nottingham Horticultural Society Show: 3rd prize for tulips taken by Mr John SPENCER of Beeston
SPENCERJohn.Thur18Nov1858Appointed Judge at Amateur Chrysanthemum Show at Old White Hart Inn, York St, on Monday last
SPRAYMary.Thur4Oct1860Inquest: At Navigation Inn, Trent Lane. Aged 2 years, parents at Beeston Ryelands. Fell into Trent on Tues last; “drowned”
SPRAYSimeon.Thur16Dec1858Insolvency Court: Lace-maker of Beeston, petition; petition dismissed by His Honour
SPRAYThomas.Thur24Jan1856On 17th inst at Beeston, fired a gun in the street, convicted in penalty of 12s including costs
SPRAYThomas.Thur12May1859With William WRIGHT trespassing in search of game on James MIDDLETON property, Edw HOLLINGSWORTH witness
SPRAYWilliam.Thur26Mar1857Ordered to pay 10s for being, on 10th inst, at such a distance from his cart as to have no command over his horse
SPRAYWilliam.Thur11Nov1858FWK, Beeston, charged with having ferocious dog, inflicted injuries on several people (SHAW/BANISTER); destroyed
STAPLESGeorge.Thur26Apr1860Butcher of Chilwell, assaulted Mrs Mary TORR wife of a butcher; dismissed, expenses to be divided
STOCKENW.F., Rev.Thur24Sep1857Priests ordained at Lincoln Cathedral on 20th Sept : Rev. W.F. STOCKEN, granted licence to Beeston, Notts
STONEEdward.Thur24May1860Labourer of Beeston: Joseph NEWBOLD, youth, charged with stealing jacket worth 7s property of Edw. STONE 18th May
STREETS..Thur7Oct1858Publican named STREETS allowed persons to drink and play at bagatelle on 27th Sept at 2.30am; fined 20s
STREETSHannah.Thur13Sep1859Died at Beeston on 3rd inst, aged 53, Hannah, wife of Mr Samuel STREETS, landlord of the Durham Ox Inn
SURPLICEAnne.Thur14Jul1859Died at Beeston on 10th inst, aged 55, Anne, the wife of Mr S.H. SURPLICE
SURPLICESamuel Herrick.Thur10Apr1856Easter Sessions, Grand Jury: Mr Samuel Herrick SURPLICE, Beeston, foreman; R. FELKIN, Beeston, lace-manufacturer, W. BARKER, Beeston, guager; W. HENSON, Beeston, overlocker; Mr H.P. CLARKE, Beeston, victualler, Mr John GEORGE, Beeston, farmer
SWANNJohn.Thur12Mar1857Died at Beeston Pasture on 9th inst, aged 66, Mr John SWANN
SWIFTSamuel.Thur1Jan1857FWK, charged by Basford Union with leaving wife and two children chargeable to Beeston parish; fined 14s 6d and 9s exp
SYLVESTERJohn.Thur23Oct1856Trespassed in field belonging to Mr WATSON, with John WALKER, John WESTBY, Jno MERRIMAN, Jas KENDALL
SYLVESTERJohn.Thur23Jun1859Pleaded guilty to being drunk at Beeston on 11th inst; to pay expenses 17s 6d
TAGGGeorge.Thur11Jun1857Aged 39, residing at Beeston Ryelands, charged with maliciously cutting and wounding Henry CUMMING on Saturday
TAYLORAnn.Thur14May1857Died at Beeston on the 10th inst, aged 43, Miss Ann TAYLOR, Brown Lane, Beeston
TAYLORPhoebe.Thur3Feb1859Died at Beeston on the 1st inst, aged 52, Miss Phoebe TAYLOR
THORLEYW.Thur15Sep1859At half-past three on Saturday morning, two stacks belonging to Mr W. THORLEY, cottager, were fired and burnt to ground
THORNHILLEliza.Thur6May1858Died at Beeston on 3rd inst, aged 39, Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr Robert THORNHILL, Villa Street
THORNHILLRichard.Thur28Oct1858After 2-day poll for assistant overseer on Mon/Tue last, Mr THORNHILL had 27 over STOTHART and 58 over WALKER
THRUMPTONRebecca.Thur10Dec1857Samuel HEMSLEY charged with pickpocketing near Nottg Town Hall on Saturday, including Mrs THRUMPTON, Beeston
THRUMPTONRebecca.Thur10Dec1857Samuel HEMSLEY, 30, labourer, stealing purse containing 5s property Mrs THUMPTON, Middle Hill, Beeston; remanded
TOMLINSONHenry.Thur27Aug1857Alias MINTY; summoned for indecent assault of Jane PILKINGTON in Durham Ox public-house on Tuesday; prison 1 mth
TOWLEMatilda.Thur6Jan1859Died at Beeston on Monday last, aged 48, Matilda, wife of Mr Thos. TOWLE, Chapel Street
TOWLESamuel.Thur26Jun1856On 24th inst at Beeston trespassed during the night in pursuit of game occupied by Joseph WALKER; dismissed
VERNONLucy.Thur15Sep1859Married at Beeston on Wed week, Mr J.F. PAGE of Nottingham to Lucy, only dtr of Mr Charles VERNON of Derby
VINCENTJ.Thur14Jan1858Married at Baptist Chapel Beeston on 9th inst, Mr J. VINCENT of Nottingham to Mary Anne PIKE dtr of Rev Pike of Derby
WAKEFIELDElizabeth.Thur30Sep1858Died on 28th inst, in her 76th year, Mrs Elizabeth WAKFIELD, Broad Gate, Beeston
WAKEFIELDElizabeth.Thur7Oct1858Beeston on 28th inst, in 76th year, Elizabeth, widow of Francis WAKEFIELD Esq of Mansfield, dtr of late Rev WAKEFIELD
WALKERA.Thur10Dec1857Soldier’s Letter from India, Camp Ahmedabad, 17th Oct; to parents Mr & Mrs T. WALKER of Beeston
WALKEREdward.Thur28Jan1858Of Stapleford; disorderly conduct, drunk and making a disturbance at one o’clock in the morning 29th Dec; expenses
WALKERJohn.Thur6Jan1859Married on 25th ult at Kensington Church London, Edward WALKER grocer, and Louisa dtr of John MOORE, both Beeston
WALKERWilliam.Thur20Mar1856Married at General Baptist Chapel Beeston on 24th inst, William WALKER to Miss Caroline GANE, both of Beeston
WALKERWilliam.Thur19Jun1856Charged with assaulting Cornelius NUTT at Beeston on 11th inst (see Cornelius NUTT)
WALKERWilliam.Thur4Nov1858Died at Beeston on 2nd inst, aged 91, Mr William WALKER, Nether Street, formerly of North Searle
WALLACEJohn.Thur8Nov1860Fined 20s incl costs for being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on Saturday night last
WEBSTERSusannah.Thur11Nov1858Died at Beeston on 4th inst, aged 87, Susannah, relict of Mr Thomas WEBSTER
WETNALLEdward.Thur11Dec1856County Court: Richard HUNTLEY, brewer, Alfreton road, vs. Edward WETNALL, Beeston, £6.8s.6d for 6 casks beer
WETNALLEdward.Thur11Dec1856County Court: John BROWN, wine & spirit merchant, Old Moot Hall vs Edw WETNALL, £5.2s for 6 gallons brandy
WHEATCROFTJoseph.Thur3Sep1857Aged 39, engineer, from Alfreton, stole a pair of flannel trousers, property of Mr E.J. LOWE of Beeston; 3 mths hard labour
WHEATLEYGeorge.Thur18Dec1856Little boy about 11 years old charged with stealing turnips from garden of George NEWTON on 9th inst; the boy took the tops only to feed his rabbits; fined 1d damages and 9s 6d expenses; father could not pay to send to gaol for 4 days
WHETNALLE.Thur18Sep1856Licensing Court, granted to: BEESTON: Queen’s Head E. WHETNALL; Three Horse Shoes Mary FLEWITT, Commercial Inn W. MARKHAM; Durham Ox R. BARKER; Greyhound J. HEDDERLEY; White Lion A. DEAN
WILCOCKSONElizabeth.Thur26Aug1858Charged with attempting to destroy herself attempting to jump from carriage at Beeston; saved by daughter; dismissed
WILLIAMSHester.Thur3Apr1856Died at Manor House, Beeston, Friday last, aged 60, Hester, relict of John Brown WILLIAMS, dtr of John KENNEDY
WILSONCharlotte.Thur21Oct1858Michaelmas Sessions: Aged 13, seamer, pleaded guilty to obtaining boots from J. RICHARDSON bootmaker, Beeston value 5s on 10th July under false pretences; 1 month imprisonment, then sent to reformatory for 4 years
WILSONGeorge.Thur28May1857Charged for abusing p.c. SHELTON in the street at Beeston on 13th inst; surety of £10 and to keep the peace 12 months
WILSONJervis.Thur8Apr1858Died at Raleigh Street, Beeston, on Tuesday last, aged 35, Mr Jervis WILSON, of Chilwell
WOLLEYEdward.Thur10Jun1858Died 19th May onboard “Ganges” at Bombay, aged 26, Lieut Edward WOLLEY 51st Light Inf, 4th son Rev John WOLLEY
WOLLEYEmma.Thur3Apr1856Married at Beeston by her brother Rev Charles WOLLEY on 3rd inst, Emma, youngest daughter of Rev John WOLLEY, to Arthur William, son of the Rev Joseph ARKWRIGHT, of Mark Hall, Essex
WOLLEYJohn, Rev.Thur4Jun1857Large silver salver presented by his parishioners in thanks for 32 years of service in the parish
WOODJane Elizabeth.Thur22Dec1858Married at St John’s, Beeston, on 14th inst, Mr William BARKER, farmer, Red Hill, to Jane Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr James WOOD, Villa Street, Beeston
WRIGHTWilliam.Thur30Jul1857Brought before Magistrates for cutting and wounding Henry SHIPMAN, machine-smith, on Saturday; committed for trial
WRIGHTWilliam.Thur22Oct1857Unlawfully wounding Henry SHIPMAN and Henry PILGRIM at Beeston on 25th July; three months imprisonment

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