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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1876 to 31 December 1880

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ABELThomas.Fri17May1878Fined 25s for being asleep when in charge of a horse and cart on the highway at Beeston; pleaded guilty
ABELThomas.Fri15Nov1878Butcher of Beeston, charged with obstructing thoroughfare in Union-street by allowing cart to stand in road; 12s 6d
ADCOCKJohn.Fri24May1878Charged with drunkenness at Beeston on 12th May; fined 21s
ALDCOCKJesse.Fri31Dec1880Charged by p.c. FOX with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 20th inst; fined 30s, several previous convictions
ALDRIDGEGeorge.Fri14Jan1881With George FLETCHER and George HARPER, youths, charged with stealing boots from John BAKER shoemaker
ALLWOODGeorge.Fri18Feb1876Died at Beeston on the 14th inst, Mr George ALLWOOD, Union-street, Beeston, aged 77 years
ALVEYHenry.Fri30Jul1880Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 15th inst; fined 12s 6d
ALVEYWilliam.Fri31Aug1877Charged with throwing stones at Beeston on 16th Aug; a fine of 5s imposed
ARTHURWilliam.Fri3Nov1876Young men - William ARTHUR, Samuel TAFT, John and William STUART, Richard HEWITT, James HARPUR, and Joseph HARDY – summoned for breach of the peace, and for an assault on the police by throwing stones at p.c.GABB at Beeston on Sunday night last; frequent complaints about the conduct of the young men; TAFT and STUART fined 15s, the others 21s
ATCHERLEYLilly.Fri21Nov1879A musical entertainment on behalf of Working Men’s Temperance Inst: performers Miss Lilly ATCHERLEY, Miss KIRKLAND, Misses WHITELEY, Mr S KIRKBY, Mr ROBINSON (comic)
ATKINJohn.Fri23Mar1877Drunk on the highway at Beeston; proved by p.c. GABB; fined 25s
ATKINWilliam.Fri13Aug1880With Edward SIMMONDS, summoned by p.c WOOD for drunkenness at Beeston on 31st July; fined 25s and 15s res.
ATTENBOROUGH..Fri18Feb1876County Court: ATTENBOROUGH vs BAKEWELL, plaintiff a builder of Nottm, defendant an architect of Beeston
AUSTINJoseph.Fri16Nov1877Obstructing Joshua JONES of Midland Railway in his duty, delaying train 5 minutes; fined 20s, other party not found
BACONThomas.Fri27Jun1879A lad, charged with doing wilful damage to a fence belonging to Beeston Cricket Club on 17th inst; fined 2s 6d
BACTONEdward.Fri17Nov1876Obtaining money under false pretences; James WALKER of Beeston witness; Henry ATKIN implicated not proved
BAKERCharles.Fri19May1876Middle-aged man of Beeston, intoxicated at Railway Station; during scuffle p.c. JOHNSON had hand bitten; fined 20s
BALLEmma.Fri19May1876Inquest held on Wed on body of Emma BALL who committed suicide on Tuesday by drowning herself in the Trent. Inquest held at Jolly Anglers’ Inn by Mr HEATH; deceased left home Tuesday morning and later found floating in river; husband Benjamin, 8 children; daughter Harriett
BALLSamuel.Fri5Jul1876Inquest held on body of unknown man at White Lion Inn, Beeston, Samuel BALL labourer witness, Charles STAPLETON farm manager for Mr VENN employed him; said he was a single man living at Red Lion-square Nottingham, 44-45 years old, black hair, bushy black whiskers, 5’ 7” tall (clothes described); police enquiries could not identify the man; Mr J. BUTLER surgeon said he died of sunstroke or apoplexy
BARKERAlice W..Fri1Feb1878Student-teacher examinations: Alice W. BARKER, Sarah A. LEWIS, J. OLDHAM, Selina DIX; all of Beeston
BARKERSarah.Fri28Apr1876Married woman, stealing a coat value 17s 6d property of Mr UNDERWOOD pawnbroker Beeston; 2 mths hard lab
BARKERWilliam.Fri24Nov1876Obtaining money under false pretences; Wm WALKER witness; the Bench admitted the prisoner to bail
BARKHAMT..Fri12Sep1879Saved a woman passenger attempting to alight on 8.10 train at Beeston on Monday evening from being crushed
BARKSWilliam Henry.Fri7Mar1879Fined 21s on evidence of p.c. WILSON for keeping dogs without licences
BEARDSLEYThomas.Fri22Jun1877Thomas BEARDSLEY and William LENTON summoned for poaching by fishing in Beeston Canal; each fined 30s
BELTONMr.Fri5Jul1878St Ann’s (Nottingham) Rose Show : Plants and flowers : Mr BELTON, gardener to Mr PARSONS, Beeston
BESTAnn.Fri11Feb1876Died at Beeston on 2nd inst, Ann BEST, relict of the late W.S. BEST, lace-manufacturer, in her 69th year
BLACKArthur John.Fri12Sep1879Married at Friar-lane Church Nottm on 4th inst, son of T. BLACK Esq, Beeston, to Mary Ann (May) MANNING
BLAGDONGeorge.Fri13Feb1880Charged with being drunk at Beeston; ordered to pay 15s
BLASDALEElizabeth.Fri13Jun18793rd inst at St Wilfred’s Calverton, John Samuel BAINS of that place to Elizabeth dtr of Sml BLASDALE, of Beeston
BLASDALESarah.Fri11Jul1879Married at Beeston on 8th inst, Joseph PEARS, to Sarah, youngest dtr of Mr Samuel BLASDALE, Beeston
BOCKMANEnoch.Fri17Mar1876Drunk on highway at Beeston on 4th inst after visiting Greyhound public-inn; bench dismissed the case
BONSERBenjamin.Fri20Apr1877Damaging fence of Mr HARVEY in his field at Beeston while hunting mushrooms and threatening him; fined 33s 6d
BONSEREdward.Fri1Jun1877Edward BONSER, John MORLEY and Samuel THORNHILL; stealing cabbages at Beeston property Thos WRIGHT
BONSEREdward.Fri17May1878Charged with being drunk and using abusive language at Beeston on 5th inst, proved by p.c. WILSON, fined 1 guinea
BONSERHenry.Fri14Dec1877P.C. BRAMPTON saw Henry BONSER, Benjamin KIDGER and John MORLEY with 35 rabbits in a cart at Beeston; BONSER and MORLEY dismissed; KIDGER fined £6 1s including costs
BRIGGSHenry.Fri7May1880With Robert MELLOWS, assaulted pc WOOD and COY; former drunk, latter damaged door of Beeston police station
BROWNAnne.Fri14Mar1879Died 28th ult at Beeston, Anne, wife of William BROWN solicitor of Nottm; niece of Lt-Gen Sir Thos WHITEHEAD
BURNHAMMr.Fri14Jan1876Licenced Victuallers’ Association: Members admitted – Mr BURNHAM, Beeston
BURROWSF..Fri3Jan1879Christmas Quarter Sessions : Grand Jury : F. BURROWS (Beeston)
BURROWSFrancis.Fri15Feb1878Contravention of Poisons Act: scattering bread pellets coated with phosphorus on highway to kill rats; cautioned
BURTONGeorge.Fri20Aug1880Charged with drunkenness at Beeston and ordered to pay a fine of 21s
BURTONJohn.Fri14May1880Plasterer; Indecently assaulted a child aged five years named Emily WOOD at Beeston on Thursday; witnesses Henry BOOTH, pc WOOD, Insp HARROP, Surgeon Peter RYAN
BYWATEREdward.Fri30Aug1878Edward BYWATER, Beeston, charged with drunkenness at Beeston, but witness proved otherwise; case dismissed
BYWATEREdward William.Fri5Sep1879With William TEBBUTT and Edwin HARDY, charged with absenting themselves from work, all apprentices in the employ of Messrs FOSTER and PEARSON of Beeston; discharged on costs and not to reoffend
CALVERTJohn.Fri29Oct1880John CALVERT, Samuel THORNHILL, Wm HAYES stole fowl property of Mr H. WILLOUGHBY of Bramcote; all apprehended at Beeston where they live by Inspector HARRUP and p.c.’s BRAMPTON and LANGHAM; six weeks.
CALVERTGeorge.Fri5Oct1877Pleaded guilty to being disorderly and refusing to quit the house of George BURROWS at Beeston; 1 guinea or 14 days
CARNELLHenry.Fri16Jun1876Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 28th May, also disorderly conduct; Francis COATES witness; one guinea fine
CARNELLHenry.Fri9Feb1877Violent lunatic, middle-aged, weak intellect, handcuffed through violence in refusing to quit public-house; 1 mth gaol
CARNELLHenry.Fri9Feb1877Alias “Bunney”, aged 39, lacemaker, escaped from County Gaol with three others; suffering delirium tremens, “mad”
CARNELLHenry.Fri31Aug1877Recaptured on Saturday night last in public-house at Stapleford by p.c. UPTON; mad drunk and returned to gaol
CHAMBERSMartha.Fri2Nov1877Died at Beeston on 27th inst, Martha CHAMBERS, aged 79 years
CHAPLINWilliam.Fri6Feb1880Charged with being drunk and assaulting police officer at Beeston; fine one guinea or option of three weeks imprison.
CHEETHAMCharles.Fri13Oct1876Died at his residence Beeston on 10th inst after long affliction, Charles CHEETHAM (late of Beeston Field) aged 81
CHESTERThomas.Fri16Jan1880Bankruptcy application: claim upon the trustee to abandon or fulfil contract for erection of certain houses at Beeston
CLARKEJohn.Fri26Mar1880Charged with being drunk while in charge of horse and cart at Beeston on 9th inst; fined 21s
CLAYT..Fri20Aug1880Nottingham and Notts Band of Hope Union: Mr T. CLAY, of Beeston, caterer
CLEMENTSWilliam.Fri15Oct1880Fined with being drunk at Beeston on 2nd inst, fined 15s
CLIFFORDEdward.Fri27Apr1877Young man; Broke fence of Mr GEE of Beeston while crossing his field; fined 12s 6d
CLIFFORDFrank.Fri27Jun1879Charged with being drunk at Beeston by p.c. WILSON on 7th June; fined 12s 6d
COOKEMaud.Fri27Apr1877Young woman living at Beeston, stole 8 yards of black French merino property of Joseph WITHAM; one month gaol
CORBETJohn.Fri22Aug1879John CORBET, Henry CORBET and John HILLIER charged with obstructing Mr BUNNY station-master at Beeston
COTTONLettice.Fri27Feb1880Died at Leeds on 16th inst, Lettice COTTON, widow of Samuel COTTON, formerly of Butcher’s-lane Beeston, 87 yrs
COXWilliam.Fri20Oct1876Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: William COX lace-manufacturer; Ben WALKER ditto; John GABBOTT ditto; Beeston
COXONWilliam.Fri10Jan1879Inquest on old man at White Lion Hotel in Beeston on Friday afternoon: aged 79, found in his coal-place Thursday evening, lived in Bacons-lane, grocer; son Charles COXON living at New Lenton; Sarah TAFT witness; fell while fetching coals and fractured skull, “accidental death”
CRESWELLLucy.Fri7Dec1877Died at Station-villas at Beeston on 4th inst, Lucy, wife of G.B. CRESWELL, and youngest daughter of John BIRKS, Lime Tree House, Mansfield
CUDWORTHJames.Fri16Jul1880Young man, charged with being drunk and refusing to quit the Victoria Inn at Beeston on 3rd instant; fined 21s
DAFTSamuel.Fri22Sep1876Two lads, Samuel DAFT and Joseph HARDY, fined 10s 6d and 21s respectively, for obstructing public thoroughfare at Beeston on 10th inst, by running races
DAFTWilliam.Fri15Aug1879Charged with being drunk at Beeston; fined 12s 6d
DARRINGTONBenjamin.Fri20Aug1880Charged with assault upon Robert ABBOTT at Beeston on 4th inst; summons dismissed
DAVISGeorge.Fri12Oct1877Charged with drunkenness at Beeston on 9th inst; fined 12d 6d
DENNISJoseph.Fri28Jul1876Elderly man, charged with trespass on Midland Railway at Beeston on 6th July; fined 15s; in default 14 days
DIXHarriett Markham.Fri26Sep1879Married on 23rd inst at St Thomas’ Church, Francis Joseph FOSTER, Sneiton, to Harriet Markham dtr of late E DIX
DOUBLEDAYJohn.Fri1Mar1878Bankruptcy Appeal: Landlord of Albert Hotel Nottingham and farmer of Dunkirk Farm at Beeston; wife Ellen
DOVEThomas.Fri31Aug1877Represented on Sunday 11th Aug at the Boat Inn, Beeston, that he came from Nottingham not Beeston in order to obtain drink during prohibited times of church service; fined 15s
EDWARDSGeorge.Fri25Oct1878Robbery at Beeston: With Alfred GREASLEY, charged with stealing trowels, property of Alfred HUNT; 2s 6d each
ELLIOTTFrederic.Fri19Oct1877Died at Beeston on 12th inst, Frederic, former lace-manufacturer, brother of late Thomas ELLIOTT, aged 64 years
ELLIOTTThomas.Fri18Aug1876Died at Plymouth on 11th inst, Thomas ELLIOTT, R.N., son of late Thomas ELLIOTT of Beeston-Notts, aged 37
EVERINGHAMW. Rev.Fri1Nov1879Married at St Mary’s Beverley on 3rd inst, Rev W. EVERINGHAM of St John’s Beeston to Annie KEY of Beverley
FELLOWSGeorge.Fri16Feb1877Of Beeston Flds; Married at St Peter’s, Eaton-square London, 7th inst, to Emma Margaret dtr of Rev R.T. PULTENEY
FELLOWSGeorge.Fri5Jul1878Midsummer Quarter Sessions – Qualified as Justice of the Peace for the County : George FELLOWS, Beeston
FELLOWESGeorge.Fri5Jul1878Quarter Sessions : First Court : New Magistrates – Mr George FELLOWES, of Beeston. Grand Jury – W. BARKER, F. BAKEWELL, and W. CLARKE, all of Beeston
FLETCHERThomas.Fri19Sep1879Charged with stealing growing cabbages, property of Wm TOWLSON of Beeston on 8th Sept; fined one guinea
FLETCHERWilliam.Fri30Apr1880Inquest: builder, found dead in dyke at Beeston; son William FLETCHER lives at Beeston; George HOLMES carrier ; Beeston witness; William Henry SANDERSON fitter Beeston found body; verdict: “death by suffocation”
FLETCHERWilliam.Fri20Aug1880Charged with allowing his horse to stray on the highway at Beeston; ordered to pay 10s
FOSTERRobert.Fri28Apr1876Unanimously elected Chairman of the new Beeston Local Board, first meeting held on Thursday at the Board-room
FOXWilliam.Fri22Aug1879Death of Waterloo Veteran at Beeston : William FOX, late of the Royal Staff Corps, died at the above village on Wednesday, at the age of 86. He served through the Peninsula war, and was present at the battle of Waterloo
FRANKSJohn.Fri27Oct1876Fined 15s for assaulting Mrs H. BERRY and refusing to quit her public-house at Beeston on 18th inst
FRETTINGHAMH..Fri9Mar1877Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr H. FRETTINGHAM; Mr J. ANDERSON; Mr J. DOUBLEDAY; all of Beeston
GABBOTTHarry.Fri30Aug1878In his seventeenth year, lived at Beeston; called as witness in drowning of three people in the Trent on Saturday
GABBOTTHarry.Fri8Oct1880Died on 2nd inst at Station Villa Beeston, Harry, eldest and beloved son of John and Sarah Ann GABBOTT, in 19th yr
GALEC..Fri18Jul1879Mourning peel rung for late Prince Imperial by C. GALE, W. FOWLSON, R. MELLORS, J. SPRAY, S. WILKINS, S.G. HENSON, S. MELLORS, J. MOODY; conducted by Mr S.G. HENSON
GARNERJohn.Fri19Sep1879Being drunk at Beeston; fined 12s 6d; p.c. WILSON proved the case
GASCOIGNEGeorge.Fri28Jul1876Charged with trespass upon Midland Railway at Beeston on 2nd July; fined 15s
GATLIFFEJames.Fri12May1876Summoned for refusing to quit a beerhouse at Beeston on 29th April, landlord ejected him; fined two guineas
GENTEL.Fri12Mar1880Malster at Beeston; trial to recover principal and interest on promissory notes from late William ELLIOTT’s estate
GETLIFFERichard.Fri24Oct1879Charged with stealing several bottles of sauce property of Elizabeth SPRAY; 21 days gaol with hard labour
GILESHenry.Fri21Feb1879Unjust weights and measures: coal dealer, charged by Inspector STORY with having a spring balance; fined 35s
GLAZEBROOKSCharles.Fri16May1879Inquest at Nottm General Hospital: Died from injuries received falling from scaffold in St John’s grove Beeston, aged 25, bricklayer’s labourer engaged by Messrs Oakey & Smith builders Beeston; mother Ann Glazebrooke of Sun-street Nottingham; Benjamin COLLINGTON of Beeston witness. Mr R.A. ANDERSON surgeon said he was admitted paralysed in lower part of body, spine and neck fractured; died Friday last. “Accidental death”
GODDARDJohn.Fri15Nov1878Charged with illegally selling intoxicating liquors at Beeston on 26th October; £25 in each of two cases or two months’
GODDARDJohn.Fri15Nov1878(Page 3 of newspaper) Very long article on heavy fine for illegally selling drink at Beeston
GRAVESHenry.Fri9Jul1880Summoned for assaulting two little boys, Arthur and Benjamin DRINKWATER, brothers; 5s in each case
GREENJohn.Fri8Oct1880Fined for being drunk and disorderly at Beeston; fined 15s
GRUNDY and MORRIS.Fri13Dec1878Sold ten year lease for the Sun Inn at Beeston with goodwill, furniture and fittings, for £465
HALLAMJohn.Fri9Jun1876Amorous fishmonger summoned by Mrs Elizabeth MORRIS for assaulting her at Beeston on 30th May; case dismissed
HALLAMJohn.Fri27Oct1876With Joseph CROWE of Long Eaton, charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on land belonging to John GRUNDY at Ratcliffe-on-Soar; HALLAM also charged with assaulting John GRUNDY; CROWE fined 21s; HALLAM fined 30s for trespass and 21s for assault
HALLAMJohn.Fri13Jul1877Charged with trespass in pursuit of game at Beeston, suspected of poaching; nine previous convictions; fined £5
HAMILTONMaria.Fri10Aug1877Died on 2nd inst at residence of her nephew Erasmus GREEN, Dovecote-lane, Beeston, Maria, relict of the late James HAMILTON, of Dublin, Ireland, in her 79th year
HARBYJohn.Fri15Sep1876Stole reins property of John PARMAN, Wollaton, found by p.c. HOLT in prisoner’s father’s garden at Beeston; 6 wks
HARDYAlice.Fri13Sep1878Inquest at Sun Inn Beeston on Wednesday on body of Alice HARDY, infant, aged one year and nine months, who drowned after falling into an iron pot on Tuesday last; Amelia HARDY single woman identified the child as hers; she lives with her brother and child lives with her mother, paid mother 2s 6d each week to care for child; Sarah HARDY grandmother had care of child since birth, went to clean for Mrs WARD in the Park leaving boy aged 11 and girl aged 7 to look after the child; Clara HARDY aged 11 told brother to look after child while she went into yard to fetch water and when she came back found child lying with her face in an iron pot, and then ran with child into yard of man named KEELING; Jury believed death was accidental but mother and grandmother were to blame, grandmother exceedingly to blame for leaving 3 children together
HARDYGeorge.Fri4May1877Aged 14; stealing a sweeping brush property of Hiram SPRAY of Beeston from his shop; case dismissed
HARDYSarah.Fri30Aug1878School Board Cases : Sarah HARDY, of Beeston, fined 1s for neglecting to send her children to school
HARDYWilliam.Fri29Sep1876Wilfully damaging grass at Beeston on 12th inst property of E.J. LOWE; fined 10s 6d; p.c. CABB spoke the offence
HARMSTONFrederick.Fri10Sep1880Summoned by p.c. FOX for being drunk while in charge of a horse and cart at Beeston; fined 15s
HARPERArthur.Fri1Jun1877A lad, charged with stealing nine eggs, property of Benjamin SMITH butcher at Beeston; to be sent to gaol for one month, and then kept in a reformatory for five years afterwards
HARPERHenry.Fri27Feb1880With Thomas HANDS, two young men, charged with fighting at Beeston on 14th inst; expenses and peace 12 months
HARRISONGeorge.Fri14Apr1880Charged with being drunk at Beeston
HATTONElizabeth.Fri16Jul1880Neighbours Quarrell; Charged with using threatening language to Hannah WHITE at Beeston; case dismissed, costs
HAZELDINEJohn.Fri21Nov1879Charged with being drunk and asleep on the highway at Beeston; fined 12s 6d
HAZLEDINEFrancis.Fri18Apr1879Inquest: Aged 74, a month ago labourer, stone-breaker for parish, known as Frank. Son, George, railway labourer. Both lived at Nether-street Beeston. Saw father at Three Horse Shoes on Sat afternoon sober; died 9 o’clock at Three Horse Shoes; John MALTBY, engine-driver, Chilwell, witness. William WHEATLEY landlord witness. Verdict “Visitation of God”. Coroner made comment their domestic life was startling in strangeness
HEWETTJoseph.Fri12Apr1878Apprentice to Messrs Wiklinson and Company, hosiery manufacturers, Beeston; destroyed hamper their property; 25s
HILSLEYThomas.Fri27Feb1880Inquest: fatal accident on highway at Beeston on Tuesday, child aged 2 years and 2 months; parents lived at Mr Fellowes’ Lodge, mother named Isabella; baby in care of his sister aged 7, child died Wednesday evening, died from injuries when perambulator upset on highway; witnesses Wm SMEDLEY and ATKIN told they would have been charged with manslaughter if more evidence
HODGKINSONJohn.Fri5Sep1879With Arthur THOMPSON, charged by p.c. WOOD with fighting at Beeston on 17th inst; fined 12s 6d each
HOFTONMatilda.Fri17Sep1880Grocer, charged with having unjust scales in her possession at Beeston; fined two guineas
HOLLINGWORTHEdward.Fri15Jun1877Stealing coals, property of Midland Railway, and ferocious assault on p.c. WILSON on 2nd June; committed for trial
HOLLINGWORTHHerbert.Fri13Aug1880Charged by Inspector HARRUP with being drunk at Beeston on 2nd Aug; fined 20s
HOLLINGWORTHSamuel.Fri29Oct1880Inquest: Jolly Anglers Inn, on Samuel HOLLINGWORTH aged 65, labourer, found in canal previous day; son William HOLLINGWORTH; Thomas MORTON of Beeston found body; George MANN lacemaker knew deceased; George MORRIS labourer; “Found dead”
HOLLINGSWORTHJohn.Fri16Jun1876Charged with being drunk at Beeston as far back as 21st February 1874; summons issued but he disappeared; 1 guinea
HOLMESJohn.Fri10Oct1879Fatal train accident at Nottingham: List of injured : John HOLMES, farmer, Beeston; Mrs O’CONNOR, Beeston
HOLMESWilliam.Fri30Jul1880Farmer aged 67 of Beeston, claim for personal damages on Midland Railway Co after accident in train collision; £750
HOPKINSEli.Fri24Mar1876With John HOULDSWORTH, Job TWELLS and Enoch KING, disorderly at Beeston on 11th March; one guinea each
HOSKINSGeorge.Fri16Jul1880Railway Case: Charged by Midland Railway for attempting to travel from Beeston with ticket issued previous day
HUDSONMary.Fri22Sep1876Died at The Cottage, Beeston, on 20th inst, Mary, the beloved wife of Henry HUDSON, aged 58; interred Beeston churchyard on Saturday at twelve o’clock
HUDSTONElizabeth.Fri5Nov1880Died on 30th ult, Elizabeth, beloved with of Samuel HUDSTON of Beeston, aged 48 years
HUDSTONH.Fri6Apr1877Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr H. HUDSTON, Mr B. Baker VENN, both of Beeston
HUDSTONHenry.Fri9May1879Married at City Temple, London, on 29th ult, Henry HUDSTON late Beeston-Notts, and Jennie Jones BARRETT
HUDSTONJohn.Fri25May1877The village postmaster, killed when hit by train at rail crossing at Beeston on Saturday last; aged 58, 4 grown children
HUNTThomas.Fri2Jun1876With William WILSON, two boys, charged with damaging mowing grass belonging to Mr BRADSHAW at Beeston
HUTLEYJames.Fri30Jan1880Begging at Beeston previous day proved by a police officer; discharged on promising to go away and try to find work
JACKSONArthur.Fri21Jul1876Summoned for savage attack on sister-in-law Mary JACKSON at Beeston on 18th inst knocking 4 teeth out; fined 42s
JACKSONMatthew.Fri23Mar1877Charged with fighting at Beeston on 15th inst; bound over to keep the peace for twelve months
JACKSONSamuel.Fri24Oct1879Unjust scales: Samuel JACKSON charged with having unjust steelyard in his possession at Beeston; fined 21s
JAMESJohn.Fri13Aug1880Middle-aged man, charged with indecent conduct at Beeston; fined 30s
JARVISHenry.Fri29Oct1880Inquest at General Hospital: Henry JARVIS, aged 31, painter of Apple-row Apple-street; run over by cart at Beeston on 14th Oct; William JARVIS brother; Maria MONK, gingerbeer manufacturer with husband John, ran ove rhis foot; A.R. WATSON musical director Theatre Royal witness; Charles BARLOW weaver witness; Albert POWIS coal-dealer witness; Mr A.R. ANDERSON resident surgeon said he was admitted 15th inst suffering small wound above ankle, tetanus appeared and died 23rd; “Accidental death”
JOHNSONE, Miss.Fri20Oct1876Church Mutual Improvement Society Annual Concert at Ilkeston; Miss E. JOHNSON, Beeston, vocalist
JOHNSONJohn.Fri21Feb1879A lad charged with vagrancy at Beeston, sentenced to seven days; found hawking songs in the street
JOHNSONJohn.Fri14Jan1881With John WRIGHT and Joseph SMITH, youths, charged with stealing boots property of Mr BAKER of Beeston
JONESAnnie.Fri14Nov1879Died on 6th inst, at Brookfield Cottage, Beeston, Annie Catherine Elizabeth JONES, only daughter of Mrs Annie JONES, widow, aged 14 years
KEELINGSamuel.Fri31Mar1876Painter, charged with damaging posts and rails at Beeston, property of Henry BELFIELD; fined 21s
KEELINGSamuel.Fri3May1878Samuel KEELING and John JEPHSON charged with obtaining beer at Jolly Anglers Inn during prohibited hours; 21s
KELSEYMiss.Fri2Jun1876Mr JM POTT sold property occupied by Miss KELSEY for £755, a tenement in centre of village, area 1500 sq.yds
KETCHJane.Fri13Jul1877Aged 14, charged with stealing £8 from her master, Mr BEARDSLEY, butcher, of Beeston; three months hard labour
KINGThomas.Fri3Aug1877Charged with damaging mowing grass at Beeston, property of Mr E.J. LOWE, J.P.; pleaded guilty; fined 7s 6d
KIRKJames.Fri7Mar1879Charged with stealing two cows value £30 property of Mr Henry FRETTINGHAM at Beeston on 25th Nov; Sessions
KIRKBYF.Fri4May1877Concert at Long Eaton for Derbyshire Rifle Volunteer Corps on Thurs evening last; Mr F. KIRKBY, Beeston, pianist
KIRKHAMGeorge.Fri25Oct1878Charged with trespassing in pursuit of game at Bramcote; Edward HUSBANDS gamekeeper to Sherwin GREGORY
KIRKHAMGeorge.Fri16May1879With Thos SMITH, charged with stealing horse rug property of Edward NORTH, apprentice to Mr ABELL, butcher at Beeston, on 10th May; p.c. George BAMPTON and p.c. WOOD; prisoners discharged
KIRKLANDHenry, Rev.Fri14Sep1877Died on 3rd inst at Howden near Hull the Rev Henry KIRKLAND son of late Henry KIRKLAND of Beeston, aged 62
LAWTONCharlotte.Fri25Jan1878Indecently assaulted at Beeston Station by Samuel SOLOMON, aged 18, of Lenton; remanded until Saturday
LAWTONCharlotte.Fri1Feb1878Indecently assaulted in master’s garden at Beeston; prisoner committed to trial at the next Sessions
LAWTONCharlotte.Fri29Mar1878Sessions: Samuel SOLOMON, 20, indicted for assaulting Charlotte LAWTON at Beeston on 9th Jan; not guilty
LEEJ.H., J.P..Fri9Feb1877J.H. LEE, J.P. Nottm Magistrate suffered serious carriage accident at Beeston near his home
LEEJohn.Fri25Jul1879John LEE, William BAGGALEY, Joseph BOTTOMORE and John HODGKINSON, young men, summoned for playing pitch and toss at Beeston on 6th July; HODGKINSON did not appear, BAGGALEY discharged, others fined 10s each
LEESamuel.Fri21Dec1877Samuel LEE and Thomas TAFT, labourers, stole four Muscovy ducks property of Mr COX farmer Beeston; 3 months
LEESamuel.Fri15Mar1878Fighting with Samuel WARD, both colliers, at Beeston on 2nd inst; proved by p.c. GABB; both fined 15a
LEEWilliam.Fri15Mar1878Illegally removing night soil at Beeston on 27th ult; Mr THORNHILL, Sanitary Inspector, proved case; fined 2s 6d
LEEWilliam.Fri17May1878Charged with being drunk at Beeston on the 6th inst, and fined a guinea
LEESSamuel.Fri2Feb1877A young man of Beeston, charged with drunkenness and assaulting police at Railway Station on Saturday evening; p.c. JOHNSON said prisoner was drunk and struck witness in the face, knocked him down, kicked him, and attempted to gouge out his eyes and bite his nose off; two porters at the station also assaulted; very violent character; the Bench would not being doing their duty by imposing a fine and sentenced him to one calendar month hard labour
LEESWilliam.Fri11Jul1879Charged by p.c. WOOD with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston; fined 25s
LOWEArthur.Fri16Mar1877Son of Mr John LOWE; thrown from his horse Friday evening; broke leg in two places
LYONEtty.Fri28Mar1879Died on 17th inst at Beeston, Etty, relict of Matthew LYON, Royal Navy, late of Wollaton, in 81st year of her age
MALING.H., Rev.Fri29Jun1877Baptist Minister, struck by train at same place where postmaster HUDSTON killed, resulting in amputation of left leg
MALINSGeorge Henry, Rev.Fri5Apr1878Dissenting minister residing at Beeston,; court case against Midland Railway for £3,000 damages for negligence
MALTBYWilliam.Fri16Jan1880Charged with assaulting Emma THORNHILL at Beeston on 27th December; fined 25s
MARSHALLAnn.Fri2Aug1878Unjust Weights and Scales : Ann MARSHALL, of Beeston, for having an unjust pair of scales, was fined 30s
MARTIN..Fri1Oct1880Man named MARTIN of Beeston employed as extra workman killed on trainline at Attenborough on Wednesday
MARTINThomas.Fri27Oct1876Fined 12s 6d for drunkenness at Beeston ; proved by p.c. GABB
MEAKINWilliam.Fri24Oct1879Unjust scales: Wm MEAKIN shopkeeper charged with having piece of lead on chain attached to one of his scales; 21s
MEEDSamuel.Fri6Dec1878Butcher, charged with being drunk at Beeston on 16th Nov; fined 12s 6d
MELLERSWilliam.Fri8Oct1880Unruly apprentice: charged with wilfully damaging a file and refusing to comply with his apprenticeship
MELLORSJoseph.Fri21Dec1877Joseph MELLORS (14), William COX (11), James BEARDALL (10), and John SMITH (11), broke into National School at Beeston on Sunday morning last and broke open two missionary boxes, stealing 1s 2 ¾ d. Mr START superintendent of school, Mr J. ANDERSON a teacher; MELLORS, BEARDALL and SMITH were scholars there; Sergeant DOWNING; MELLORS to gaol for one month, the others for a week each, and all six strokes of the birth rod
MELLORSR.Fri14Sep1877Bellringers at St John’s Beeston: R. MELLORS, Beeston (treble); P. BURTEN, Beeston (tenor); for 1 hour 19 mins
MELLORSWilliam.Fri16Aug1878Distinguished pupil-teacher examinations: Wm MELLORS, Sarah FLEWITT, Wm REYNOLDS; all Beeston
MELLORSWilliam.Fri16Jul1880Breach of indenture: charged with leaving his master, Mr W. PILGRIM, machine builder, Beeston, as apprentice
MILLEREdward.Fri11Jun1880Pupil-teacher, assaulted by Edward HODKINGSON at Beeston, in retaliation for assaulting his son; fined 21s
MILLERThomas.Fri10Jan1879Married at Beeston church on 4th inst, Mr Thomas MILLER Esq of Grove Villa, Beeston, to Sarah, widow of George PRITCHETT, and daughter of the late Thomas WALLIS, of Apsley-terrace, Nottingham
MILLINGTONWilliam.Fri18May1877Of Beeston-Notts; Married on 8th inst at St Paul’s Church Whatlington Sussex to Clara Ellen Katharine GAULTIER
MITCHELLJohn.Fri14Dec1877Inquest at Durham Ox: Aged 69, FWK, daughter Eliza, care of wife who had seizure a year previous; “natural causes”
MOIRFrank L..Fri21Dec1877Frank L. MOIR’s ballad concert at Beeston on Thurs in Schoolroom: performers – Miss HONEYBONE, Mrs DOBSON, Mr J. ADCOCK, Mr F.L. MOIR
MORLEYJohn.Fri14Dec1877Charged with unlawfully having rabbits; cart got away and case not proved; dismissed. See Henry BONSER
MORRISAlfred.Fri15Oct1880Charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Beeston; fined 12s
MUSSONFrederick.Fri11Jul1879Died on 5th inst at his residence, Beeston, Mr Frederick MUSSON, aged 60 years
MUSSONFrederick.Fri11Jul1879Inquest: Shocking suicide. Inquest held at Victoria Hotel Beeston. Aged 60, coal agent, had situation with Mr LEWIN of Saleby. His widow is Mrs Charlotte MUSSON; Hannah WALKINSON is his domestic servant; found him in bed with throat cut by razor. Mr and Mrs LUNTLEY came to assist. George BELTON gardener went for medical assistance. Mr STOCKDALE lived with deceased and was also a witness. Deceased had occupied position of station-master at Beeston for a number of years. Verdict “Deceased committed suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity”
NEALEThomas.Fri18May1877Sold by auction at his Mart, building land currently used as garden by J. LOVETT, Butcher-lane and Clinton-street
NELSONHenry.Fri9Mar1877Cattle dealer of Beeston; heavily fined; driving a beast with Foot-and-Mouth disease along Beeston highway; £10
NEWHAMWilliam.Fri10Nov1876Trespassed with Martin LEVINGTON on land occupied by Mr ANDREWS of Beeston on 24th ult; 15s and 10s 6d
NORRISJohn.Fri9Jul1880With John JONES, charged with stealing drinking measures property of Mrs FLEWITT landlady of White Lion Inn
NORTHEdward.Fri2Apr1880Charged with assaulting Thomas SPRAG at Beeston on 20th March; fined 15s
NUTTMaria.Fri1Feb1878Died at Beeston on 20th inst; Maria, 50, beloved wife of Richard NUTT late of the Sir George Napier, Sherwood-street
NUTTR.C..Fri7Mar1879Married at St Andrew’s Nottingham on 25th ult, Mr R.C. NUTT of Mona Cottage Beeston, to Hannah, third daughter of late John CROSS of Nottingham. At same time, Sarah, youngest daughter of late John CROSS of Union- road, married H. SLACK of Huntingdon-street
NUTTRichard.Fri17May1878Fined 25s for having a dog without having taken out a licence; Mr MILMINE supervisor of excise prosecuted
NUTTRichard.Fri11Jul1879Retired publican, charged by p.c. WOOD with being drunk at Beeston on 1st July; fined 12s 6d
OLDHAMAlfred.Fri3Sep1880With George FROGGATT, charged with committing wilful damage to growing barley property of Mr FELLOWS; 5s
OLDHAMJohn.Fri17Aug1877List of Pupil-Teachers who have specially distinguished themselves in the examinations held by H.M. Inspector, Rev C. SEWELL – Beeston N. School – Class I (65) John OLDHAM; - Class II (79) Sarah LEWIS, Selina DIX, Ann COLLINGTON
OLDHAMJohn.Fri16Jul1880Inquest: fatal railway accident at Beeston: John OLDHAM, pointer, aged 24, killed previous day. Father-in-law William GILES of Chilwell; Samuel SCRATON bricklayer Beeston; John Henry BRADSHAW engine-driver; John WELLS foreman; killed while crossing the upline; verdict “Accidental Death”
OLDHAMWilliam.Fri18Feb1876A young man, pleaded guilty to being drunk at Beeston on 6th inst; fined 12s 6d
OLDRINIT.J., Rev.Fri16Jun1876We are informed that Rev T.J. OLDRINI, Vicar of Beeston, has been appointed a Surrogate for the Diocese of Lincoln
ORCHARDJames.Fri18Aug1876Charged with using obscene language in railway carriage at Beeston on 29th July; fined 42s
ORCHARDJoseph.Fri9Mar1877Bankruptcy of S.G. PACKER: Criminal Proceedings: creditors including Thos PARKER, Beeston, lace-man, £1,240
ORMEWilliam.Fri7Nov1879Thefts at Beeston: William ORME, youth, charged with stealing a plane at Beeston property of Mr HENSON; further charge of stealing fowl property of Mr PERRY landlord of the Victoria Inn; fined 20s for each offence
OXLEYMary Ann.Fri6Apr1877Baby, five days old, died of overdose of laudanum mistakenly given for other medicine; Coroner to report on inquest
OXLEYMary Ann.Fri13Apr1877Inquest: Mary Ann OXLEY, 5 days old, father William OXLEY; accidentally poisoned by mother for stomach ache
PANEFrederick.Fri4Jul1879Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: Fredk PANE, J. GABBOTT, J. CARTWRIGHT, W.J. PEARSON; all of Beeston
PARKERThomas.Fri17Nov1876Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 5th Nov; fined 12s 6d
PARSONSWilliam.Fri2Mar1877Letter to the editor, signed by Wm PARSONS, Chairman of the Company, re building the mortuary chapel
PARSONSSusannah.Fri28Jul1876Died at Beeston on 24th inst, Susannah, wife of William PARSONS, aged 80 years
PARRJoseph.Fri21Feb1879Unjust weights and measures: Coal dealer, summoned by Mr STORY, for having unjust scale; fined 2 guineas
PEACHChas.Fri19Nov1880With Wm CLEMENTS and Wm TANSLEY, charged by p.c. FOX with being drunk and disorderly; fined 12s 6d each
PEARSONHenry John.Fri1Mar1878Recent Local Patents: Henry John PEARSON of firm FOSTER & PEARSON, of Beeston, improved valves
PEARSONHenry John.Fri3May1878Patents which passed the great seal: Henry John PEARSON, Foster & Pearson, hort. Builders, improved valves
PEELThomas.Fri10Dec1880Assaulting his wife at Beeston on 27th Nov; fined 21s
PEMBERTONMrs.Fri29Nov1878Annual concert at Beeston given by Beeston Cricket Club; long list of performers including Mrs PEMBERTON
PHILLIPSWilliam.Fri13Sep1878Inquest on Monday at General Hospital on Wm PHILLIPS, 22, shunter, died Friday after crushed between two wagons at Beeston Siding on Wednesday 20th August; Wm WELLS under-guard witness; had been a shunter for 18 months and was a steady and sober man; Charles NAYLOR pointsman at Beeston Siding; Mr A ANDERSON surgeon at General Hospital said left arm badly crushed and had to be amputated; verdict of “Accidental Death”; PHILLIPS made statement to Dr ANDERSON and did not blame anyone
PIERREPONTJohn.Fri9Aug1878For nearly ten years master of Beeston Boys’ National School, elected to head-mastership of Holy Trinity Boys’ School at Nottingham
PIERREPONTJohn.Fri20Dec1878Presented with token of esteem by residents of Beeston for mastership of Boys’ School for nearly ten years
PILGRIMWilliam.Fri16Jun1876Machinist of Beeston; court case to have partnership with William PAULSON of Attenborough dissolved
PILGRIMWilliam.Fri10Nov1876County Court: Equity Claim: Dissolution of partnership: Wm PILGRIM machine-maker Beeston; & Wm PAULSON
POOLEMiss.Fri14Apr1876Mistress of Beeston National School, appointed mistress to the new infant schools under Long Eaton School Board
PRATTCouncillor.Fri7Jul1876Resident of Beeston for 17 years, residents of Beeston presented him with gift for services before his move to Nottm.
PRATTJohn.Fri28Jun1878Labourer of Beeston; violating Education Act in neglecting to send his child, Jane PRATT to school, fined 5s
PRICEThomas.Fri19Sep1879Summoned by Inspector HARRUP for furiously driving at Beeston on 11th Sept; fined 15s
PRICEWilliam Page.Fri18May1877Charged with refusing to quit the licensed premises of George CHESTER at Beeston; fined 42s
REEDWilliam.Fri16Feb1877Hawking without a licence at Beeston on 29th; fined one guinea or 14 days imprisonment
REIDJohn.Fri13Jun1879Charged with being drunk and refusing to quit the public house of John GREEN at Beeston; fined 3 guineas
REYNOLDSA.Fri31Jan1879Pupil-teacher examinations: A. REYNOLDS, Sarah FLEWITT, Alice BARKER, J. OLDHAM, Sarah LEWIS
REYNOLDSA.Fri16Jan1880Pupil-teacher examinations: A. REYNOLDS, Sarah HEWITT; both of Beeston
REYNOLDSCharles.Fri28May1876Charles and Frederick REYNOLDS, living with father, carrier, at Beeston, stealing money from Hyam SPRAY
RHODESGeorge.Fri7Jul1876Drunk at Beeston on 24th June; fined 12s 6d
RICHARDSAnne Louisa.Fri25Feb1876Died at Beeston on 20th inst, Anne Louisa, youngest child of William Abraham and Henrietta RICHARDS
RICHARDSHenry William.Fri3Mar1876Died at Beeston on 29th ult, Henry William, youngest son of William Abraham and Henrietta RICHARDS
RICHARDSWilliam A..Fri17May1878Fined 25s for having a dog without having taken out a licence; Mr MILMINE supervisor of excise prosecuted
RICKETTSThomas.Fri16May1879Charged with using threats to Thomas WALLIS, bricklayer, at Beeston; Thomas COOPER and Henry BOOTH, stonemasons, witnesses and corroborated defendant’s side; case dismissed
RIGLEYJoseph.Fri30Jan1880An old man, charged with indecently assaulting a child named Mary Ann BAILEY aged 7 at Beeston; 2 months hard labour
ROGERSHenry.Fri30Mar1877A lad, charged with ill-treating a cat, property of Christina FRANKS, at Beeston on Monday; hip and eye injured; 10s
ROGERSLaura Kate.Fri21Sep1877Married on 8th inst at Whiteshill Church near Stroud, Henry John PEARSON of Chilwell Notts, to Laura Kate, only daughter of the late S.S. ROGERS, Esq, of Beeston Notts. No cards.
ROGERSMary.Fri3Mar1876Married woman, assaulted a neighbour named Annie TOWLSON at Beeston on 22nd ult; fined 10s 6d
ROMNEYRobert.Fri7Apr1876Irishman and respectable-looking labourer; begging on the street in Beeston; 7 days in prison
ROTHERSJessie.Fri17Sep1880Died on 15th inst at Beeston after a few days’ illness, Jessie, daughter of Charles and Alice ROTHERS, 2 yrs 3 mths
SALMONEnoch.Fri15Dec1876Had both feet cut off on Wednesday after being run over by Great Northern engine at Beeston; parents at Queen St
SAMMONSEdward Compton.Fri2Apr1880Married at Beeston on 30th inst, to Frances Susanna, youngest daughter of Joseph BERESFORD of Chilwell, Notts
SAVILEMaria.Fri19Oct1877Died at Beeston on 2nd inst, Maria SAVILE, late of Bestwood Park, in her 64th year
SCOFFENJohn.Fri24Mar1876Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 13th March; fined 15s
SCOTHERNJohn.Fri9Mar1877Charged with being drunk on the highway at Beeston on 27th ult; proved by p.c. WILSON; fined one guinea
SCOTTONEdwin.Fri7Apr1876Summoned by wife Maria SCOTTON for threatening to assault her at Beeston; married and separated 3 years; fined
SEARSONGeorge.Fri7Mar1879On evidence of p.c. WOOD, fined 12s 6d for drunkenness at Beeston on 24th February
SHEARSTON(a boy).Fri13Aug1880Aged 8 years; Drowned in the River Trent at Beeston; mother, brother and he from Friezland, Old Radford
SHEARSTONAlfred.Fri20Aug1880Inquest at Trent Bridge Hotel: aged 8, drowned during picnic; Thomas SIMPSON rowing on river found body in water
SHEPPARDSidney.Fri19Nov1880Pleaded guilty to drunkenness at Beeston on 2nd Nov; fined 12s 6d
SHREWSBURYElijah.Fri25Jan1878Inquest at Nottingham General Hospital on Wed; aged 17, lived at Beeston, worked at Clifton Colliery where he removed empty wagons from pit mouth; three weeks previous wagon jumped off rails and he was hit in knee by wagon following; had been unable to work since; taken to hospital on 14th inst in semi-conscious state; surgeon Mr ANDERSON opened knee and found inflammation of the joint; died on 19th inst from blood poisoning; “Accidental death”
SHREWSBURYJane.Fri22Sep1876Died at Beeston on 16th inst, Jane, beloved and deeply regretted wife of Thomas SHREWSBURY, in her 72nd year
SHREWSBURYWilliam.Fri7Jan1876Of Beeston, fined 25s for being drunk and refusing to quit a public-house of Mr Jackson, the Malt and Shovel
SIBERTThomas.Fri12Sep1879Charged with being drunk at Beeston and fined 15s
SKELTONBenjamin.Fri2Apr1880Charged with assaulting two officials on train of Midland Railway at Beeston; pleaded guilty and apologised; fined
SKELTONEmma.Fri13Feb1880Landlady of Greyhound Inn Beeston summoned for permitting drunkenness; Isaac WADSWORTH being drunk
SKELTONEmma.Fri1Oct1880Lic. Sessions: Lic granted on understanding she lived in house; appointed sister manageress, to nurse mother; renewed
SMARTSamuel.Fri18Jan1878Charged with being intoxicated on the highway at Beeston on 1 Jan; pleaded guilty; fined 12s 6d
SMEDLEYWilliam.Fri12Mar1880Fatal accident at Beeston: William SMEDLEY a youth charged with negligence while in charge of horse and cart on 17th February resulting in death of child named Thomas HILLSLEY; fined
SMEDLEYWilliam Clifford.Fri19Nov1880Inquest on child five weeks’ old; suffered convulsions since birth; found dead beside mother; “Natural causes”
SMITHJames.Fri21Jan1876Using obscene and abusive language, most disgusting and abusive, on Beeston-Nottingham train; fined 42s
SMITHJohn.Fri20Jun1879A tramp begging on streets at Beeston and assaulting p.c. WOOD; fined two guineas or one month imprisonment
SMITHJohn.Fri16Jul1880Charged with stealing two soda water bottles property of Mrs BOOT landlady of Commercial Inn Beeston; discharged
SMITHJoseph.Fri3Sep1880Charged by p.c. FOX with breach of Highway Act, leaving horse and cart unattended in the street; fined 5s
SMITHThomas.Fri11May1877Trespassing on land belonging to Mrs Sherwin GREGORY at Beeston on 24th Apr; found with traps; fined
SMITHWilliam.Fri22Dec1876Lace-manufacturer; charged with assaulting Mr John PILGRIM, framesmith, at Beeston on 14th inst; fined 15s
SMITHWilliam.Fri4Jan1878Inquest: Landlord of the Durham Ox Beeston; cut his throat on Sunday night; “suicide while temporarily insane”
SMITHWilliam.Fri4Jan1878Suicide of publican; aged 44, landlord of Durham Ox; Hannah SMITH widow; Herbert GILBERT barber witness;
SMITHWilliam.Fri4Jan1878Mary Ann MAYFIELD domestic servant
SOLOMONSamuel.Fri18May1877Samuel SOLOMON and Edward GOUGH, two young men, stole a silver watch value £5, property of Francis SOLOMON; prosecutor’s son and son-in-law, lived with him up to 10th April; watch pledged to Mr SAMUELS pawnbroker for £1 15s; discharged, prosecutor did not press the case
SPRAYCharles.Fri19May1876Of Hyson Green, charged with stealing harness, property of Mr TOWNSEND, farmer, Beeston; 14 days hard labour
SPRAYEdward.Fri28Feb1879Charged with neglecting to send his child to school; Elijah SPRAY attended only 13 days since Christmas; fined 1s
SPRAYEdward.Fri3Sep1880Edward SPRAY and John MELLORS, both of Beeston, convicted for neglecting to send their children to school
SPRAYFrancis.Fri17Oct1879Gentleman’s Servant said he was steward to Duke of Newcastle living at Beeston charged with disorderly conduct
SPRAYJohn.Fri12Apr1878John SPRAY (43) platelayer, John HALLAM (43) shoemaker, and John STATON (28) fishmonger indicted for poaching affray at Stanton-by-Dale on 27th July 1877 and assaulting William DALLY and Thomas MEE, gamekeepers; HALLAM apprehended at Beeston; case not concluded when court rose at 5.30
STAPLETONJohn.Fri12Oct1877Charged with drunkenness at Beeston; fined one guinea
STARTEdward.Fri15Aug1879Charged with assaulting Sarah TWELLS at Beeston, knocked her down and beat her severely; cross-summons charged TWELLS with striking him several times with poker. Quarrel arose from her cohabiting with defendant’s father. START fined 31s, TWELLS 21s
STARTGeorge.Fri23Mar1877Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 7th inst; fined 15s
STARTGeorge.Fri21Nov1879Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 8th inst; fined 12s 6d
STEVENSJames.Fri25May1877James STEVENS and George GLOVER charged with fighting on the highway at Beeston; keep the peace for 6 mths
STEWARTJohn.Fri7Jan1876Fireman, of Beeston, fined 15s for being drunk at Bramcote
STEWARTJohn.Fri22Sep1876Drunk at Beeston on 7th inst; fined 21s; p.c. GABB proved the case
STUARTJohn.Fri17May1878Charged with being drunk at Beeston, fined a guinea
TAFTWalter.Fri14Jan1881With Albert EVERLEY, two juveniles, charged by p.c. HOLT with using catapault on Christmas Day; 1s each
TAYLORJohn.Fri1Sep1876Died on 22nd inst, at Elm-cottage, Beeston, John TAYLOR, Esq, late of Huddersfield, aged 77 years
THOMPSONHarriet.Fri2Jun1876Died on 23rd inst, Harriet THOMPSON, relict of the late W.L. THOMPSON, late of Beeston, aged 53 years
THOMPSONJames.Fri30Apr1880Mechanic living at Beeston, appeared as witness in court case
THOMPSONWilliam.Fri27Aug1880Inquest: William THOMPSON, aged 68, better known as “Bendigo” ex-prize fighter; fell down stairs, accidental death
THOMPSONWilliam.Fri3Sep1880Funeral of William THOMPSON, “Bendigo”, on Friday afternoon at St Mary’s; several hundred spectators
THORNHILLSamuel.Fri8Oct1880With James NAYLOR, both charged with drunkenness at Beeston; THORNHILL fined 1 guinea, NAYLOR 15s
THORNHILLWilliam.Fri12May1876Died at Beeston on 3rd inst, after a long and painful illness, William THORNHILL, aged 67 years; deeply regretted
THORNLEYSamuel.Fri10Sep1880Samuel THORNLEY of Beeston charged with breaking window of p.c. GROVENOR at Chilwell 24th ult; fined £2 2s
THORPEWilliam.Fri23Feb1877Trespassing on the line at Beeston on Sunday last and using obscene language; fined 25s
TOMLINSONFrank.Fri7Nov1879Thefts at Beeston : Frank TOMLINSON, Geo. ALDREAD and Ted OLDHAM, three youths, charged with stealing 28 pigeons property of Frank WILSON at Beeston; Mrs GIBSON schoolmistress at Chilwell said WILSON was a student; John DUCKWORTH bought 3 of the pigeons; John CHURCHIN bought seven. Second charge for ALDREAD for stealing spirit level, chisel, spokeshave and bradawl property of Mr KEETON at Beeston; fined 20s each for the birds, 20s for other thefts
TOMLINSONWilliam.Fri19Nov1880A youth, pleaded guilty to drunkenness at Beeston on 2nd Nov; fined 12s 6d
TOWSONHenry.Fri10Jan1879Charged by Basford Board of Guardians with refusing to maintain his child aged fourteen weeks, an inmate at Basford Workhouse. Separated from wife, has two children, baby born after separation; he allowed wife 2s 6d per week for infant’s maintenance until she came and left it on his counter; he didn’t know what to do with it so sent it to the workhouse; ordered to pay 20s 3d costs and maintenance and responsible to maintain child
TRUMANWilliam.Fri9Apr1880Charged with being drunk at Beeston by p.c. WOOD; fined 15s
TURTONJane.Fri21Jan1876Middle-aged woman, charged with assaulting George EDGE at Beeston; neighbours; dismissed; he to pay expenses
VICKERSHarriet.Fri28Jul1876Married on 17th inst at Ratcliffe-on-Trent, Joseph ROWE, newsagent Nottm, and Mrs Harriet VICKERS, of Beeston
WADEW..Fri18Oct1878Autumn Quarter Sessions : Grand Jury : W. WADE, F.J. BRADLEY, both Beeston
WADSWORTHIsaac.Fri2Jan1880With Wm TYMAN, charged by p.c. WOOD, being drunk and refusing to quite public-house kept by Eliza STONES
WADSWORTHIsaac.Fri16Jul1880Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 5th inst; fined 21s
WALKERHenry.Fri22Mar1878Summoned for drunkenness at Beeston on 7th March; fined 15s
WALKERJohn.Fri15Mar1878Charged with trespass in pursuit of game on 21st Feb; caught by gamekeeper SPRAY and son digging for rabbits
WALKERJohn.Fri15Jun1879With John MORBEY, charged with being drunk and refusing to quit public house of Charles TRUMAN at Beeston
WALKERFrederick George.Fri16Jun1876Sued Charles THORNTON for £3.16s.3d as executor to Mr James ROWE’s estate for goods sold; non-suited plaintiff
WALKERSamuel.Fri28Dec1877Died at Beeston on 19th inst, Samuel, youngest son of Mr Joseph WALKER, aged 27 years
WALLETTWilliam F..Fri17May1878Jester; Fined 25s for having a dog without having taken out a licence; Mr MILMINE supervisor of excise prosecuted
WALLISThomas.Fri22Oct1880Charged with assaulting Thomas RICKOTT on highway at Beeston without provocation; fined 21s
WALSHWilliam.Fri27Feb1880Wm WALSH, of Beeston, maltster charged by Basford Union for neglecting to send children to school; fined 2s 6d
WALSWORTHIsaac.Fri14Apr1880Charged by p.c. COY with being drunk at Beeston on 3rd May; fined one guinea
WATERSThomas.Fri1Jun1877Married at Parish Church, Great Grimsby, Thomas WATERS, Elm-villas Beeston, to Annie FREESTON of Louth
WATSONJohn.Fri24Nov1876Died on 18th inst at Beeston Lodge, Notts, John WATSON, in his 86th year
WATSONJohn.Fri27Apr1877Meeting to discuss erecting memorial to late Mr WATSON; committee elected; agreed to add two bells with tablet
WATSONMr.Fri1Dec1876Funeral report: Thurs afternoon over a thousand people attended funeral of Mr WATSON of Beeston; died of paralysis
WATSONSamuel.Fri22Oct1880Quarter Sessions Grand Jury: Samuel WATSON foreman; William ROBERTS; Richard NUTT; all of Beeston
WELLSWilliam.Fri15Nov1878Fined one guinea for being drunk on the highway at Beeston on 2nd November
WELLSWilliam.Fri14Mar1879Summoned by wife Elizabeth WELLS for assaulting her at Beeston and threatened with a knife; case dismissed
WESTERMANHenry.Fri27Oct1876Fined 15s for drunkenness at Beeston; several times previously convicted for similar offence
WESTERMANHenry.Fri27Nov1876Unbrotherly conduct: Summoned by his brother for assault at Beeston on 18th Nov; frequent occurrence; £5 or 2 mths
WESTERMANRobert.Fri2Jun1876In employ of Midland Railway, charged with trespass on land belonging to Mr GEORGE at Beeston, assaulting him
WHEATLEYWilliam.Fri1Oct1880Lic Sessions: William WHEATLEY, Edward BURMAN and Maurice BOOT, after a caution, had licences renewed
WHITAKERFred J..Fri17Sep1880Disclaimer: Fred J. WHITAKER of Beeston is not the Frederick WHITAKER charged with fighting on Sunday
WHITEHEADMr.Fri23Mar1877Auctioneer: sold a baker’s shop, butcher’s shop, and cottage with outbuildings, in Beeston for £840
WHITEHOUSERichard.Fri28Jul1876Refusing to quit public-house at Beeston on 15th July and assaulted landlord William K. ASPLEY; £1.1s each offence
WHITEHORNMr.Fri15Mar1878Auctioneer; disposed of The Durham Ox at Beeston for £1,210; Messrs BURTON, SON & EKING vendor’s solicitors
WHITELEYMary.Fri9Jul1880Eldest dtr of late William WHITELEY, Married at Beeston on 1st inst to Edmund LORD, Belmont, Rawtenstall, Lancs
WHITELEYWilliam.Fri27Dec1878Died on 24th inst, William WHITELEY, of Beeston, and late of Stapleford, in his 58th year
WIBBERLEYEmma.Fri16Jun1876Died on 4th inst at Beeston, Emma WIBBERLEY, aged 24 years
WILKINSS..Fri21Feb1879Bellringing at Beeston church by Messrs S. WILKINS, W. CLIFFORD, R. MELLORS, J. SPRAY, P. BURTON, S.G. HENSON, S. MELLORS, J. CLIFFORD, composed and conducted by S.G. HENSON
WILKINSONF..Fri23Jul1880Fire in his factory at Beeston in brown-curtain stockroom; alarm raised by warper living nearby; £400 damage
WILKINSONGeorge.Fri17Dec1880Charged with keeping the Durham Ox open during prohibited hours on 30th Nov and permitting gambling
WILKINSONMichael.Fri13Feb1880Inquest: aged 70, died choking on beef Saturday night; daughter-in-law Elizabeth; grandson Frank
WILLIAMSJames.Fri22Sep1876Vagrancy: begging on the streets of Beeston on 10th inst; sent to House of Correction for one month
WILLIAMSNora.Fri17Jan1879Married at Beeston on 7th inst, Dr Chas Vernon TAYLOR of St Ann’s Lodge, Nottingham, youngest son of Henry TAYLOR, J.P., to Nora, youngest daughter of Henry WILLIAMS, Esq, of the Old Manor House, Beeston
WILSONStephen.Fri29Mar1878Fined with drunkenness at Beeston on 18th inst; fined 12d 6d
WITHERSGeorge.Fri27Aug1880Annual Brewster Sessions: Licences Suspended: George WITHERS, William WHEATLEY, Edward BURNHAM, Maurice BOOT, and Emma SKELTON; all of Beeston
WITHERSGeorge.Fri27Aug1880Charges Against Beeston Publicans: Maurice BOOT for allowing gambling at Commercial Inn, Beeston; fined 30s. Emma SKELTON of Greyhound Inn for gambling on her premises 7th Aug, Mrs BEZANT her sister and manageress appeared for her; fined 30s
WITHERSMr.Fri1Oct1880Lic Sessions: Licence granted on understanding he live in the house; now undertook to do so; renewed
WRIGLEYJoseph.Fri29Dec1876Drunk on the highway at Beeston on 18th inst; fined 15s
YOUDALLW.H..Fri16Nov1877Breach of Beeston Bye-laws: removing night soil during prohibited hours at 5am; fined 15s was warning to others

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