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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1891 to 31 December 1895
(Except the newspapers for 1891, which are missing from the database)

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
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Name   Publication Date  
ABELLCatherine.Sat25Nov1893In Memoriam: Catherine ABELL, passed away at 28 High-road Beeston, on 18 November 1891
ANDERSONJ.R..Sat5Mar1892County Council Elections: Poll Returns: Beeston: J.R. ANDERSON, 326; Mr E. SMITH, 306
ANDERSONJ.R..Sat14May1892Meeting to discuss steam fire engine at Beeston; Mr ASTILL,
ASHERHannah.Sat27Oct1894Died on 18th inst at S. Nether-street, Beeston, Notts, after long and painful illness, Hannah ASHER, the beloved wife of William ASHER, aged 77 years. American papers please copy.
ASKEWC.G..Sat19Oct1892Bankrupts: C.G. ASKEW, Queen’s-road, Beeston-Notts, lately residing at Dryden-street, Nottingham, afterwards at St Peter’s-street, Derby, trading at St James-street, Nottingham, teacher of music and musical instrument dealer
BAGSHAWEArthur Mellor.Sat20Apr1895Died on 13th inst at Washington-USA, Arthur Mellor BAGSHAWE of Winter Park-Florida, only son of Mrs FENN of Beeston, aged 23 years
BARNESAlfred.Sat21Apr1894Died on the 12th inst at Daybrook, Alfred, second son of John and Harriet BARNES, late of Beeston, aged 30 years
BEARDSLEYSolomon.Sat15Apr1893In memoriam: Loving memory of Solomon BEARDSLEY, butcher, Beeston; born 16 Jan 1846, died 29 Mar 1893
BEEBYCharles Frederick.Sat19Oct1892Inquest: Charles Frederick BEEBY aged 14 months, scalded to death on Monday, died in the Nottg Childrens Hospital; son of Charles BEEBY of Lower Regent-street at Beeston; mother preparing bath for children when he fell backwards into tub; Verdict: “accidental death”, mother cautioned on danger of leaving boiling water near children
BLATHERWICKJ..Sat21Dec1895Monday morning a stack fire property of Mr J. BLATHERWICK of Crown Inn Beeston, value £60, £30 damage
BOSTOCKJoseph.Sat10Dec1892Births: On 23rd ult at Dovecote-villas, Beeston, the wife of Joseph BOSTOCK of a son
BRIDGERSamuel.Sat20Jan1894Died on 12th inst at Beeston, Samuel BRIDGER, youngest son of the late Samuel BRIDGER, in his 32nd year
BROOKSJohn German.Sat22Jul1893Died on 13th inst at residence of eldest daughter, Lewis-street Nottingham, John German BROOKS, builder, late of Beeston, in his 79th year
BROOKSJohn Herbert.Sat19Oct1892Died 28th Sept at Brisbane, Qld-Aust, John Herbert, youngest son of John G. BROOKS, builder, Beeston-Notts, 42yrs
BROWNThomas T..Sat1Jun1895Died on 21st ult at Beeston, Thomas T. BROWN, late of Portland-road, Nottingham, for 20 years the storekeeper at the Nottingham Waterworks, aged 60 years
BURROWSWilliam Arthur Hunt.Sat21Jan1893Died on 14th inst at Durham Ox, Beeston, William Arthur Hunt, son of Sarah and Joseph BURROWS, aged 21 years
BUTLERJames.Sat4Mar1893Died on 23rd ult at Manor Lodge, Beeston, Notts, James BUTLER, M.R.C.S. and only son of late Brevet-Major BUTLER, of the 52nd Regiment, aged 74 years
BUTLERJames, Dr.Sat4Mar1893Obituary (long) Funeral on Monday, born Halifax 1819, in Dublin and London before Dr ORTON in Beeston 1843; deceased was twice married, second wife the widow of the late Mr F.R. WAITE
CALVERTJohn.Sat2Apr1892Labourer of Beeston, alighted from train before reaching platform and fell, amputating leg and arm; dangerous state
CARTMENReuben.Sat24Dec1892Married 13th inst, Reuben CARTMEN of Beeston to Ann DIGGLE of 95 Derby-road, widow of late James DIGGLE
CHAPMANThomas.Sat1Oct1892Died at Beeston on 23rd ult, Thomas CHAPMAN, late of Lenton, aged 79 years
CHETTLEFrank.Sat14Sep1895Died on 4th inst at 35 Eastville-street, Nottingham, Frank, beloved husband of Esther CHETTLE, late of Clinton-street, Beeston, in his 32nd year
CLARKCharlotte.Sat3Feb1894Died on 28th ult at Beeston, Charlotte, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Bradley CLARK, in her 54th year
CODLINGGeorge.Sat19May1894Died on 8th inst at Middleton-street, Beeston, George CODLING, of Long Eaton, in county of Derby, in his 75th year
COLLINGTONMr.Sat17Sep1892Opening concert of Beeston Church Band of Hope on Saturday evening, Mr COLLINGTON conductor, list of names
COLLINGTONAnn.Sat28Jan1893In memoriam: Ann, beloved wife of B. COLLINGTON, died January 23rd, 1892. Thy will be done.
COLLINGTONAnn.Sat26Jan1895In memoriam: In ever-loving remembrance of Ann, wife of B. COLLINGTON of Beeston, died January 23rd, 1892
COLNETTAlfred.Sat2Sep1893Alfred COLNETT, 38y, Commercial-road at Beeston, silk & yarn agent, died suddenly yesterday; no inquest held
COLNETTArthur Robertson.Sat9Sep1893Died on 29th ult at his residence, Imperial Park, Beeston, Arthur Robertson COLNETT, aged 38 years
COLNETTEArthur Robertson.Sat7Oct1893Births: On 26th ult, at Imperial Park, Beeston, the wife of the late Arthur Robertson COLNETTE, of a dtr (premature)
COLNETTEArthur Robertson.Sat1Sep1894In Memoriam: In loving memory of Arthur Robertson COLNETTE of Imperial Park-Beeston; died Aug 29, 1893
COWELLLeah.Sat1Apr1893Died 24th ult at Beeston, Leah COWELL, aged 55 years, 32 years head mistress of the Beeston Mill School
COXHenrietta Walker.Sat4Jun1892In memoriam: In loving memory of Henrietta Walker dearly beloved daughter of Thomas and Amy COX, The Nethers, Beeston, who entered into rest May 24th, 1873
DERRYWilliam.Sat17Mar1894William DERRY, a respectable-looking man, lacemaker of Beeston, charged with having in his possession during past six months, while secretary of the Queen’s Beeston Lodge of Oddfellows, money belonging to the friendly society, and further charged with having embezzled four sums of money belonging to the society; pleaded guilty and hoped the court would be lenient for sake of wife and three children; sentenced to six months imprisonment
EARPR.B..Sat30Sep1893Bankrupts: R.B. EARP, Beeston near Nottingham, clerk in employ of a joint stock company
EARPRobert Burrill.Sat7Jul1894Died on 25th ult, at White House, Beeston, Robert Burrill EARP, aged 64 years, funeral Church Cemetery Nottg Thurs
EITEJames Garrick.Sat23Feb1895Died on 17th inst at 36 Mona-street, Beeston, James Garrick EITE, eldest son of James EITE, butcher, aged 36 years
ELLIOTTFrancis W..Sat20Jul1895Married on 11th inst at St Paul’s Manningham, Francis W. ELLIOTT of Beeston, to Eleanor PLUMTREE of Louth
ELLIOTTJane.Sat26Jan1894Died on 21st inst at Beeston, suddenly, Jane, widow of the late William ELLIOTT, of Duffield
FELLOWSGeorge.Sat16Jul1892Births: At Beeston Fields on 10th inst, wife of George FELLOWS Esq, of a daughter
FELLOWSGeorge.Sat4Nov1893Births: On the 23rd ult at Beeston Fields, Notts, the wife of George FELLOWS, Esq, of a daughter
FELLOWSGeorge.Sat4Nov1893Died on 28th ult at Beeston Fields, Notts, Gwendoline Mary, infant daughter of George and Emma Mary FELLOWS
FLETCHERSophia.Sat6Apr1895Died on 29th ult, Sophia FLETCHER, widow of the late William FLETCHER, builder, Beeston, in her 75th year
FOSTERWilliam.Sat17Sep1892Stationmaster at Beeston now proceeding to similar position at Trent Bridge; presentation of money and gift
FOXCharles Matthew.Sat13Feb1892Married 6th inst at Redcliffe-road Church, Charles Matthew FOX, Beeston, to Elizabeth dtr of Thomas WALKER
FOXFred.Sat7Sep1895Married 31st ult at Beeston, Fred, second son of Isaac FOX, to Kate, daughter of late Robert Burrill EARP
FRASERWilliam Stephen.Sat17Jul1892Died at Beeston on 11th inst after short illness, William Stephen FRASER, late traveller to the firm of the Right Hon. Sir David EVANS, Lord Mayor of London
GILLOTTWilliam.Sat6Apr1895Died on 27th ult, at his residence, 109 Wollaton-road, Beeston, William GILLOTT, in his 75th year; much respected
GLAZIESMr.Sat27May1893Wednesday morning premises of Mr GLAZIES grocer and confectioner of High-street Beeston found on fire by Mr ADCOCK who aroused Mr GLAZIES and his family; considerable damage done to stock
GOODLIFFEFrederick.Sat9Nov1895Umbrella-maker of 7 Wharf-street, charged with stealing £2.3s.6d, a purse and handkerchief, property of Alfred TURNER, aged 11, living with parents at 90 Chilwell-road, Beeston, on 2nd inst; Sarah TURNER sister was witness; Mary Jane SHAW lived with prisoner a number of years; committed to Quarter Sessions
GOODLIFFEFrederick Joseph.Sat7Dec1895Quarter Sessions: Found guilty of stealing money and articles from Alfred TURNER, three months hard labour
HALLJane.Sat3Aug1895Court of Appeal: Mrs Jane HALL, widow, St John’s Grove, Beeston-Notts, received £200 damages following accident on railway on 31 October 1893; verdict appealed by company; appeal dismissed with costs
HALLJohn.Sat8Jul1893Births: On 27th ult at Findy House, Beeston, the wife of John HALL, Esq, of a son
HALLJoseph.Sat9Jan1892Inspector Joseph HALL, stationed at Beeston, now Superintendent in charge of Bingham district; P.c. BISHOP of Chilwell raised to Sergeant and succeeds Inspector HALL
HAMBLINGG.E..Sat12Mar1892Bankrupts: G.E. HAMBLING, Imperial Park, Beeston, Notts, lace warehouseman
HARDYFrederick Owen.Sat21May1892Inquest: Frederick Own HARDY, aged 13 weeks, son of Martha HARDY and Samuel HARDY, iron turner, High-road, Beeston; shocking treatment of wife, husband was in drink and struck her causing epileptic fit; Job REYNOLDS machinist gave evidence; Ellen SOLLOWAY wife of John SOLLOWAY gardener of 36 Regent-street Beeston, is mother of Mrs HARDY and also gave evidence; Mr WJ PAGG surgeon of Beeston did post-mortem and found inflammation of lungs caused by exposure; Coroner called HARDY into room and censured his conduct and would lay facts before Chief Constable of Nottingham
HARRISRobert.Sat21Dec1895Coal dealer, charged 38s for assaulting his wife, Jane HARRIS at Beeston; married two years, brutally ill-treated
HARRISONAlonzo.Sat22Oct1892Prizefighters before Magistrates for prize fight near Bunny: Alonzo HARRISON, driller, 22 Wollaton-road at Beeston charged with being principal in fight and assaulting Samuel HICKMAN his opponent; others (long list) including Henry HAYWOOD billposter, 85 Regent-street at Beeston; case adjourned until next Saturday
HARRISONEdward Alonzo.Sat29Oct1892Edward Alonzo HARRISON of 22 Wollaton-road Beeston, assaulting opponent in prize-fight, Sampson HICKMAN collier of Bulwell, latter charged with similar assault on HARRISON; others charged including Henry HAYWOOD fishmonger, 85 Regent-street at Beeston for aiding and abetting; defendants failed to appear; others pleaded guilty and bound over to keep peace for 12 months
HARRISONGeorge Frederick.Sat10Aug1895George Frederick HARRISON, fitter, of 81 Regent-street, Beeston, brought up on warrant for recovery of £34.8s.6d, due to his wife Mary HARRISON living at 2 Eyre-yard, Eyre-street, under order for maintenance in April 1892 of 6s per week
HASELDINEW..Sat20May1893Births: On 15th inst at Lilac-Grove, Beeston, the wife of W. HASELDINE, of a son
HAWKSLEYRobert Paton.Sat28Apr1894Died on 20th inst at Portland Villa, Imperial Park, Beeston, Robert Paton HAWKSLEY, of acute pneumonia
HEMMINGFrancis Harry.Sat3Aug1895Married on 29th inst at St John’s Spark-hill Birmingham, Francis Harry HEMMING of Beeston-Notts to Mary (Maggie) CARRINGTON of Nottingham
HOLBROOKConstance Ellen.Sat20Jan1894Died on 16th inst at Beeston-Notts, Constance Ellen (Connie), beloved dtr of W.W. and E. HOLBROOK, aged five
HOLBROOKGladys Elizabeth.Sat22Jul1893Died on 15th inst at Laburnum-grove, Beeston, Gladys Elizabeth, eldest and dearly beloved child of William and Bessie HOLBROOK, aged 6 years
HOLBROOKW.W..Sat27Jan1894Births: On 18th inst at Grove Villa, Beeston, wife of W.W. HOLBROOK, of a daughter
HORSLEYFred.Sat10Sep1892Class 35, magpie pigeons, Mr Fred HORSLEY of Meadows-road, Beeston, placed in first and second prize
HOWISS..Sat6Jul1895Bankrupts: S. HOWIS, Lower Regent-street, Beeston-Notts, late New-street, Long Eaton-Dby, plumber
HUDSONHorace.Sat10Nov1894John MORGAN, 50 Lamber-street, Hyson Green, summoned for stealing by means of a trick £2, the property of Horace HUDSON, grocer, of Beeston, on 26th ult, in relation to sale of a horse; William ROBERTS of Beeston, Henry WALKER of Wollaton-road, Beeston witnesses; case dismissed
HUDSTONJames Samuel.Sat23Jun1894Died at Colne on 12th inst, James Samuel, son of Samuel HUDSTON, Beeston, aged 33 years
HUSBANDSRichard.Sat17Dec1892Died on 9th inst at No 1 Regent-street, Beeston, Richard HUSBANDS, aged 59 years
JAGGERMary.Sat29Oct1892On 20th inst at Queen’s-villa, Queen’s-road, Beeston, Mary JAGGER, aged 73, relict of late John JAGGER of Carlton
JARRETTRobert James.Sat8Dec1894Assizes: Robert James JARRETT (40), letter-carrier, Beeston, indicted that while under employ of Post Office he did feloniously steal two post letters, one of such containing valuable securities, on 16th July; prisoner pleaded guilty; three months with hard labour
JERRAMAnn Galloway.Sat29Jul1893Died at Auckland, New Zealand, on 3rd ult, Ann Galloway JERRAM, daughter of the late James and Mary JERRAM, formerly of Beeston and Nottingham
JOHNSONByng.Sat14Sep1895On staff of the Harrow Music School, Nottingham, appointed organist and choirmaster of Beeston Parish Church
JONESThomas Clayton Turner.Sat30Apr1892Married at Parish Church, Spalding, on 20th inst, Thomas Clayton Turner, son of late Edward Turner JONES of Beeston, Notts, to Ellen, eldest dtr of late Albert UPTON, of Messrs Garfit’s Bank, Spalding
KEYWORTHWilliam.Sat9Mar1895Died on 3rd inst at Beeston, after a short illness, William KEYWORTH, in his 84th year
KIDGERE..Sat13Jan1894Bankrupts: E. KIDGER, Beeston Fields Farm, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, farmer
KINGMary Ann.Sat2Nov1895Died on 24th ult at Grove Villa, Beeston, very suddenly, Mary Ann, dearly loved wife of Charles KING, aged 46 years
KIRKLANDWilliam.Sat17Dec1892Married at St Matthew’s on 8th inst, William KIRKLAND of Beeston to Annie younger dtr of W. BURTON Bilbie-st
LOWEAnn.Sat27Feb1892Died on 19th inst at Chapel-street, Beeston, Ann, the wife of John LOWE, in her 79th year
LOWEJohn.Sat17Dec1892Died on 10th inst at Chapel-street, Beeston, John LOWE, in his 83rd year
LUNTLEYJohn.Sat25Jun1892Births: On 3rd inst at Beeston, Notts, wife of John LUNTLEY, of a daughter
MARSHALLEliza.Sat9Sep1893Died on 4th inst at Beeston, Eliza MARSHALL, wife of the late William Linford MARSHALL, of Nottg, aged 45 yrs
MASONSamuel.Sat12May1894Died on 5th inst at Beeston, Samuel MASON, late of Queen’s Hotel, Beeston, in his 33rd year
MELLORArabella.Sat16Jun1894Died on 9th inst at Beeston, Arabella, wife of the late Moses MELLOR of Nottingham, aged 87 years
MILLSG.P..Sat10Jun1893Of Beeston, famous road cyclist, left Land’s End on Monday for John o’ Groat’s, intending to break tricycle record
MORGANJ..Sat9Jun1894Births: On the 27th ult at Beeston, the wife of J. MORGAN, of a girl
MORRILLMary.Sat4Jun1892Died on 19th ult, Mary, widow of late George MORRILL, aged 82 years; interred at Beeston Church on May 23rd
MORTIMERGeorge.Sat22Sep1894Retired headmaster, 28 years master of Beeston Wesleyan School, honoured by students, relatives and friends, on the closing down of Beeston Wesleyan School by the Education Dept; Testimonial presented (work of Mr W.H. HUDSON), signed by Messrs W. BOWLZER, Herbert HENSON, E.C. PRICE, David MARTIN, Ernest TOWLE, Harry CHAPMAN, Harry YOUNG, R.R. WHARTON and C.B. YOUNG (hon. Sec); when he took charge in 1866 he had 25 students including infants, last week was 260 students and 114 infants; concert included Messrs Sam KIRKBY, J. EDGINGTON, H. DOWNING, J. ASHER, E. GEE, H. CHAPMAN, W.F. CLARKE, A. SMITH, and H. HENSON
NEALEMary Ellen.Sat2Jan1892Died on May 11, at Waipukurau near Napier NZ, after long and painful illness, Mary Ellen, wife of W.A. NEALE, and youngest daughter of the late James and Mary JERRAM, formerly of Beeston
NELSONWilliam.Sat8Sep1894Inquest at Boat Inn Beeston on William NELSON, 50, of 56 Birkin-ave, Hyson Green, drowned in Trent at Beeston
NORTONJohn R..Sat28Sep1895Licensing Sessions: John R. NORTON, Commercial Inn, Beeston, convicted for adulterated liquor; license renewed
ORAMAnnie.Sat29Dec1894Great gale on Saturday over Britain and Irelands with great loss of life: locally weather very destructive, resulting in death of Annie ORAM, aged 10, and Christiana STEWART, aged 12, killed when wall at Beeston was blown down upon them
ORAMFlorence Annie.Sat29Dec1894Inquest on Monday at Queen’s Hotel, Beeston: Florence Annie ORAM aged 10, daughter of John ORAM, and Christiana STEWART aged 12, daughter of William STEWART; killed by fall of wall at Beeston during the terrific gale which raged on Saturday; William WALKER surveyor knew wall in question over 50 years, boundary wall to garden, 14ft 6in high, portion that fell was 33ft 4in at base; letter from the two fathers to George W HAWLEY questioning whether Mr WILKINSON owner of wall was aware of crack in it; Mr James HUCKERBY architect/surveyor/jury member deposed in reply to letter a complaint from Mr HAWLEY the then-surveyor to Local Board that was in dangerous state, with crack in it just at the bend where unfortunate accident occurred; Local Board instructed wall to be strengthened but nothing ever done; Coroner said inquiry should be made why Local Board did not see their instructions carried out; jury returned verdict “Accidental Death”; Mr JUBY on behalf of owner of property promised wall would be lowered and made absolutely safe
ORTONHenry.Sat11Jun1892Aged about 33, brother of Dr ORTON of Beeston, drowned while boating on the Trent
PAILINGElizabeth.Sat25Aug1894Inquest: Aged 3 years, daughter of William and Elizabeth PAILING of Wood-street at Beeston; Sunday night put to bed by mother who a few minutes later heard screams and found her in flames, badly burnt all over except for head; child was conscious and told doctor she had taken a box of matches to bed; Verdict: “Accidentally burnt to death”
PARSONSEdwin Arthur.Sat2Mar1895Died on 24th ult at Queen’s-road, Beeston, Edwin Arthur PARSONS, second son of Edwin PARSONS, aged 29 years
PEACHCharles.Sat1Apr1893Died on 10th ult, instantly killed on the Baltimore and Ohio Railway USA, Charles PEACH late of Beeston, wife+4 ch
PEARSG..Sat27Aug1892Draughtsman of Beeston, called as witness in case of Edwin John GRIFFITHS publican of Bell Inn at Attenborough
PERCYEdmund, J.P..Sat29Sep1894Obituary (long): Death of Mr Edmund PERCY, J.P. at half-past one on Tuesday morning after painful illness at his residence, Beeston House, Beeston; born 4 Feb 1810 in parish of St Peter in Wheeler-gate, son of late Henry PERCY, founder of PERCY, SMITH & PERCY solicitors, and brother of late Dr John PERCY famous metallurgist; he married the eldest daughter of the late Mr James THORPE of Goddington near Newark and leaves several daughters
PERCYEdmund, J.P..Sat6Oct1894Died on 25th ult at Beeston, Edmund PERCY, J.P., in his 85th year
PERCYEdmund, J.P..Sat6Oct1894Funeral: Took place on Friday at Beeston Cemetery, funeral cortege hearse and five mourning coaches carrying family and household servants – long list of names of mourners and wreaths
PHIPPSJoseph.Sat22Jun1895Bicycle-maker of Beeston, charged with attempting to defraud London and North-Western Railway of £55; remanded
PHIPPSJoseph.Sat29Jun1895Special Sitting: Of 32 Regent-street, Beeston; Attempting to defraud by false presences £55; Charles PRICE, wife’s cousin called; committed for trial at next Quarter Sessions
PHIPPSJoseph.Sat6Jul1895Quarter Sessions: Found guilty of defrauding L &NW Railway; sent to gaol for four calendar months with hard labour
PICKWORTHHarry Gilbert.Sat18Feb1893Births: At Bellevue-Villa, Beeston, on 10th inst, wife of Harry Gilbert PICKWORTH, of a son
POLLARDAnn.Sat6Feb1892Died 27th ult at residence of son-in-law, 82 Dam-Agnes-street, Ann, widow of Thomas POLLARD, late Beeston, 89y
POTTERJames.Sat27Feb1892Died on 23rd inst at Beeston, James POTTER, gardener, in his 73rd year
PRATTWilliam H..Sat24Mar1894Births: On 18th inst at Byron Lodge, Beeston, the wife of William H. PRATT, of a son
PUTTERGILLG.E..Sat17Aug1895Of Beeston; deservedly won first prize for best and most complete and inexpensive (bee) frame hive
ROBINSONEsther Mary.Sat14Apr1894Died on 9th inst at Beeston, after three days illness, Esther Mary, beloved wife of John ROBINSON, in her 27th year
ROBINSONEsther Mary.Sat14Apr1895Memoriam: In loving memory of Esther Mary ROBINSON who died at Beeston on 9th April 1894
ROSSELLJohn, Rev.Sat18Nov1893Died at Beeston-Notts, suddenly, Rev John ROSSELL, Wesleyan Minister, 84th year, and 60th of his ministry
SANDERSA..Sat19May1894Bankrupts: A. SANDERS, Queen’s-road, Beeston-Notts, lately Carlton-road, Nottingham; out of business; lately toy and fancy dealer and book binder
SHANKCecilia.Sat6Oct1894Died at Beeston on 24th ult, Cecilia, beloved wife of Mr J. SHANK, Inland Revenue, aged 37 years
SISSONRufus.Sat21Apr1894Died on the 14th inst at his residence, Beeston, Rufus SISSON, aged 52 (note: age blurred, may be incorrect)
SISSONRufus.Sat21Apr1894Obituary: (long): Suffering pneumonia, bronchitis, and jaundice; served twice on Local Board; connected with Beeston Cricket Club 25 years, 23 as secretary; local member N.C.A.A.; member of Nottingham Sacred Harmonic Society
SLATERElizabeth.Sat25Feb1893Died on 18th inst at Beeston Rylands, Elizabeth SLATER, beloved wife of Samuel SLATER, in her 66th year
SMITHEmmeline.Sat17Sep1892Married at Baptist Chapel Beeston on 8th inst, Arthur Herbert WOOLLEY eldest son of Herbert WOOLLEY of Cavendish House, Sherwood, to Emmeline, only daughter of William SMITH, Clifton Villa, Beeston, Notts
SMITHThomas.Sat20Oct1894Quarter Sessions: Thomas SMITH, 20, painter, pleaded guilty to obtaining the sum of £1.16s.19d from Emily AVERY at Beeston on 1st September; sentenced to six weeks’ hard labour
SPARROWWilliam.Sat1Oct1892Brewster Sessions: Granted renewals: William SPARROW Beeston beer-off; Samuel W. BANNISTER Beeston grocer’s licence; Samuel MASON Queen’s Hotel Beeston
SPRAYEdwin.Sat2Nov1895The youth named Edwin SPRAY, 16, who a week since was crushed in a lift at Messrs WILKINSON’s factory at Beeston, succumbed to his injuries at the General Hospital on Wednesday
STANLEYArthur.Sat11Aug1894Married: 2nd inst at St Andrew’s, Nottingham, Arthur STANLEY of Beeston, to Annie Adelaide PEACH Cranmer-st
STARTEthel Mary.Sat31Aug1895Died on 20th inst at Bayley-street, Beeston, Ethel Mary START, aged 10 years
STEVENSONCharles.Sat24Aug1895Commercial traveller of Beeston, charged with embezzling while in employ of Smith & Co leather merchants Nottg
THORNHILLIsaac.Sat12Oct1895Births: On 8th inst, at High-road, Beeston, the wife of Isaac THORNHILL, of a son
TOLSONJohn.Sat31Aug1895Licensing Sessions: John TOLSON grocer of Beeston application for beer-off licence; refused
TUNALLYThomas.Sat30Jul1892Theft from their employers MESSRS HUMBER AND CO bicycle-makers at Beeston – Thomas TUNALLY fitter; Bernard CLARKE fitter; George RUDDLE labourer; John STARR driller; Henry TAYLOR labourer; Albert LOWE filer; Arthur SHEFFIELD fitter; and Edward SHAW filer; were charged with stealing and receiving large quantity of bicycle fittings; all men pleaded guilty; SHEFFIELD and RUDDLE six months; CLARKE and TUNALLY four months; STARR, SHAW and TAYLOR two months; LOWE six weeks; Inspector HARROP commended by Magistrates for tact and ability
VANTINIMaria.Sat4May1895With Edmond St ALBYN, summoned for performing stage plays in unlicensed rooms at Beeston in school in Brown-lane; Deputy Chief Constable Mr HALLAM; Sgt BISHOP; Benjamin BALL caretaker at school said room let to them by Mr SMITH the treasurer; male fined 20s, female dismissed
VARDYSamuel.Sat30Sep1893Brewster Sessions: Application granted to Samuel VARDY for new premises at Beeston called Three Horse Shoes, the house being the property of Samuel T. BUNNING, brewery manager, Beeston
VICKERSHerbert.Sat22Jul1893Bristol Dog Show: Mr Herbert VICKERS of Beeston carried off all three first prizes (for whippets)
WADEPercy W..Sat26Jan1895Married on 23rd inst at St Matthew’s Church Nottingham, Percy W. WADE eldest son of Mr W.A. WADE of Beeston and Gertrude Phebe eldest daughter of Mr Hugh BROWNE, of Aspley-Nottingham
WAKEFIELDEllen.Sat25Aug1894Died on 17th inst at Broadgate, Beeston, Ellen, daughter of the late Samuel WAKEFIELD
WALLETTWilliam Frederick.Sat19Mar1892Obituary (long article) in 84th year died Sunday at The Cottage, Beeston; born 12 Oct 1808 Southcoates
WALLETTWilliam Frederick.Sat30Apr1892Fund established to make provision for his widow during her declining years, also for monument on his grave
WARDGeorge Dawson.Sat8Dec1894Births: On 30th ult at Beeston, wife of George Dawson WARD, a son
WATSONW..Sat5Oct1895Barton House, Beeston, home of W. WATSON, had house broken into early Saturday morning
WHARTONSamuel.Sat11Aug1894Died on 1st inst at Clifton Villa, City-road, Beeston-Notts, Samuel WHARTON, eldest son of late Ralph WHARTON, engineer of Nottingham and Chesterfield
WHATMOREA.W..Sat26Jan1895Letter to Editor requesting information on the RICKARDS family of Beeston; Elizabeth RICKARDS spinster living at Beeston 1710, with brother George RICKARDS of Beeston gentleman married to Mary only daughter of Henry SHIPTON of Yoxall-Staffs gentleman
WHITTFrank Howard.Sat24Sep1892Died at Chapel St Leonards-Lincs, Frank Howard, son of Frank and Elizabeth WHITT, Imperial Road, Beeston; 6y
WHITTFrank.Sat29Jun1895Births: On 21st inst, at Claremont-villas, Beeston, the wife of Frank WHITT, of a son
WILDECharles.Sat19May189416th annual art exhibition at Nottingham: Six pictures exhibited by Chas WILDE including “A Fallen Monarch”
WILDEMariah.Sat12Mar1892Died on 7th inst at Beeston Meadow, Mariah, beloved wife of William WILDE, aged 64 years; deeply lamented
WILFORDFrances.Sat30Apr1892Died on 24th inst at Lily-grove, Beeston, Miss Frances WILFORD, on her 70th birthday, after many years suffering
WILKINSONFrank.Sat7May1892Original Anglo-Scotia Mills destroyed 29th April six years ago; new factory destroyed on same day 29 April 1892
WILKINSONG..Sat9Apr1892Beeston Local Board Elections: Mr G. WILKINSON, farmer, Clifton-street Beeston, 879; Mr J.R. ANDERSON, gentleman, Bruno House Beeston, 819; Mr James HUCKERBY, clerk of works Beeston, 739; Mr E.E. JENKINS, chemist High-street Beeston, 639; first three elected
WILLIAMSJohn.Sat16Jul1892John WILLIAMS formerly in charge at Syston, has been promoted to Stationmaster at Beeston
WOODCOCKJohn Lawrence.Sat9Dec1893Died on 29th ult at Beeston-Notts, John Lawrence, dearly loved child of S.J. and Florence WOODCOCK, 8 months

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