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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1896 to 31 December 1900
(Except the newspapers for 1897, which are missing from the database)

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ANDERSONJohn Roger.Sat5Mar1898County Council Nominations: Beeston: John Roger ANDERSON, Bruno House, Beeston; and William ROBINSON, High-road, Beeston; polling to take place 8th March
ANDERSONJ.R..Sat12Mar1898Council Election: Elected councillor for Beeston – Mr J.R. ANDERSON (431); W. ROBINSON (290)
BAGULEYEdward.Sat2May1896Died on 27th ult at Middle-street, Beeston, Edward BAGULEY, aged 57 years; his end was Peace
BAKEREllen.Sat23Sep1899Died on 20th inst at Peveril House, Beeston, Ellen, beloved wife of William BAKER, Woodborough-rd Nottg, 67 yrs
BARKThomas.Sat12Feb1898In Memoriam: In loving memory of Thomas BARK, late of Beeston, who died 11 February 1897
BEARDALLLavina.Sat14May1898Died on the 4th inst at Beeston, after a short illness, Lavina, widow of the late William BEARDALL; deeply lamented
BELLGeorge Edward.Sat7Jan1899Died on 3rd inst at Cavendish Lodge, Beeston, George Edward, only surviving son of late William BELL, aged 46 yrs
BETTSHenry.Sat22Jan1898Henry BETTS, 27, labourer, of Dagmar-road, Beeston, charged with criminally assaulting Sarah Ann BROWN, wife of Thomas BROWN, engineer, of Chilwell, on 8th inst after 12 o’clock at night when she, accompanied by Mrs FLETCHER and Mrs ROBINSON, was walking along Dovecote-lane towards Beeston railway station; attacked Mrs FLETCHER and when Mrs BROWN went to her rescue he struck her in the face and again in the eye with a fist before carrying out act for which he was now accused; committed to the Assizes
BETTSHenry.Sat12Mar1898Assizes: Henry BETTS, 27, labourer, indicted for unlawful assault on Sarah BROWN, married woman, at Beeston on 9th January in Dovecote-lane at Beeston, when she and two neighbours were walking to railway station at quarter-past twelve at night to meet her husband who was returning from Nottingham; prosecutrix was knocked down, ill-treated, and dragged across the road where the offence now charged was committed; sentenced to twelve years’ penal servitude
BAILEYAmos.Sat26Sep1896Monday morning in schoolyard of Church-street Board School, Beeston, broke his leg; third accident of this kind in four months at the school
BIRDRichard.Sat12Aug1899Died at Beeston on 2nd inst aged 77; buried General Cemetery Nottingham, inspector on railway 60 years
BLACKR..Sat30Sep1899Bankrupts: R. BLACK, Villa-street, Beeston, wood turner
BLAKEStacey.Sat29Jan1898On Tuesday in Brown-lane Schoolroom, Mr Stacey BLAKE delivered lecture on his journey to Athens on bicycle
BOWEREdward Overton.Sat9Jun1900Aged 22, lithograph artist, living at Basford, drowned in Trent near Barton Island, two ladies had narrow escape; had hired double-sculler from C.H. MITCHELL of Beeston
BOWLESEdwin.Sat17Feb1900Inquest: Held at Hyson Green Mortuary on Edwin BOWLES, aged 44, of Queens-road, Beeston, who died at the Vernon Arms on Waverley-street, Nottingham, on Sunday; Annie Elizabeth BOWLES, wife of deceased, heard noise and went downstairs to find husband dead; Charles Frederick BREARLEY landlord of Vernon Arms was chatting with deceased until 1am, walking upstairs together when deceased threw up his arms and fell backwards in fit; Dr NOBLE said post-mortem found bruise on back of head and broken skull; verdict accordingly
BREWERSamuel.Sat9Jul1898Inquest: Samuel BREWER, 35, lacemaker, of Bramcote-street at Beeston, cyclist killed at Chilwell; widow Elizabeth Annie BREWER gave identification and stated they had five children; Nathan S. WOODWARD of Gordon-road Nottingham was driving a brake he hired to Manvers Ward Liberal Association (Mr HAYNES present) and said deceased rode into him and fell under the wheels; Dr J.B. SIM passenger on the brake attended the deceased, said he appeared to “wobble” as he drove past, wound on back of head, died a quarter of an hour later from fracture of skull; Edwin WALL of Chilwell, witness; William PRIDMORE, witness, lived in house opposite accident; Henry WOOD of 5 Nugent-street, St Ann’s Well-road gave evidence; Verdict “Accidental death”
BRIDGERElizabeth.Sat22Jan1898Died on 15th inst at Beeston, Elizabeth, widow of late Samuel BRIDGER, of Beeston, in her 89th year
BRIDGERWilliam.Sat5Nov1898Died on 10th ult at Barrow Hill, Chester-___, of pneumonia, William, eldest son of late Samuel BRIDGER of Beeston, Notts, aged 54 years; also, on the 29th ult, at the same place, Eliza, the beloved wife of the above
BROWNHenry.Sat26Aug1899Inquest into Beeston Drowning Mystery held on Henry BROWN, 45, ironmonger, of 1 Cremorne-street, Nottingham, found drowned in the Trent at Beeston on Tuesday
BROWNSWOODAld..Sat1Oct1898Ald BROWNSWOOD and Mr W.B. THORPE laid foundation stone for new Union Church at Beeston on Tuesday
BUNNINGSamuel Theodore.Sat7Jan1899Managing Director of Beeston Brewery Company, appealed decision in refusing to grant licence to Star Inn
BURROWSFrederick Nixon.Sat3Dec1898Died 28th ult at York Villa, Beeston, Frederick Nixon BURROWS, in his 64th year, late lace manufacturer of this city
BUTCHERHannah.Sat5May1900Inquest on body of Hannah BUTCHER, found in Trent at Beeston on Saturday; William BUTCHER, 10 Albion-street, London, brother, identified body as his sister, aged 24, single woman, living at Mr John HINTON’s at Attenborough where she worked in his laundry
CARRINGTONSarah.Sat23Apr1898Died on 19th inst at 14 Newstead-grove, Nottingham, Sarah, widow of late Frederick CARRINGTON jun of Beeston, aged 46 years
CHAMBERSEnoch.Sat15Dec1900Inquest: At Jolly Anglers Inn, Beeston Rylands, on Monday, on death of Enoch CHAMBERS, 68, engine-driver, found dead in canal at Beeston Rylands; Matilda CHAMBERS, daughter, said he was engaged at Pollard’s factory and lived at Beeston 1 year and 4 months, went to factory for his wages and never returned, quite sober and not in any trouble but eyesight not good; left Jolly Angler’s after one beer and not seen again; boatman named BLAGG found body; Verdict “found drowned”
CHAMBERSRachel Ann.Sat27Jan1900Died on 16th ult at Beeston after long and painful illness, Rachel Ann, widow of James CHAMBERS, aged 69 years
CHAPMANAlfred.Sat27Jun1896Married on 18th inst at Beeston, Alfred CHAPMAN to Florence Maud, eldest daughter of Thomas Bradley CLARK, Dovecote House, Beeston
CHARLTONGeorge.Sat25Jan1896Of Chilwell, fell from platform at Beeston Station when collecting papers for Chilwell Hall, broke arm, to hospital
CHEETHAMSarah Beven.Sat14May1898Died on 4th inst at her home, Chilwell, Sarah Beven, widow of Charles CHEETHAM of Beeston, buried Bingham
CHEETHAMMr, late.Sat20Aug1898Mr F.W. KIDD sold by auction freehold dwelling-house with garden and outbuildings in Chilwell-road, Beeston, for £675; freehold building land adjoining for 9s.6d per yard; and another piece fronting Chilwell-road and Church-street for 8s.6d per yard; Mr Robert BARBER solicitor for trustees of the late Mr CHEETHAM
CLARKAlfred Edward.Sat30Sep1899Married on 25th inst at All Saints Church, Alfred Edgar, third son of T.B. CLARK of Beeston, to Ada, eldest daughter of John SIMPSON, Portland-road
CLEVELANDElizabeth.Sat5Mar1898Died on 25th ult at 2 Bellevue-villas, Beeston, Elizabeth, wife of Walter Hall CLEVELAND
CLIFFORDRev, Dr.Sat24Jun1899Dedicatory service for opening of new Union Church, Beeston, by Rev Dr CLIFFORD on Tuesday
COLLINArthur, Private.Sat14Apr1900Letter from Pvt Arthur COLLIN of H Company, 3rd King’s Royal Rifles, to friends at Beeston, from Elandslaagte
COLLINHarry Reid.Sat18Mar1899Married at Beeston Church on 4th inst, Harry Reid, fourth son of late Capt COLLIN A.H.C., to Alice, fifth daughter of George BAMPTON, Mona-street
COLLINJ.B..Sat10Feb1900Letter to Mr J.B. COLLIN of Beeston from brother Mr T.A.C. COLLIN at Harrismith in Orange Free State, S.Africa
CREASSEYAnnie.Sat14May1898Died 10th inst at East Norton, Annie CREASSEY of Trent Lea, Beeston, widow of late Samuel Nutt CREASSEY, 65y
CROFTSJohn Henry.Sat23Apr1898Married on 14th inst at All Saints Church Nottingham, John Henry CROFTS, MA, B.Sc, to Laura, only daughter of the late R. TURNER Esq of Tower-hill, Horsham; at home Linden-grove, Beeston
CULLENJohn.Sat11Jun1898Died on 4th inst at residence of his daughter, Acacia House, Beeston, John CULLEN, aged 83 years
DISONGeorge.Sat11Apr1896Married at Beeston on 6th inst, George DISON to Kate, third daughter of __ JOHNSON, the Eyamis (? Blurred)
DIXEmma.Sat11Jun1898Died on 3rd inst, Emma, eldest daughter of the late William MARKHAM and widow of Edward DIX of Beeston, 68y
DUNNBenjamin Sydney.Sat26May1900Bankrupts: Voluntary Winding-up Notices: Beeston Cycle Co, Mr Benjamin Sydney DUNN, London, liquidator
EARPFrederick William.Sat9May1896Married at Mansfield-road Chapel, Frederick William EARP of Beeston, to Lizzie Kirk (Minnie) COLLIN
EBBLEWHITEJames Storer.Sat19Feb1898Commercial traveller of Beeston-Notts, struck by three falling ladders on Tuesday morning being used by painters at establishment of Messrs P. WARDLE & Co, Cheapside-Leicestershire, inflicting such injuries as required his removal to infirmary, suffering scalp wound and concussion of the brain; proceeding satisfactorily
EKINGHarold T..Sat8Jul1899Married on 27th ult at Thorpeacre Church Leicestershire, Harold T. EKING of Marsham House, Leicestershire, son of the late W.G. EKING of Beeston-Notts, to Annie M., daughter of William PORTER of Dishley Grange near Loughborough
EKINGWilliam George.Sat5Dec1896Obituary (long): Died six o’clock at his residence at Beeston, solicitor of Nottingham, 56, twice married, 2 children
ELLIOTTEmma.Sat21Oct1899Aged 36, lace hand, pleaded guilty to attempting to commit suicide by drowning at Beeston on August 23rd; Mr Jesse HIND, Clerk of the Peace; W. LIGHTFOOT, police-court missionary; James THOMPSON complimented on his conduct in getting woman out of water
ELLISJoseph.Sat17Dec1898Of Beeston, elected director in place of Mr BASDEN of Humber and Co Limited’s fourth annual general meeting
FELLOWSJoshua.Sat5Sep1896Died at Meadow-road, Beeston, on 2__th ult, eldest son of Joshua FELLOWS, aged ___ (very poor quality scan)
FLOWERSDoris Emma.Sat4Mar1899Died on 27th ult at 41 Wollaton-road, Beeston, Doris Emma, beloved child of Harry and Emma FLOWERS; 3 months
FOXWilliam.Sat7May1898Died on 4th inst, at Imperial Park, Beeston, William FOX, in his 78th year; his end was peace
FOXWilliam.Sat13May1899In Memoriam: In loving and affectionate memory of my dear father, William FOX, who passed peacefully away 4th May 1898; also of my dear mother, Ann FOX, who fell asleep 7th May 1898; interred together Beeston Cemetery, 9th May; in death they were not divided
FRETTINGHAMMary.Sat27Jan1900Died on 19th inst at residence of her son, 533A Mansfield-road, Sherwood, Mary, widow of George FRETTINGHAM, of Beeston, in her 81st year
GABBWilliam.Sat24Jun1899Guildhall, Wednesday, William GABB, agent and canvasser of Beeston, committed for trial for fraud
GAYNORAnnie Elizabeth.Sat4Mar1899Inquest: Annie Elizabeth GAYNOR, aged 3 years, whose parents reside at 19 Victoria-terrace, Beeston; mother went out Monday morning leaving Annie (3), neighbour’s child (2), her own child (2), and her baby (14 months); when she returned an hour later she found Annie burned all over her body; child died before doctor arrived; witness had been spoken to at Christmas time by p.c. TOOTALL about leaving her children out in the cold; denied being in public-house; William Henry SLATER of Durham Ox said she was at his house at a quarter to eleven; Jury returned a verdict of accidentally burnt to death, adding a rider that the mother, Elizabeth GAYNOR was deserving of severe censure in her neglect, but such neglect was not criminal
GEEJabez.Sat15Feb1896Died on the 12th inst at 24 Havelock-street of severe bronchitis, Jabez GEE (late of Beeston) aged 75 (? Age blurred)
GEORGEAnnie.Sat16Jul1898Mrs Annie GEORGE, wife of Mr Herbert GEORGE, of Beeston, charged with cruelty to horse at Walesby; dismissed
GOODF.H..Sat8Feb1896Births: On 31st ult at Beeston, wife of F.H. GOOD, of a son
GREASLEYWilliam Baguley.Sat5Dec1896Died on 30th ult at Beeston-Notts, William Baguley GREASLEY, aged 37
HANFORDMiss.Sat4Feb1899Fire on Saturday in Drapery and Fancy Store on corner of High-street and Regent-street, Beeston, carried on by Miss HANFORD, of The Park; tenant over the shop, Mr BRAKE, raised the alarm, and fire brigade under Captain PEARSON extinguished flames; cause was from cinder through floor of the house above
HASKARDSamuel Burton.Sat27Jun1896Died on 22nd inst at Mona-street, Beeston, Samuel Burton HASKARD, in his 73rd year
HARDYW..Sat22Jul1899Births: On 17th inst at Barton-street, Beeston, the wife of W. HARDY, of a son
HARWOODJohn.Sat3Dec1898Died on 18th ult at Sheffield, John HARWOOD, late inspector of Midland Railway at Carlisle, only son of the late Robert HARWOOD, of Beeston Rylands, aged 65 years
HAYESGeorge.Sat16May1896Of 48 Mona-street, Beeston, Notts; secretary Bee Keepers’ Association
HAZZLEDINEGeorge.Sat15Oct1898Mr George HAZZLEDINE, 60, former employee of Mr S. WATSON at silk mill as spinner, found on Wednesday at his home in Church-street, apparent suicide by hanging; found by youngest daughter when returning from school; postman MELLORS cut him down; between nine and ten in the morning he had been in the street in good spirits
HEMSLEYWilliam.Sat25Mar1899Died on 17th inst at Belle-vue Park, Beeston, William HEMSLEY, coal merchant, aged 62 years
HENNIKERBrydges P..Sat29Jan1898Sir Brydges P. HENNIKER, Registrar-General B.M.D. in England, after 1 Feb next Beeston and Wollaton sub-divided from Basford and constitute a separate sub-district to be called Beeston sub-district
HUCKERBYJames.Sat7Apr1900Died on 25th ult, at 8 The City, Beeston, James HUCKERBY, in his 75th year
HUGHESWilliam.Sat5Feb1898Inquest at Nottg General Hospital: William HUGHES, 65 years, of Traffic-street, Nottingham, policeman on Midland Railway and employed by them 35 years, died of injuries on Midland Railway at Beeston; George MARSHALL of Beeston, a guard, found him in a kneeling position with foot severed; Verdict “Accidental death”
HUTCHISOND.W..Sat31Mar1900Bankrupts: D.W. HUTCHISON, 60 Chilwell-road, Beeston, Notts, coal merchant
JACKSONEvan, Mrs.Sat16Jul1898On Wednesday laid the memorial stone for new vestry at Beeston Parish Church; long list of attendees
JOHNSONByng.Sat10Oct1896Organ recital performed at Beeston Parish Church; violin solo by Miss JOHNSON; offeratory for music for choir
JOHNSONJohn Joseph.Sat1Jul1899Henrietta COOPER of Barrow, vs John Joseph JOHNSON of Beeston-Notts; breach of promise
JOHNSONMrs.Sat28Oct1899Derby Art Gallery, autumn exhibition: Local artists represented : Mrs JOHNSON, Grange-avenue, Beeston; H.W. WALKER, Beeston
JONESAlfred.Sat7May1898Births: On the 30th ult, at 13 Evelyn-street, Beeston, the wife of Alfred JONES, of a daughter
JONESArthur Neville.Sat1Apr1899Died on Palm Sunday at Swansea House, Beeston, Arthur Neville, only child of Evan and Frances JONES, 22nd year
JONESFrances Sympson.Sat24Mar1900Died on 17th inst at Berkshire, Frances Sympson, beloved wife of Evan JONES, late of Beeston, and daughter of Robert CLARKE, Architect, Nottingham
JONESSarah Minnie.Sat7May1898Died on 30th ult, at 13 Evelyn-street, Beeston, Sarah Minnie, beloved wife of Alfred JONES, aged 23; deeply lamented
KIDDF,W,.Sat17Oct1896Sold by auction in his rooms at Nottingham: No 2 West-end, Beeston, with garden, orchard, stable, carriage-house and outbuildings, for £535; No 9 Union-street, Beeston, gross annual rental of £12.2s.6d, sold for £162
KIDDF.W..Sat9Jul1898Sold by auction: Five freehold houses on Broughton-st £555; eight messuages Wollaton-road £740; pair of semi-detached messuages known as Columbia-Villas, Thornhill-street £640; and a pair known as Dennison-Villas, Wollaton-road £520; Mr F. SMITH BRYAN acted as solicitor for estate of the deceased Mr William FOX
KIDDF.W..Sat1Jul1899Sold at auction two freehold dwelling-houses, 10 and 12 Mona-street, Beeston, for £390
KIDDF.W..Sat24Mar1900Sold property known as Linden Lodge, Linden-grove, Beeston, for £850, Mr A.G. WHITWORTH vendor’s solicitor
KINGCharles.Sat12Sep1896Married on 9th inst, at St George’s Church, Sheffield, Charles KING, of Beeston-Notts, to Elizabeth BLANCHARD, of Emery-road, Sheffield
KOMMAEdward.Sat14Jan1899Died on 6th inst at Evelyn-street, Beeston, Edward KOMMA, 32, several years at Flying Horse Hotel, Nottingham
LAWSONH.J..Sat9Apr1898Companies Winding-up Court: Mr H.J. LAWSON, Chairman of Beeston Tyre Company, advised shareholders April 1896 not intended to issue fresh capital; option for shares sold to Mr HOOLEY; also directors paid 100 percent dividend; Mr LAWSON and other directors denied this; Mr LAWSON and Mr Ernest Terah HOOLEY called; petition to stand over until next term
LAWSONMr.Sat23Apr1898Beeston Pneumatic Tyre Company. Hearing Petition for compulsory winding-up of company; petition dismissed
LAWSONH.J..Sat30Jul1898High Court of Justice: Mr Thomas HAWLEY creditor £4,500; voluntary winding-up of company without providing Mr HAWLEY’s debt; company paid £2,000 with remainder to stay on mortgage; granted
LOWEEdward Richards.Sat20May1899Died on 10th inst at 10 Stoney-street, Beeston-Notts, Edward Richards, in his 84th year, the beloved father of George and Catherine LOWE
MALTBYThomas Henry.Sat5Apr1899Married on 6th inst at St John’s Church, Carrington, Thomas Henry MALTBY, Beeston, to Edith Alice WHITAKER, granddaughter of Mr James TOWNSEND, 38 Waldeck-road, Carrington
MANLOVEE.A..Sat11Nov1899Bankrupts: E.A. MANLOVE, 59 City-road, Beeston-Notts; formerly Penbryn Towyn, Marioneth, warehouseman
MANLOVEE.A..Sat11Nov1899Bankrupts: E.A. MANLOVE, lodging City-road, formerly residing Willow-Bank, and Victor Hugo-villas, all Beeston; also of Penbryn Towyn, Marionethshire, warehouseman
MANNINGEdward Lawrence.Sat25Feb1899Married on 16th inst at St Andrew’s, Ashley-place, Westminster, Edward Lawrence, son of John MANNING, Nottingham, to Elise Lins, daughter of Christian GSELL, Barr, Alsace; at home, Trent Lee, Broad-gate, Beeston
MARSDONWilliam.Sat10Mar1900Labourer, 30, of Toton, Beeston, in hospital with broken leg after being kicked by an unknown man at Long Eaton
MASONMrs.Sat16Dec1899Concert given at Beeston on Tuesday by Mrs MASON of The Elms raised £30 for Wounded Soldiers & Widows Fund
MATTHEWSArthur.Sat4Jul1896Respectably-dressed man, charged with obtaining goods by false pretences and operating “long firm” at Beeston
MATTHEWSArthur.Sat11Jul1896Supt HARROP requested another week’s remand; granted; application for bail denied
MATTHEWSArthur.Sat25Jul1896Summer Assizes, Tuesday: Arthur MATTHEWS, 32, dealer, obtaining goods under false pretences from Augustus Pearce BLAXTER, Arthur BEAKE, Abner HANNELL, Robert WHITE and Sydney HARRIS, all of London; Supt HARROP knew prisoner eight years and recently mixed with gang of long firm swindlers in Nottingham; Judge said crime was one of “educated” class and would be dealt with as a warning; Guilty; five years’ penal servitude
MAYAlbert E.W..Sat13May1899Births: On 6th inst at Beeston-Notts, wife of Albert E.W. MAY, of a daughter
McCULLOCHT.F..Sat29Dec1900Bankrupts: T.F. McCULLOCH, of Beeston, Notts; builder and contractor
McKENNAMonsignor.Sat12Feb1898Foundation stone for new Catholic Church to be erected in Church-street at a cost of £500 by Mr TURNER, local builder, was laid by the Right Rev. Monsignor McKENNA, V.G.
MELLERSSarah Elizabeth.Sat29Apr1899Died on 18th inst, Sarah Elizabeth, beloved wife of A.S. MELLERS, of Imperial-road, Beeston
MELLORST.G..Sat1Jan1898Bankrupts: Voluntary Winding-Up Notice: The Beeston Wheel Company, T.G. MELLORS is liquidator
MELLORSWilliam.Sat8Jul1899Of 19 Styring-street, Beeston, foreman of work being carried out at Messrs BARKERS, called as witness into death of James Arthur BRADY on Thursday through the fatal fall of a lift he was working on
MERCERThomas.Sat4Mar1899Births: On 22nd ult, at 1 Queen’s-road, Beeston-Notts, wife of Thomas MERCER, of a son
MORRISJohn.Sat7Jul1900Died on 3rd inst at Broad-gate, Beeston, Frank, aged 11, only son of Walter Edward and Ada Henrietta MORRIS
MOULDSLizzie.Sat22Dec1900Beeston Musical and Social Society: concert and gifts for the poor of Beeston for Christmas – following artists kindly contributed their services – Mme Lizzie MOULDS, Mme Amy KIRK, Messrs U. SMITH, W. DOWNING, H. MATTHEWS, W.H. WHITEHEAD, P.L. MATTHEWS and W. SCANLON
MUNKHarry.Sat23Jun1900Garden party at vicarage on Tuesday for presentation to Mr Harry MUNK,13 years holding office of vicar’s warden
MYCROFTEmma.Sat31Sep1900Died on 20th inst at Norwell, after a long and painful illness, Emma, beloved with of Thomas MYCROFT, aged 60 years; interred General Cemetery, Beeston
NEVILLEWilliam.Sat20Jan1900Bankrupts: Beeston Engineering Company Limited has been voluntarily wound-up, Mr William NEVILLE of NEVILLE, Cottage-grove, Chilwell, Nottingham, appointed liquidator
NEWMANThomas Henry.Sat14Oct1899Died on 8th inst at Jessamine Lodge, Beeston, Thomas Henry NEWMAN, G.E.R. agent, aged 44 years
NEWTONSamuel Barton John.Sat30Jun1900Died on 14th inst at Naauwpoort, of enteric, Samuel Barton John, 1st Battalion Derbyshire Regiment, eldest and dearly loved son of S.B. NEWTON, M.I. Mech. Engineers, Resident Sec. in Sheffield to the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, and lately of Beeston, Notts
NORRISThomas Henry.Sat15Jan1898Inquest on Wednesday at Eastcroft Mortuary on Thomas Henry NORRIS, aged 14 years, found dead on the Midland Railway at Beeston Sidings on Monday night; Thomas SPOWAGE of 2 Ebbw-terrace, Commercial-street, Lenton, gave evidence of identification and that deceased had been employed on Midland Railway for 12 months; John BURDETT of 38 Gibbons-street, Dunkirk, saw deceased on Monday night walking outside the metals on Clifton side of line at Beeston sidings, he had finished work and was making his way home; Thomas SIMPSON of 22 Colsterworth-terrace, Glebe-street, Nottingham, was taking train towards Beeston after 11pm when his fireman spotted body of man between up and down main lines; Verdict “Accidental death”
NORTONJ.R..Sat3Oct1896Bankrupts: J.R. NORTON, The Commercial Inn, Wollaton-road, Beeston-Notts; licensed victualler
ORTONJohn, M.D..Sat25Aug1900Died on 19th inst at Beeston, Notts, after a long illness, borne with exemplary fortitude and patience, John ORTON, M.D., aged 55 years; interred at Beeston
ORTONJohn, M.D..Sat25Aug1900Obituary (long): Unmarried, oldest medical practitioner in Beeston, old and valued member of local church
PEARSJoseph Blasdale.Sat14Jan1899Died on 30th ult at Church-street, Beeston, Joseph Blasdale (Frank), second son of Joseph & Sarah PEARS, aged 10
PEARSJohn.Sat8Sep1900Bankrupts: Notice of Dividend: J. PEARS of Woodland-road, West Bridgford, lately residing and trading in Church-street, Beeston, both Nottinghamshire, lately baker – First dividend of 4s in the pound, payable at the Official Receiver’s, Nottingham
PEARSONMr.Sat13Jun1896Fire brigades of area had united practice at Mr ORCHARD’s factory at Long Eaton; Beeston won tug-of-war; members’ tea at Wheat Sheaf Hotel, Captain BALL presiding; Mr PEARSON of Beeston was in vice-chair
PEGGEWilliam J..Sat30May1896Married 19th inst, William J. PEGGE, MPCS Eng LSA Lond. (all blurred), of Beeston, to Frances PARR Bottesford
PERCYElizabeth Anne.Sat28Apr1900Died on 23rd inst at Beeston House, Elizabeth Anne, widow of Edmund PERCY, aged 83 years
PERCYF, Miss.Sat11Apr1896Miss F PERCY (Beeston) at meeting for proposed Federation of Notts Nursing Associations
PLACKETTElizabeth.Sat24Mar1900Died on 20th inst at Stapleford, Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of Albert PLACKETT, late of Beeston, in 41st year
PLATERP.E.V.G..Sat28May1898Bankrupts: P.E.V.G. PLATER, of Linden-road, Beeston-Notts, manager of Humber and Goddard of Beeston
PLATERP.E.V.G..Sat1Sep1900Bankrupts: Notice of Dividend: P.E.V.G. PLATER, residing at Lindent-road, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, formerly Luxemburg Gardens, Brook Green, London, lately manager of Humber and Goddard Limited of Beeston, Nottinghamshire – Supplementary dividend of 3s 4d in the pound, payable Official Receiver’s, Nottingham
RICERichard.Sat1Apr1899Died on 25th ult at home of son-in-law, Queen’s-road, Beeston, Richard RICE, 93, of Ilkeston and New Basford
RILEYJohn.Sat16Jun1900Bricklayer, struck by lightning at Beeston during heavy storm and rendered insensible; aided by M HOWARD of 8th Company Boys Brigade Ambulance Section
ROBINSONKate.Sat29Aug1896Brewster Sessions: Mrs Kate ROBINSON of Chilwell-road, and John TOULSON, Imperial-road, Beeston, applied for beer-off licences; shops situated 40 yards apart; three public-houses within 250 yards; applications refused several times; applications denied
ROBINSONWilliam.Sat5Sep1896Died on 29th ult at Beeston, William ROBINSON, aged 83 years (very poor quality scan)
ROGERSS.S..Sat28Jul1900Nottinghamshire Boys Brigade: Annual Inspection: No. 17 (Beeston), 4 officers and 48 boys, Capt. S.S. ROGERS
ROLLESTONLancelot, Col.Sat29Dec1900Lord SALISBURY’s reference to the necessity of training the British people in the art of rifle shooting to become a nation of skilled marksmen, so there would no longer be a fear of invasion, has led to formation of a Rifle Club at Beeston, President Colonel Lancelot ROLLESTON, with already fifty members
RYLATTBertie.Sat15Feb1896Respectable-dressed youth, dishonest clerk, charged with stealing two sovereigns and two Dutch coins, property of wages for Anglo-Scotian Mills at Beeston on Feb 8th; fined £5 or gaol for one month
SISSONRufus.Sat18Apr1896In Memoriam: In loving memory of Rufus SISSON, Beeston, died 14 April 1894, Not Forgotten
SHARPWilliam.Sat14Apr1900William SHARP, who comes from Beeston, attempted to shoot Sarah CROSS, wife of George CROSS, in William-street, Newark, on Tuesday, where he lodged for last five weeks; fired five shots into her bedroom, two hitting her neck and two in her hand; no motive known
SHARPWilliam.Sat29Apr1900Newark Borough Police Court, William SHARP brought up in custody, committed to take trial at next Assizes
SILKSTONGeorge.Sat25Aug1900Brewster Sessions: Mr H.B. CLAYTON applied, on behalf of George SILKSTON, for off-licence for premises situated at the corner of Humber-road, Beeston; Refused
SISSONSarah.Sat20Oct1900Died on 13th inst, Sarah, wife of the late Rufus SISSON, of Beeston; interred Beeston Cemetery
SLACKJohn.Sat26Sep1896Died at her residence, Mount-street, New Basford, Lydia, widow of the late John SLACK, formerly Beeston, 91st year
SMITHArthur Ulph.Sat29Feb1896Births: On 22nd inst at South Bank, Beeston, the wife of Arthur Ulph SMITH, of a son
SMITHEdith.Sat25Nov1899On 22nd ult at South Bank, Beeston, Edith, dearly beloved wife of Arthur C. SMITH, aged 34
SMITHFrank Grenville.Sat6Oct1900Married on 29th ult at St Margaret’s Church, Ilkley, Frank Grenville, younger son of William SMITH, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, to Annie May, younger daughter of Joseph POLLARD, Ilkley
SMITHWilliam Robert.Sat29Jul1899Married on 20th inst at Trinity Church, Lenton, William Robert SMITH, MD, FRCS, of Beeston-Notts, son of Henry SMITH Esq of Barton Hall, Norfolk, to Ethel, fifth daughter of W.B. THORPE Esq of Lenton House, Nottg
SMITHWilliam Robert.Sat29Jul1899Marriage in Lenton : full report of guests, fashions, attendants, reception etc
SPENCERHarriet Jane.Sat30Sep1899In Memoriam: Harriet Jane SPENCER, beloved wife of William Henry SPENCER, Beeston, died 25 Sept 1898
SPENCERHarriet Jane.Sat6Oct1900In Memoriam: In loving memory of Harriet Jane SPENCER, wife of W.H. SPENCER, died 25 September 1898
SPENCERWilliam.Sat29Sep1900Of 10 City-road, Beeston, witness to fatal accident of Ernest WEST of Nottingham run over at Chilwell on Saturday
SPROTT and SMITH..Sat8Jul1899Partnerships Dissolved: SPOTT and SMITH, at Beeston-Notts; physicians and surgeons; .W.J. SPROTT retires
STAPLETONF..Sat23Jun1900The War: Sherwood Foresters Losses: Lance-Corporal F. STAPLETON, 5128, father resides at 19 Regent-street, Beeston; killed
STARTIsaiah.Sat8Apr1899Died on Good Friday, at Barton House, Beeston, Isaiah START, in his 78th year
STEWARTArthur.Sat15Aug1896Unlawful wounding at Beeston: Arthur STEWART, bicycle-hand, Windsor-street, Beeston aged only 16,, was charged with wounding and assaulting John MARTIN, bicycle-hand, Chapel-street, Beeston on 27th ult; following argument at work STEWART struck MARTIN on head with hammer; Dr SPROTT gave evidence of contusion to left temple down to brain and fractured skull; Guilty; fined £3.3s, or in default 21 days’ hard labour
STOREREmma Sarah.Sat21Nov1896Died on 17th inst at Beeston, Emma Sarah, loving wife of William Foster STORER, and widow of the late Samuel HANKS, in her 63rd year
STURTMontague.Sat29Aug1898Brewster Sessions: Mr Montague STURT, Humber-road, Beeston, grocer, application for beer-off licence refused
TATEAlice.Sat21Apr1900Married at Parish Church Beeston, 17th inst, Benjamin T. MARCHBANK of Nottingham, to Alice TATE of Beeston
TAYLORGeorge.Sat5Nov1898Births: On 3rd ult at Lilac-grove, Beeston, wife of Mr George TAYOR, of a daughter
TAYLORMary.Sat21May1898Inquest at Nottg General Hospital on Mary TAYLOR, 52, of 19 Lower Regent-street, Beeston, Florence May TAYLOR, daughter, gave evidence of identification and stated on Wednesday afternoon deceased endeavouring to place kettle on fire, sustained burns after apron caught alight; Mr W.T. MALTBY subsequently extinguished flames by wrapping rug around her; Verdict: “Accidental death”
TAYLORThomas.Sat27Jan1900Died at his residence the Prince of Wales at Beeston on 20th inst, late of 3 Bellar-gate Nottingham, Thomas TAYLOR, beloved husband of Geraldine H. TAYLOR, in his 37th year; deeply lamented
THOMPSONGeorge.Sat12Mar1898Another fatal railway accident at Beeston: George THOMPSON, 35, of 1 Elgin-street, Nottingham
THORNHILLEmily.Sat23Apr1898Married on 12th inst at Beeston, Benjamin MORTIMER of Altrincham-Cheshire, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late Richard THORNHILL, of Beeston
TOMLINSONSarah Selina.Sat5Aug1899Died on 30th ult at 56 High-road, Beeston, Sarah Selina, beloved wife of Robert Arthur TOMLINSON, aged 32 years, eldest daughter of Frederick and ___ (Sarah?) ALLEN of Nottingham
TOMPSONSelina Annie.Sat29Jul1899Died on 22nd inst at Beeston-Notts, Selina Annie, wife of James Neville TOMPSON
TOWLSONJohn.Sat29Aug1898Brewster Sessions: Mr John TOWLSON, 11 Imperial-road, Beeston, application for beer-off licence refused
TROTTERC.W., Capt.Sat11Nov1899Parade of D Squadron of South Notts Hussars under Capt C.W. TROTTER, Capt T HILL (second in command), Lieut G.N. CHARLTON, Squadron Quartermaster JACKSON, Staff Sgt-Major URELL, Sergeants MEAKIN, GOOD, MARSDEN, JACKSON, MASON and PEARSON, with 62 men, accompanied by Beeston Boys Brigade, at Beeston Parish Church on Sunday, and entertained by Capt G.N. CHARLTON at Chilwell Hall
WADEW.A..Sat10Dec1898Recipient of fitting testimonial at Beeston Unionist Club on his departure from the locality after 27 years public life
WAITEEleanor.Sat24Jun1899Married on 15th inst at Beeston, Arthur Birkin LITTLEWOOD, of Cottage-grove, Chilwell, eldest son of LITTLEWOOD, J.P. of the Ropewalk, Nottingham, to Eleanor, younger daughter of the late Francis Usher WAITE, M.A. of Beeston-Notts
WAKEFIELDSamuel.Sat8Oct1898Died on 28th ult at Broadgate-Beeston, Samuel, second son of late Thomas WAKEFIELD of Nottingham, aged 66
WALKERHerbert.Sat26Feb1898House fire at residence of Mr WALKER, Nether-street, opposite new Board school, Beeston
WALLISEnoch.Sat17Jun1899Died on 9th inst at Villa-street, Beeston, Enoch WALLIS, late of Long Eaton, in his 76th year
WARDI..Sat2Apr1898Mr I. Ward, general secretary, presided on Monday at first annual dinner of Beeston National Cycle Workers Union
WARDJohn Butler.Sat21Jan1899Lace-agent, well known in Nottingham, suffered serious accident at Beeston Railway Station, when knocked down by train and thrown some distance; conveyed home to Linden House, Linden-grove, suffering fracture of skull
WARDJohn Butler.Sat21Jan1899As reported in another column, John Butler WARD met with serious accident at Beeston, succumbed on Thursday
WARDJohn Butler.Sat28Jan1899On 19th inst at Lindum House, Beeston, John Butler WARD, aged 42, interred at Genera Cemetery
WARWICKMr.Sat23Jul1898Sold by auction 19 dwelling-houses forming Price of Wales Terrace at Beeston Rylands for £3,200; Mr Wm CLIFTON acted as solicitor for the estates of Mr W.H. HUTCHINSON and Mr Samuel HENSHAW
WHEATLEYJohn.Sat18Apr1896Inquest at Victoria Hotel, Beeston: John WHEATLEY, 63, in employ of Beeston Urban District Council, killed on railway on Friday, knocked down at WILKINSON’s crossing (private crossing leading to Beeston Sewage Farm) by up-train about 6am, much mutilated; Verdict: “Accidental death”
WHITTElizabeth Ann.Sat7Jan1899Died on 3rd inst at Harrogate, Elizabeth Ann, dearly beloved wife of Frank WHITT, of Beeston
WILDGOOSEJoseph Reginald.Sat21Jan1899Aged 18, employed as sheet-man on railway, killed by 9.42am train from Nottingham at Beeston Station on Thursday
WILDGOOSEJoseph Reginald.Sat28Jan1899On Jan 19th Joseph Reginald, eldest son of Joseph Richard and Mary WILDGOOSE, Wollaton-road; General Cem.
WILFORDFrank.Sat4Mar1899Died on 27th ult at Beeston, Frank WILFORD, aged 36 years
WILLIAMSONWilliam Robert.Sat28Apr1900Inquest on Monday on body of William Robert WILLIAMSON, 68, City-road, Beeston retired maltster, found hanging in a field; daughter Betsy WILLIAMSON said her mother died in March, he was very despondent, feeble, and suffered rheumatism; George NEEDHAM porter at Railway Station saw him on Saturday in usual condition; Levy FLETCHER of Radford found him hanging in field on Trent side of railway; Verdict “suicide while in unsound state of mind”
WOODErnest.Sat11Jun1898Ernest WOOD, clerk, Beeston, witness at trial of William JACKSON of Nottingham for forgery
WRIGHTArthur James.Sat31Oct1896Divorce Court: Employed 27 years at Moore & Robinson’s Bank at Nottingham, lived with wife and family at Beeston until 1893; petitioned for divorce from wife for adultery with unknown person; wife behaved strangely and would come home to find she had tied the children to chairs; left him in January 1893 to live alone and gave birth to another child in May 1895; decree nisi granted and children given into custody of father; married in 1877 and had three children

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