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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1866 to 31 December 1870

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ABELLThomas.Fri18Feb1870Of Beeston; charged with Breach of Highway Act at Chilwell; horse and cart in street without driver more than 30 mins; 15s
ALLENE.H..Fri17Aug1866On 9th Aug, employees of MESSRS R ALLEN & SON, celebrated marriage of E.H. ALLEN on 2nd inst at Oxford with party
ANDREWSCyrus.Fri23Jul1869Married at Beeston on 20th inst, Cyrus ANDREWS, Esq, of Alverton, to Emma Trueman only dtr of Rev J.C SAMMONS
ARNOLDAnnie.Fri11Feb1870Died at Beeston on 4th inst, Annie, wife of the late Mr Charles ARNOLD, surgeon, Grantham, aged 53
ATKINElizabeth.Fri15Mar1867Married on 24th ult at Paddington, Mr Richard FOOTTIT, of Bingham, to Miss Elizabeth ATKIN of Beeston
BAKEWELLFrederick.Fri1Oct1869Married at St Swithinís, Lincoln, on 29th Sept, Frederick BAKEWELL Esq of Beeston-Notts to Elizabeth MOSS, Lincoln
BARKERHenry.Fri13Sep1867Died suddenly at Manchester on 6th inst, Mr Henry BARKER, formerly of Beeston, in his 62nd year
BARKERJno.Fri26Aug1870Bootmaker employed by PEARSON, charged with indecent assault on Mary Ann BENTON of Beeston on 4th Aug; 50s fine
BARKERWilliam.Fri18Sep1868Died on 13th inst, Mr William BARKER, of Beeston Meadow, Notts, in the 78th year of his age
BARKSThomas.Fri16Jul1869Presentation of medal to Brother Thomas BARKS, Odd Fellows Beeston Lodge No 27, by Albion Order of Odd Fellows
BARNESFrancis.Fri14Aug1868A boy, charged with stealing canary out of a cage, property of Joseph BROWN of Beeston; mother dead, father away; 10s 6d
BAYLEYThomas.Fri11May1866Cattle Plague: With Ephraim PEMBLETON, moved a bull from Wollaton to Beeston on 3rd inst; moved in ignorance, 21s
BEARDSLEYThomas.Fri6Sep1867Drunk and asleep at Beeston on 11th Aug; pleaded guilty; ordered to pay 7s 6d
BEECHJohn H..Fri3Aug1866Wesleyan Appointments: John H BEECH, Wm FORD, John WESTLAKE, Beeston; John LEWIS, John H FAULL, Beeston
BENNETTGeorge.Fri8Oct1869Stealing three splendid 'sticks' of celery from Mr Joseph GEE of Beeston intended to take the prize at a show; 40s or 1 mth
BERRYMANSamuel.Fri31Dec1869Married on 25th Dec at St Johnís Baptist Church Beeston, Mr Samuel BERRYMAN, lace-manufacturer, Beeston to Mrs Ann ALLCOCK, of Milford, Derbyshire
BLYTHEMary.Fri8Mar1867Married at St Johnís Beeston on 26th ult, Mr Walton LONSDALE, late of Gainsborough, to Miss Mary BLYTHE of Beeston
BOSTOCKJohn.Fri13Nov1868On 2nd inst at Beeston had fruit trees and vegetables wilfully damaged by James FISHER and John BOTTOMLEY witness boy named SNAPE; defendants employed at Mill where complainant was overlooker, damage in retaliation, caution
BRECKNALLJames.Fri31Aug1866Licensing Day: Spirit licence applications: James BRECKNALL, Rufus SISSENS, Mary WRIGHT; all Beeston
BRETNALLJames.Fri6Sep1867Brewster Sessions: Liquor Licences: James BRETNALL, Durham Ox, Beeston
BRETNALLMr.Fri11Jun1869Victuallers Association: The following were admitted members : Mr BRETNALL, Durham Ox, Beeston
BROOKSHerbert.Fri7Jan1870Fined 10s 6d for being drunk at Beeston
BROWNFrances.Fri29Oct1869Inquest: Accidentally burnt to death in her home on Friday; daughter Elizabeth PEEL lived next door, found her in coal-hole
BROWNG.E..Fri29Oct1869Bankrupts: G.E. BROWN, Beeston-Notts, draper
BROWNG.E..Fri10Dec1869Bankrupts: G.E. BROWN, Beeston-Notts, draper; final examination; no opposition; obtained order of discharge
BROWNHenry.Fri5Jan1866Charged with leaving the service of Mr BARKER of Beeston on 27th Dec; ordered to go back to work and pay 10s 6d
BROWNJames.Fri7Aug1868Inquest: At Commercial Inn at Beeston; found dead in bed on Thursday morning; "death from natural causes"
BROWNThomas.Fri12Jul1867Shooting a tame pigeon belonging to Samuel JACKSON at Beeston on 3rd inst, worth 2s; fined 20s
BURNHAMEdward.Fri6May1870Charged with assaulting Wm MARTIN at Beeston on 29th April; witness Jos HODGKINSON and Hy HEMSLEY; 15s fine
BURTONThomas.Fri21Feb1868MOORE & ROBINSON Bank ptnrs: Thos BURTON, Chas & Sarah CHEETHAM, Jas & Lydia FOTHERGILL, all Beeston
BUTLERMr.Fri15Oct1869Surgeon, of Beeston. Attended Mrs Sarah WOODWARD, widow aged 63, who hanged herself at Wollaton on Wednesday
CALLADINE.Fri1Jan18698 youths named Wm KIRKLAND, CALLADINE, WALLACE, SELBY, Elijah LOVE, Samuel THORNHILL, SMITH and Samuel WALKER, assaulted Wm LOWE a watchman at Messrs WATSONís mill at Beeston 2am 25th Dec
CALLADINEEdward.Fri1Jan1869Assaulted John BATES at Beeston on 25th Dec
CASTLEDINEWilliam.Fri24Aug1866Assaulting married woman named OLDHAM in public-house on Sat last, striking her several times in the face; fined 16s
CHEETHAMElizabeth.Fri5Mar1869Died at Beeston on 27th ult, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Charles CHEETHAM, in her 79th year
CHEETHAMSarah.Fri2Mar1866Died on the 24th ult, at her residence, Beeston, Sarah CHEETHAM, aged 72 years
CHEETHAMSarah.Fri2Mar1866Inquest: Painful sudden death; Sarah PARKES servant only witness; chest pains; "died of natural causes"
CHOLERTONJames.Fri15Oct1869Married at Beeston Church on 15th inst, Mr James CHOLERTON of Beeston, to Miss Elizabeth EVANS, of Eliston-Staffs
CLARKEMiss.Fri29May1868Inquest at Manor House: died after fall from carriage Wed evening last, nut attaching wheel to shaft missing (f. J. CLARKE)
CLIFFORDCaral.Fri20Dec1867Inquest: wife of Joseph, separated; "Death from natural causes, accelerated by excessive drinking"
CLIFFORDJohn.Fri19Oct1866With George COX and Thomas CAREY, applied to Magistrates for non-payment of wages by Mr SLINN, builder; paid
CLIFFORDJoseph.Fri15Jul1870Charged with being drunk and furious driving at Beeston on 7th June, thereby endangering lives of passengers; 21s & 10s resp
COCKREMW.T..Fri9Apr1869Village Concert at Beeston, director WT COCKREM choirmaster of St Paulís Nottingham; long list of performers
COLEDavid.Fri12Oct1866Bankrupt: David COLE, publican, Beeston; first examination
COLESarah Ann.Fri5Nov1869Died on the 28th ult at her brotherís residence at Beeston, Sarah Ann COLE, aged 27
COOLINGAbraham.Fri5Oct1866Died on 30th ult at Beeston, Abraham COOLING, in the 88th year of his age; for 66 years gardener to John FELLOWS Esq
COOLINGAbraham.Fri12Oct1866Long obituary: joined late John FELLOWS 1807; eldest son presently proprietor of White Ash Nursery Gardens near Derby
COULTONJohn.Fri13Apr1866Married on 1st inst, at Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Beeston, Mr John COULTON to Mrs Ellen GOODALL, both Basford
COXHenrietta.Fri18Mar1870Married at Beeston on 10th inst, Mr Frederic George WALKER of Chilwell, to Henrietta COX of Beeston
CRISPWilliam.Fri5Oct1866Assaulted Rufus SISSONS, publican of Wheat Sheaf Inn at Beeston on Sat evening; witness John BONELLE; fined 20s
COXJohn.Fri9Apr1869John COX, elderly man, with boys John SHREWSBURY and John LEES stole straw property of John SUMNER; Sessions
COXJohn.Fri9Apr1869Aged 53 coal-higgler, John SHREWSBURY 15 lab, stealing 5 bottles and 56lbs straw from John SUMNER; Not Guilty
CROSSHenry.Fri19Mar1869Died at Beeston Pasture near Nottingham on the 6th inst
DAVIESOwen.Fri22Jul1870Wesleyan Conference, first draft of stations in Nottingham: Owen DAVIES and John H FAULL, both Beeston
DAVISGeorge.Fri6Jul1866With George FLINT, two youths, charged with wilfully damaging mowing grass property of Joseph LEES on 17th; fine 7s 6d
DAWESAnn.Fri13Sep1867Died on 4th inst at Oldfields-Staffs, relict of late Joseph DAWES, mother of Mrs FOTHERGILL of Beeston
DAWSAnn.Fri19Apr1867Died at the Oldfords-Staffs, Ann, 2nd dtr of late Mr Joseph DAW and only sister of Mrs FOTHERGILL of Beeston, aged 44
DEANEdward.Fri7Jan1870Aged 16, no trade, stealing 14s property of George KNIGHT at Lenton on 26th Nov, arrested by p.c. EYRE at Beeston; 6 mth
DIXEdward.Fri14Sep1866Died on 9th inst, Mr Edward DIX, at Clarence Tavern, Clarence-street, Leicester, formerly of Beeston, aged 38
DOREThomas.Fri3May1867Of the Rising Sun at Beeston charged with assaulting John TEBBUTT on 20th inst; Bench dismissed the case
DOREThomas.Fri12Jun1867Charged with cruelty to horse at Stapleford on Sun 2nd June and being drunk - James SPRAY, Henry TOMLINSON , John HEWITT, John EATEN, William ARCHER, George ADCOCK, John HOLLINSWORTH drunk & disorderly
DOREThomas.Fri17Jul1868With George ADCOCK, being drunk and riotous at Beeston public-house on 8th July; fined 21s each
DOREThomas.Fri10Sep1869Notts Brewster Sessions: Beer-house keepers who did not obtain certificates to continue their business : Thomas DORE - Rising Sun, Beeston
EAMESGeorge Arthur.Fri28Sep1866Died on 21st inst, George Arthur EAMES, at the residence of his uncle, Frederick MUSSON, Beeston
ELLIOTTThomas.Fri8May1868Died on the 28th ult, at Vetheuil, France, Mr Thomas ELLIOTT, late of Beeston, Notts, aged 61
EMERSONMr.Fri17Apr1868Opening dinner provided for 30 people with sumptuous fare and entertainment, given by new landlord of Boat Inn Beeston
EVERITTEdwin.Fri5Jan1866Christmas Sessions: Grand Jury: Edwin EVERITT, agent; Wm RADFORD, farmer; both of Beeston
FELKINHenry Martyn.Fri28Jun1867Married on 25th inst at Beeston by brother-in-law of the bride, Mr Henry Martyn FELKIN, of Chemnitz Saxony, youngest son of William FELKIN Esq of Nottingham, to Fanny eldest daughter of late George Mills WHITE of Nottingham
FELLOWSHenry.Fri21Oct1870Married at Otterburn on 13th inst, Mr Henry FELLOWS Esq, of Beeston-Notts, to Emily Hope JAMES of Otterburn (f.Thos)
FELLOWSJohn.Fri21Feb1868HART, FELLOWS &Co. Partnership consists of: John and George FELLOWS Banker Beeston; George LEVICK Bkr Nottg
FISHERC.J..Fri5Mar1869Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr C.J. FISHER, Beeston; Mr J. SUMNER, Beeston
FLETCHERSarah.Fri27Jul1866Assaulted Margaret CASSELDINE at Beeston on 17th July after slapping CASSELDINEís daughter; case dismissed
FLEWITTMr.Fri14Jan1870Annual Constitutional dinner on Tues at Mr FLEWITTís White Lion Hotel in Beeston; speech by Mr F.C. SMITH, M.P.
FORDGeorge Henry.Fri28Oct1870Born at Beeston on 27th Oct, the wife of George Henry FORD, Esq, Allahabad, East India, of a daughter
FOSTERRobert.Fri2Nov1866Of Beeston, Architect and Build. of new Wesleyan School Beeston cost £450; Foundation Stone laid Mon by Thos BAYLEY
FREEMANSamuel.Fri3May1867Using threatening language to Thomas BARK of Beeston at Three Horse-Shoes public-house; costs and sureties for 12 mths
GATELYWilliam.Fri7Dec1866Unlawfully wounding Bryan FARRELL at Beeston on 3rd inst; both Irishmen; fined £2.2s or six weeks hard labour
GEEElizabeth.Fri8Nov1867Died on 20th Oct at home of brother-in-law Bromley-place, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel GEE, lacemaker, Beeston, aged 54
GOLLINStephen.Fri23Sep1870Brought before Magistrates charged with rape of Hannah BROWN at Beeston on Saturday last; for trial at next Assizes
HALLGeorge.Fri22Nov1867Fatal accident: Aged 73, works at gravel pit at Beeston, fell seven feet into yard; much injured by fall and died next day
HALLThomas.Fri22Nov1867Thomas HALL of Radford visiting Sarah AKERS at Beeston, called out he was dying and did so before doctor arrived
HARDYWilliam.Fri28Dec1866Drunk at Beeston on Tuesday morning; wife did not wish to live with him as he frequently annoyed her; fined 7s
HARDYH..Fri12Sep1868Bankrupts: H. HARDY, Beeston Ryelands, Notts, late beerhouse keeper
HARDYHenry.Fri9Oct1868Bankrupts: First Examination: Henry HARDY, in lodgings at Beeston Rylands, licensed victualler
HARDYHenry.Fri30Oct1868Bankrupts: Passed final examination and received order of discharge
HARDYGeorge.Fri26Jun1869Bankrupts: George HARDY, dealer in trotters, unopposed, received his order of discharge
HARLEYJ..Fri3Jan1868Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: J. HARLEY wine merchant (foreman); T. BURTON, gentleman; both of Beeston
HARTLEYThomas.Fri7Dec1866Burglary on Sunday night in his home on Cockís Lane while family at Chapel; no clues to identify thieves
HARVEYJohn.Fri3Apr1868Died at Beeston on 24th ult, John HARVEY, eldest son of late John HARVEY, Chapel-bar Nottingham, aged 28
HARWOODWilliam.Fri7Dec1866Died at Beeston on 5th inst, William HARWOOD, father of Mr R. HARWOOD of Radford, aged 74 years
HENSHAWJohn.Fri6Jul1866Excise Laws: Found with spirits in his possession when licensed to sell only beer; fined £12.10s and licence declared void
HEPWORTHWilliam.Fri22Mar1867Bankruptcy Court: Mtg for choice of assignee; bankrupt described as manufacturer of chemicals and naptha Nottg & Beeston
HOLDSWORTHJohn.Fri22Jan1869Assaulted William LOWE at Beeston a few days ago and fined 15s
HOLLANDCharles Ashley.Fri25Dec1868Married Beeston 22nd inst, Charles Ashley HOLLAND Esq to Harriett Elizabeth dtr of Charles Nelson BROMLEY surgeon
HOLLISJoseph.Fri17Aug1866Ag servant, absconded from master Mr Robert ANNIBAL of Beeston on 7th inst; lame excuse, pay 25s and return to master
HOLLINSWORTHJohn.Fri28Feb1868Fined 15s or in default 14 days imprisonment for drunk & disorderly at Beeston on 15th; only had 14s 6d (laughter)
HUDSTONAnn Rebeca.Fri23Mar1866Married on 20th inst at General Baptist Chapel Beeston, George Henry FORD Esq of Croydon-Surrey to Ann Rebeca, daughter of Mr Henry HUDSTON, Gothic House, Beeston. No cards.
HUDSTONHarry.Fri9Sep1870Died at Beeston on 2nd inst, Harry, son of Mr S. HUDSTON, bookseller, aged three months
HUDSTONJames.Fri23Mar1866Died on 20th inst, aged 87, Mr James HUDSTON of Union-street, Beeston. The deceased had been a member and local preacher of the Methodist New Connexion about 66 years
HUDSTONJames.Fri16Dec1870Died at Beeston on 11th inst, Mary, widow of the late James HUDSTON, in the 86th year of her age
HUGHESThomas.Fri22Mar1867Unlawfully taking game on land in occupation of Mr W RADFORD at Beeston on 6th March; fined 16s
JACKSONHenry.Fri10Sep1869Notts Brewster Sessions: Applications for Spirit Licence Refused: Henry JACKSON, Malt Shovel, Beeston
JACKSONThomas.Fri19Jun1868Stealing £10 belonging to John WALKER at Beeston on Monday while on visit from Derby; committed for Sessions
JACKSONThomas.Fri28Jun1868Calendar of prisoners for Trial at Notts Quarter Sessions on 29 June: Aged 29, joiner; Stealing £10 at Beeston on 9th June
JENKINSRichard Wade.Fri20Mar1868Married at St Johns Beeston on 16th, Richard Wade JENKINS, Wevebedde Ceylon, to Lucie WILMOT of Chilwell (f.Saml)
JOHNSHarriet.Fri13Mar1868Married on 7th inst at St Johns Manchester, H.P. EDMONDSON Esq, Plymouth Grove House, to Harriet dtr of S. JOHNS Bst
JOHNSSamuel.Fri21May1869Bankrupts: Samuel JOHNS, formerly a beerhouse keeper, at Beeston; passed first examination; 22nd June for last examination
JONESEdward Turner.Fri17Jun1870Married at Christ Church Brixton on 8th inst, Edward Turner JONES of Beeston-Notts to Mary Ann KEIRBY (f. late Mr W.)
KEIGHLEYArthur M..Fri24May1867Stationmaster Beeston; publication of book of poems entitled 'The Emigrant and Other Poems with Short Essays on Seasons'
KEIGHLEYArthur M..Fri9Sep1870Brewster Sessions: New public-house licenses granted to: Arthur M. KEIGHLEY, Victoria Hotel, Beeston
KIRKWilliam.Fri14Aug1868Married on 10th inst at Beeston, Mr William KIRK, of Nottingham, to Miss Matilda SHIPLEY
KIRKBYSamuel.Fri6Apr1866Presented with beautiful writing desk as rememberance of time as pupil teacher at Hucknall Torkard for five years
KIRKLANDMr.Fri13Apr1866Election of Churchwardens: J. KIRKLAND; Mr W. WALKER as sidesman; Mr PARKER, Mr WILLIAMS, sidesman
KIRKLANDS., Mr.Fri4May1866Chilwell concert: Vocalists: Mr S KIRKLAND, Instrumental: Mr F KIRBY, Mr MAYFIELD; all of Beeston
KIRKLANDWilliam.Fri20May1870Born at the Manor House, Beeston, on 15th inst, the wife of William KIRKLAND, of a son
LEAVERSHazael.Fri4Oct1867Leaving wife and 2 children at Beeston on 23rd inst, chargeable to Basford Union; governor acted illegally not releasing them
LEWINMatilda.Fri22Mar1867Died on 20th inst, Matilda, wife of Mr Jesse LEWIN and third dtr of the late Mr John BARNES of Beeston, aged 27
LIMBE. Miss.Fri17Dec1869Died at Beeston on 12th inst, Miss E. LIMB, High-street, aged 25
LIMBWilliam, jun.Fri11Mar1870Married at Christ Church Newark on 1st inst, William LIMB jnr of Beeston, to Mary Catherine MILLINGTON of Newark
LOWEEdward.Fri29Nov1867Died at Beeston on 23rd inst, Edward LOWE, eldest son of Mr John LOWE, aged 24
LOWEElizabeth.Fri17Jun1870Assault of Delilah COX at Beeston on 7th inst; witnesses Mr T PEARSON; fined 40s
MACLEODDr.Fri15Mar1867Dr MacLeod in Chair, On 7th inst at Beeston, series of musical/reading entertainments; long list of names of performers
MADDOXMary.Fri27Apr1866Charged by Sergeant DALBY with hawking at Beeston on 27th ult without a licence; penalty not pressed
MARRIOTTWilliam.Fri4May1866Lace-manufacturer, Beeston; Witness at inquest on Sarah Elizabeth ROBERTS; said he was having factory built Mary-gate
MARTENThomas.Fri4Sep1868Boy aged 15, stabbed an older boy named Henry TOWLSON in ribs and hand after Sunday School; 40s or one month impris.
MARTINSarah.Fri29May1868Died at Beeston on 22nd inst, Sarah, wife of Mr R. MARTIN, insurance agent, in the 74th year of her age
MASSEYWilliam.Fri31Aug1866Elderly man, indecently exposed himself at Beeston on Sun 13th inst in front of Hannah RILEY, he being drunk; 1 mth impris
MAYHenry.Fri14May1869At Lindsey petty sessions at Lincoln on Friday, Henry MAY, of Beeston-Notts, charged with stealing 6 beasts; to Sessions
MEADSJoseph.Fri12Apr1867Cattle Plague: Cattle dealer of Beeston, took cow to Market without licence (permit said slaughter-house); fined 20s and costs
MILNER.Fri18Dec1868Two men named MILNER remanded until Wednesday on a charge of uttering counterfeit coins at Beeston
MITCHELLJosiah.Fri9Mar1866Died at Basford on 28th ult, Josiah MITCHELL, framework knitter, late of Beeston in this county, aged 78
MORLEYJulia.Fri10Sep1869Notts Brewster Sessions: Mrs Julia MORLEY of Beeston applied for beer certificate but Bench refused to sign one
MORRELLGeorge.Fri1Apr1870Annual Vestry Mtg, Geo MORRELL presiding; others: PORTER, BURTON, FORSTER, PILGRIM, BERRYMAN, etc
MORRISHenry.Fri18Nov1870Charged with stealing a wooden clothes post, property of William EVANS of Beeston on Tuesday last; 21 days imprisonment
NEAPEThomas, the younger.Fri30Nov1866Bankruptcy Court: Former butcher and cattle dealer at Beeston; Debts £1,199.12s.6d; Assets nil; suspended 6 months
NEEPThomas, jun.Fri27Jul1866Bankruptcy Court: First meeting; Thomas NEEP jun, butcher, Beeston; last examination fixed at 18th Sept
NEEPThomas, the younger.Fri16Nov1866Bankruptcy Court: Butcher of Beeston, last examination; meeting adjourned for a fortnight for amendment of accounts
OLDHAMSamuel.Fri4May1866Shocking suicide: Samuel OLDHAM of Beeston, religious Methodist, low and desponding, hanged on bridge Trent station
OLDKNOWAlderman.Fri21Jan1870Mayor of Nottg: Mayorís Ball: Invitations to Beeston : Messrs John and George FELLOWS; Mr Frank and Miss Jessie OLDKNOW, Alderman
OLDRINIT.J., Rev.Fri9Feb1866Born on 1st inst, Beeston Vicarage, the wife of the Rev T.J. OLDRINI, of a daughter
OLDRINIT.J., Rev.Fri20Sep1867Born on 17th inst at Beeston Vicarage, the wife of the Rev T.J. OLDRINI, of a son
OLDRINIGerald John.Fri1Oct1869Died at Beeston Vicarage on 25th Sept, Gerald John OLDRINI, Esq, aged 72
OLDRINIGerald John.Fri1Oct1869Was Principal Door Keeper of the House of Lords, had the respect of all who had business with that Legislature
ORTONDoctor.Fri2Apr1869Honorary member of Lord Nelson Lodge, No 831, of the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows, Mr WHITEHALL Grand Master
ORTONElizabeth.Fri2Nov1866Married at Beeston on 31st ult, Mr B.B. VENN of Nottingham to Elizabeth dtr of J. ORTON surgeon Manor House Beeston
ORTONJ.S..Fri11Nov1870Of Beeston Rectory; Letter to paper asking if anyone knows if water used to boil acorns is dangerous to give to cattle
PARKJohn.Fri27Apr1866Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 7th inst; offence was admitted; fined 20s
PARKERGeorge.Fri26Apr1867Bankrupts: To surrender in the county: George PARKER, Beeston, Colliery Owner, April 00
PARKERGeorge.Fri7Jun1867Bankrupts: Colliery Owner, Beeston, last examination and order of discharge; adjourned one week as balance sheet not filed
PARKERG..Fri12Jul1867Bankrupts: Colliery plant valued £3,000 sold for £380 and assets amounted to only £10; adjourned for a fortnight
PARKERG..Fri26Jul1867Bankrupts: Mr EVANS purchased the property to the detriment of the creditors; Mr EVANS must be taken before Registrar
PARKERG..Fri26Jul1867Examination of witnesses: Richard EVANS; His Honour did not think court could interfere and could not make any order
PEELThomas.Fri11Dec1868Drunk and disorderly at Beeston and making a noise in his yard; fined 10s 6d
PILGRIMWilliam.Fri8May1868Assaulted at Beeston on Sat night last by three men named BYWATER, ELLIOTT and LOWE; Elliott/Lowe fined 12s 6d
PRATTAlbert Edmund.Fri4Oct1867Died at Beeston on 1st inst, Albert Edmund, infant son of Edmund PRATT of Beeston, aged 3 months
PRICEElijah.Fri18Oct1867Died at Stafford on 10th inst, Mr Elijah Price, late of Beeston Ryelands
RADFORDJohn.Fri30Apr1869Driving a cab at Beeston on Tuesday when horse smashed front board of vehicle, breaking driverís leg; conveyed to hospital
RICHARDSWilliam.Fri15Jun1866Assaulted young woman (no name) at 11pm on 4th March, her husband came and defended her; £1.1s or in default go to gaol
RICHARDSONHannah.Fri31Jan1867Masculine-looking woman; assaulted Samuel TOWLSON in his bed 22nd; lived with his father; ten previous; fined 42s/gaol
RIGLEYHenry.Fri19Jun1868Inquest: Greyhound Inn Beeston, on boy aged 5 years and 3 months, who died from scalding five weeks ago caused by a boy named WREN (now in custody) holding him near a grate at Mr WATSONís silk mill; died Sat night
RIGLEYJoseph.Fri19Jul1867Assaulted Harriet BRETNALL landlady of Durham Ox at Beeston on 11th July striking her in the nose; fined £1.1s or 1 mth
ROBERTSElizabeth.Fri25Mar1870Died at Beeston on 20th inst, Mrs Elizabeth ROBERTS, aged ___ (80?)
ROBERTSWilliam.Fri19Nov1869Of Beeston, assaulted John HOLBROOKE cab proprietor Derby Road near County Hall on 9th inst; 20s or 14 days imprison.
ROBERTSWilliam.Fri26Nov1869Of Beeston, gave evidence at trial of Sergeant HARROP of Notts County Constabulary using threatening language 12th Nov
ROBINSONWilliam.Fri27Jul1866Embezzlement by employee of Mr HEATH at St Peters Square, including Mr COLLINGTON, grocer, of Beeston £15.7s.6d
SALTWilliam.Fri11Feb1870Died at Beeston on 31st ult, Mr William SALT, aged 58
SANDAYSamuel.Fri16Aug1867With Frederick and William CLARKE, all live at Beeston, damaged growing wheat of Mr HENSON Bramcote; 3s 6d each
SAVAGEGeorge.Fri10May1867Died at Beeston on 1st inst, Mr George SAVAGE, formerly of Mansfield, aged 56
SHAWEdward.Fri5Feb1869Edward SHAW and Harriet SHAW were charged with assault on Mary MEE at Beeston on 26th inst; fined 21s each
SHELDONWilliam.Fri9Oct1868Married 7 months, up on charges of assaulting wife Sarah; had left her three times, bad conduct; fined 10s 6d
SHELTONJohn.Fri7Sep1866Assaulted wife on 1st inst; she claimed often threatened murder; he claimed she with another man; fined 20s
SHELTONJohn.Fri21Sep1866Of Beeston, just released from custody, imprisoned 14 days for beating wife, charged with tobacco in gaol; cautioned
SHELTONSamuel.Fri15May1868Three boys who robbed WALTON sisters at Beeston also robbed Samuel SHELTON shortly afterwards. George HOPEWELL 3mths imprisonment, Henry DERBYSHIRE 1month hard labour; John WILLIAMS 6 weeks hard lab.
SHIPLEYArthur.Fri5Nov1869Died at Beeston Ryelands on 23rd November, Arthur, son of Mr G.W. SHIPLEY, aged three months
SHREWSBURYFanny.Fri26Jan1866Died on the 23rd inst, Fanny, wife of Mr Jos. SHREWSBURY, Church-street, Beeston, aged 28
SILVESTERJames Frederick.Fri1Oct1869Died at Beeston on 24th Sept, James Frederick SILVESTER, aged one year
SISSONR.Fri26Oct1866Beerhouse Keeper Assn, New members: R. SISSON Prince of Wales; H. JACKSON Malt Shovel; A. WATSON Green Man; E. BURNHAM Royal Oak; all of Beeston
SISSONRufus.FriSep1868Brewster Sessions: New applications for publicansí licences: Rufus SISSON, Prince of Wales, Beeston, granted
SMEDLEYW..Fri10Aug1866Aged 55, retired excise supervisor; fell while crossing rail lines, hit by train 9pm Tues; f-i-l Mr BARKER keeper of canal lock
SMITHGeorge.Fri16Nov1866With William ALLEN, charged with drunkenness and fighting at Beeston on 3rd inst; ALLEN discharged, SMITH fined 15s
SMITHMary.Fri19Jun1868Murder/Suicide at Beeston on Sunday Mary SMITH aged 36 and infant son Horace aged 1 month drowned in water cistern; hus. John SMITH, lacemaker; 8 children incl Wm, Mary Ann, Arthur; daughter of Joseph LEES, gardener, sister Jane CASE
SMITHThomas.Fri24Sep1868With Joseph BELLABY, drunk and disorderly at Beeston; latter fined 21s the former fined 10s 6d
SMITHThomas.Fri26Feb1869Sessions: Thomas SMITH, 19, FWK, obtaining by false pretences from Hannah HUDSON at Beeston 30 postage stamps
SMITHThomas.Fri5Mar1869Sessions: 26th Dec and 2nd Jan obtained 60 postage stamps property of Thomas HUDSON with intent to defraud; 2 mths h.lab
SMITHWalter.Fri11Jun1869Robbery at Beeston: Walter SMITH of Hucknall charged with stealing waistcoat property of Matthew LIMB; cautioned
SMITLEYMr.Fri9Jul1869New portrait of Sir Robert CLIFTON, MP, drawn on Stone by Mr SMITLEY, Beeston; "best representation of late husband"
SPRAYHenry.Fri18May1866Inquest: Shocking death: aged 62, FWK, extreme dizziness and fall; verdict: "death by natural causes"
SPRAYHiram.Fri31May1867With Edward SPRAY and Robert CLIFTON, obstructing footpath at Beeston on 19th inst; Bench considered doubt, dismissed
SPRAYSarah.Fri4Feb1870On 30th ult at 15 Kirke White Street, Meadows, Nottingham, Sarah, relict of Wm SPRAY late of Beeston, aged 61
STAPLESJohn.Fri3May1867Married at St Johnís Church Beeston on the 1st inst, Mr John STAPLES to Miss Mary Ann THOMAS
STAPLESW..Fri6Nov1868Bankrupts: W. STAPLES, Beeston, Notts, late farm bailiff
STAPLESW..Fri25Dec1868Bankrupts: W. STAPLES, Beeston, out of business; Bankrupt passed first examination, next meeting 26th January 1869
STAPLESW..Fri29Jan1868Bankrupts: W. STAPLES, Beeston, out of business; Meeting for last examination and discharge; no opposition; granted
STEVENSONMr.Fri21Jan1870President of Beeston Ryelands Cabbage Growersí Association; Vice-President Mr B. COLLINGTON
SUFFRAGANBishop.Fri25Feb1870Dedicatory service of six new bells in Beeston Parish Church on Shrove Tuesday; Bish SUFFRAGAN & CJ WILLOUGHBY
SUFFRAGANBishop.Fri4Mar1870The Right Rev. the Bishop-Suffragan of Nottingham at Beeston on Tuesday to dedicate 6 new bells; long list of names
SWINDLERElizabeth.Fri14Jan1870Died at Beeston on the 6th inst, Elizabeth SWINDLER, aged 45 years
TALBOTC.H..Fri4Feb1870Attended Grand Masonic Ball in the Exchange-rooms on Thurs held by Mayor of Nottingham
TANSLEYThomas.Fri14Jan1870Cabman, fined 21s for being at too great a distance from his horse at Beeston on the 21st ult
TANDYSamuel.Fri31Jan1868A boy who robbed another boy, Edward STONES aged 5 of Chilwell, of 1s at Beeston; discharged prisoner with a caution
TAYLORJohn.Fri23Dec1870Summoned by Mrs BRECKNALL for assaulting her son, a little boy about eight years of age on 15th Dec; cautioned
TAYLORHenry.FriSep1868Brewster Sessions: New applications for publicansí licences: Henry TAYLOR, Victoria Hotel, Beeston, refused
TAYLORHenry.Fri10Sep1869Notts Brewster Sessions: Applications for Spirit Licence Refused: Henry TAYLOR, Victoria Hotel, Beeston
TAYLORHenry.Fri17Dec1869Bankrupts: Henry TAYLOR, Beeston-Notts, late beerhouse keeper
TAYLORHenry.Fri24Dec1869Bankrupts: Henry TAYLOR, Beeston-Notts, late beerhouse keeper; passed first meeting; last examination 11th January
TAYLORHenry.Fri1Apr1870Bankrupts: Henry TAYLOR of Victoria-cottage, Beeston, out of business; last examination, no opposition; order of discharge
TEBBUTTRobert.Fri26Jun1868Died at Beeston on 20th inst, Mr Robert TEBBUTT, grocer, aged 77
THORNHILLRichard.Fri27Mar1868Lace factory fire at Richard THORNHILL at Beeston on Thurs week; property owned by Messrs BRADLEY uninsured £600
THORNHILLRichard.Fri4Nov1870Basford Board of Guardians: Mr Richard THORNHILL was appointed collector of Poor Rates for the parish of Beeston
THUMSEmily.Fri17Apr1868Died at Beeston on 7th inst, daughter of William THUMS of High-street, aged 11 months
THUMSWilliam.Fri17Apr1868Died at Beeston on 8th inst, High-road, aged 37
TOMLINSONHenry.Fri10Dec1869Charged with assaulting wife at Beeston and knocking tooth out on Thurs last; 40s or two months imprisonment
TOMLINSONMary.Fri26Nov1869Fatal Railway Accident at Beeston on Mon: Charwoman to Mr SHIPLEY, wife of J TOMLINSON, lab, Millstone-lane Nottm
TOMLINSONMary.Fri17Dec1869Inquest: Died 22nd Nov; witness fellow-servant Mary Ann CRAMPTON; Thos BRADBURY guard; Jos CURSLEY driver, John PRINCE signal-porter at Station; 170 trains passed daily; Godfrey HEATHCOTE solicitor
TOMLINSONSamuel.Fri10Jul1868Little boy, 9 years old, charged with stealing £1.14s, property of his grandfather George ALLWOOD; remanded 1 week
TOMLINSONSamuel.Fri17Jul1868Robbed grandfather, coal-dealer at Beeston, incorrigible young vagabond; ordered to fortnight in gaol and 12 strokes
TOWLEElizabeth.Fri18May1866Married at St Peters-Nottg, on 15th inst, Mr John SWINSCOE, of Morton, to Miss Elizabeth TOWLE, of Beeston
TOWLSONWilliam.Fri1Jun1866Drunkenness at the White Lion, Beeston, on Thursday last, and assaulting p.c. LANGHAM; £1.7s.6d, defaulted, sent to gaol
TROTMANFrancis E..Fri10May1867Married on 8th inst at Baptist Chapel Beeston, Francis E TROTMAN Baptist Minister Redruth-Cornwall to Elizabeth youngest daughter of Mr A. VENN, Sunnyside, Chilwell
WALKERElizabeth.Fri29May1868Died at Beeston on 25th inst, Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr Thomas WALKER, Church-street, in 79th year of her age
WALKERJohn.Fri4Dec1868Trespassing in pursuit of game on land occupied by Thomas BAILEY at Beeston and assaulting Fredk SPRAY gamekeeper
WALKERJohn.Fri10Dec1869A tailor, a young man, drunk and disorderly at Beeston ; fined 10s 6d
WALKERMr.Fri10Dec1869Establishment of Chamber of Agriculture for Notts, meeting last Saturday, Committee appointed incl. Mr WALKER, Beeston
WALKERMr.Fri24Dec1869Chamber of Agriculture for Notts - Published List of Rules
WALKERWilliam.Fri9Sep1870Brewster Sessions: Licences under Wine and Beerhouse Act granted to William WALKER, wine merchant, Beeston
WALLETTW.F. Mrs.Fri4Jan1867Born on the 1st inst, at Spring Villa, Beeston, Mrs W.F. WALLETT, of a son
WALLETTW.F. Mrs.Fri4Jun1869Born on Monday at Spring Villa, Beeston, Mrs W.F. WALLETT, of a daughter
WALTONFanny.Fri15May1868With sister Elizabeth, shopkeepers at Beeston; robbed by three boys Geo HOPEWELL, Hy DERBYSHIRE, Jn WILLIAMS
WARDJames Birch.Fri2Jul1869Inquest: Aged 27, clerk & book-keeper at Nottingham Manufacturing Company, drowned in Trent on Sat; 3 men swimming
WATSONJ, Esq.Fri25Oct1867St Maryís Lectern: Sarah, wife of John WATSON, Sarah his sister, George STRETTON Capt 88th Connaght Rangers his son
WEBSTERHannah.Fri24Dec1869Died at Stonton Grove on 13th inst, Hannah, aged 41, widow of John WEBSTER of Beeston-Notts, dtr of J. STEVENS Esq
WIGGLESWORTHHenry.Fri10Dec1870Married at St Johnís Baptist Church Beeston on 5th inst, Hy WIGGLESWORTH to Miss Hannah WILKINSON, both Bleasby
WILMOTJohn.Fri29Jan1869Sale of Beeston property of the late Mr John WILMOT, auctioned by Mr R. GRUNDY of Nottingham
WITHAMCaroline Elizabeth.Fri17Apr1868Died at Beeston on 13th inst, Caroline Elizabeth, daughter of Mr William WITHAM, Union-street, aged 45
WITHAMCaroline.Fri17Apr1868Inquest: Feeble state of health followed by bilious attack from which she died half-past three Mon morning; "natural death"
WITHAMJoseph W..Fri23Dec1870Died on 13th inst at his residence í04, Park-street, Camden-Town London, deeply regretted, Mr Joseph W. WITHAM, eldest son of Mr Wm WITHAM, grocer and baker, Beeston, aged 50
WOODAnn.Fri15Mar1867Died at Beeston on the 10th inst, Ann, relict of the late Mr Samuel WOOD, of the Trent Lock, new Sawley, aged 76
WOODAnne.Fri20May1870Died at Beeston on the 15th inst, Anne, wife of Mr James WOOD, farmer, aged 61
WORTHINGTONT. Mr.Fri17Apr1868Gala-appearance of "Star Diver" in Beeston Meadow in front of Clifton Hall, diving 113 feet from scaffolding plus tricks
WRENGeorge Henry.Fri19Jun1868Causing death of Henry RIGLEY aged 5 through misadventure; remanded until Saturday pending Coronerís inquiry
WRENGeorge Henry.Fri28Jun1868Alleged manslaughter of child, case adjourned while depositions taken; liberated on bail
WRENGeorge Henry.Fri28Jun1868Thurs afternoon enquiry held at Greyhound public-house Beeston; father of deceased asked his son who had been the cause and he said "Sulty" (meaning prisoner); Elizabeth RIDGLEY saw prisoner push brother over steam 13th May. Eliza DRINKWATER carried child home; Verdict: Manslaughter, committed to Assizes; £50 bail and two sureties £25 each
WRENGeorge Henry.Fri24Jul1868If he had been 15 he would have been tried for manslaughter, under 14 considered ignorant of the act; discharged

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