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This Roll of Honour commemorates those from Beeston who were killed or died of wounds during or as a result of the fighting or otherwise died while serving during the Great War, 1914-1918.

The details for almost all of the casualties now include a dedication, details of his/her background, military career, circumstances of his/her death and details of the casualty's final resting place.

Much of this document is the work of the late Ray Smedley, put together by him over many years, and we are honoured to present it here. Ray spent many years in its research and writing and wished to make it available as a permanent memorial to those from Beeston who made the Supreme Sacrifice. We have continued to add details of those not included, progressively as the Centennial of their death is reached.

Beeston Roll of Honour - The Great War   poppy

Every person with Beeston connections who is known to have lost his life while serving in The Great War - now known as World War 1 - is included here and are listed on a memorial in Beeston Parish Church. For a small number of those on the memorial, it has not been possible to identify their connection with Beeston but they are included here with the expectation that it will eventually be found. The names of those who died are shown in order of the date of their death. A few, for whom the date of death has not yet been identified, are included at the end.

Click MORE for additional details of a casualty, where it is shown on the rightmost column.
Click here to see details of the memorial in Beeston Parish Church (opens in a new window).

"We lent him to this country, expecting he'd return .." - this was the moving response1 in family homes throughout Beeston, as elsewhere, as the toll mounted and decimated a generation of young men. As the table below shows, this poignant expression was no doubt repeated at least 273 times in Beeston alone as the awful tragedy of the war continued relentlessly. After an initial wave of enthusiasm and a rush of volunteers to join the Colours, the reality of war became apparent as the casualties began to mount. There were times when the news became particularly overwhelming - the Dardennelles campaign of 1915, the terrible slaughter on and following the Somme offensive on July 1st 1916, the horrors of Passchendale in July to November 1917 and the Somme battles of 1918, The slaughter of these terrible events clearly shows in the Beeston casualties - 10% of all its losses were in July and August 1916 alone. Most homes suffered a loss or knew someone close who did and it should be remembered that, although this tribute is specifically to those who paid the Supreme Sacrifice, it is clear that the awful devastation and loss was to effect everyone - those who served and those at home - and things would never again be the same.

Amongst those quick to join the Colours, soon after war was declared on 4th August 1914, was a detachment of 27 members of the Beeston Boys Brigade Old Boys which marched to the Nottingham Recruitment Centre to enlist. More were to follow and 42 were to make the Supreme Sacrifice and others were badly wounded. Click here to read about this exceptional contribution made by the Old Boys of the Boys' Brigade at Beeston

1914 - 7 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
PrivateWilliamStevensLincolnshire Regiment 8SepMORE
CorporalClaude ArchibaldPorterGrenadier Guards 14OctMORE
SignallerGeorge EthelredJenoureRoyal Navy - HMS Good Hope1NovMORE
PrivateArchibald BenjaminSmithHighland Light Infantry13NovMORE
2nd LieutenantGervase ThorpeSpendloveSouth Lancashire Regiment 17NovMORE
StokerRobert HealdBeckettRoyal Navy - HMS Bulwark26NovMORE
Able SeamanJames FrederickWilliamsRoyal Navy - HMS Bulwark26NovMORE

1915 - 33 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
PrivateGeorge HenryTowleRoyal Marine Light Infantry - HMS Viknor 13JanMORE
PrivateGeorge RowlandStrawSherwood Foresters1FebMORE
PrivateWilliam ThomasTebbuttSouth Lancashire Regiment20FebMORE
PrivateWilfred FrankBoothSherwood Foresters 11MarMORE
PrivateRichard RobertPearceSherwood Foresters12MarMORE
PrivateCyril ArthurTurtonSherwood Foresters 12MarMORE
PrivateClarenceHazzledineYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own) 3MayMORE
PrivateCharlesDeanSherwood Foresters9MayMORE
PrivateHenryCroomSherwood Foresters20MayMORE
PrivateGeorgeDeanYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)24MayMORE
LieutenantAlfred Frederick OtterbineDobsonSherwood Foresters 15JunMORE
PrivateWilliam LaurencePearsonKing's Own Scottish Borderers28JunMORE
PrivateHenry EdmundPriestleySherwood Foresters 26JulMORE
RiflemanWilliam HughThornhillKing's Royal Rifle Corps30JulMORE
RiflemanBernard HenrySprayKing's Royal Rifle Corps 5AugMORE
Lance CorporalWilliam DanielHumphreysSherwood Foresters 9AugMORE
PrivateEric GeoffreyLuntleySherwood Foresters 9AugMORE
Lance CorporalJamesMartinSherwood Foresters 9AugMORE
PrivateErnestOrchardSherwood Foresters9AugMORE
PrivateMorris EdwardPassSherwood Foresters9Aug MORE
CaptainCharles DeschampsRandallSherwood Foresters9AugMORE
PrivateAlbert EdwardTurtonSherwood Foresters 9AugMORE
SergeantJosephCorthornSherwood Foresters5SepMORE
PrivateWilliamChalkNorthumberland Fusiliers30SepMORE
PrivateThomas FrederickSweeneyCheshire Regiment 2OctMORE
PrivateJohn SamuelCoxGrenadier Guards9OctMORE
PrivateSamuelFreemanSherwood Foresters9OctMORE
GuardsmanWilfredRogersGrenadier Guards11OctMORE
PrivateHarryCoulsonSherwood Foresters13OctMORE
CaptainHarold HenryWalton MCSherwood Foresters 13OctMORE
BombardierCharles HaroldThorpeRoyal Field Artillery18OctMORE
PrivateGeorgeBracknerSherwood Foresters 25OctMORE
BombardierWilliamBatesRoyal Marine Artillary - HMS Natal30DecMORE

1916 - 56 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
LieutenantMaurice CharlesMansfieldBritish Military Mission, Russia11FebMORE
PrivateJohn WilliamAbySherwood Foresters 14FebMORE
PrivateBernard GreigStarkSherwood Foresters14FebMORE
Lance CorporalArthur CharlesRussellYorkshire (West) Regiment (Alexandra Prince of Wales' Own)2MarMORE
CorporalPercyPilmoreSherwood Foresters 9MarMORE
CorporalWalter JamesSandersYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)3AprMORE
PrivateThomas HenryBelfieldGrenadier Guards23AprMORE
PrivateCharles ThomasDixonSherwood Foresters26AprMORE
PrivateAlfred NathanSibleySherwood Foresters26AprMORE
Lance CorporalErnestPridmoreNorthumberland Fusiliers27AprMORE
Able SeamanHenryFosterRoyal Navy31MayMORE
DriverCharles AlbertSmithRoyal Army Service Corps12JunMORE
PrivateSamuelBurdettSherwood Foresters 1JulMORE
Private JohnBywaterYork and Lancaster Regiment1JulMORE
PrivateWilliam HenryBywaterYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)1JulMORE
PrivateGeorgeHazzledineSherwood Foresters1JulMORE
PrivateArthurNichollsSherwood Foresters1JulMORE
PrivateSidney LeversPriceSherwood Foresters1JulMORE
Lance CorporalArnoldWheatleyMachine Gun Corps 1JulMORE
CorporalHaroldHazzledineSherwood Foresters 5JulMORE
PrivateAlbertLeeSherwood Foresters5JulMORE
CorporalRobertManleySherwood Foresters7JulMORE
PrivateArthurHayesSherwood Foresters 8JulMORE
PrivateBenjaminSmithSherwood Foresters 9JulMORE
PrivateAlfredFranklinSherwood Foresters13JulMORE
PrivateThomasLawtonSherwood Foresters17JulMORE
PrivateArnoldHolmesAustralian Light Infantry19JulMORE
SignallerFrank William ValPilmoreSherwood Foresters 30JulMORE
Private CharlesGarnerLincolnshire Regiment2AugMORE
SergeantBenjaminBrewer DCMSherwood Foresters7AugMORE
PrivateHaroldLeeSherwood Foresters8AugMORE
PrivateGeorge HenryGimsonSherwood Foresters 9AugMORE
PrivateJoseph ThomasWattsRoyal Warwickshire Regiment18AugMORE
RiflemanJosephGreeningKing's Own Rifle Corps25AugMORE
PrivateCharlesProwettWiltshire Regiment25AugMORE
RiflemanLukeGoodbandKing's Own Rifle Corps3SepMORE
Lance CorporalFrederickHuntSherwood Foresters3SepMORE
PrivateWalter Russell FrankAdcockSherwood Foresters7SepMORE
SergeantRichardGoslingGrenadier Guards15SepMORE
PrivateCecil SamuelJacksonColdstream Guards15SepMORE
PrivateGeorge HenryNewtonNorthumberland Fusiliers15SepMORE
PrivateGeorgeCoxonMiddlesex Regiment 16SepMORE
PrivateJohn GeorgeStaffordLeicestershire Regiment 19SepMORE
CorporalHarry EdwardRyall MMGrenadier Guards 25SepMORE
PrivateGarnetStensonSherwood Foresters26SepMORE
PrivateHorace GeorgeCudworthYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)8OctMORE
Lance CorporalHarryDeweyYork and Lancaster Regiment8OctMORE
PrivateJohnMoodieLancashire Fusiliers11OctMORE
Flight LieutenantLeslie HewittHardstaffRoyal Naval Air Service20OctMORE
PrivateJohnStevensonRoyal Warwickshire Regiment31OctMORE
CorporalJohnCudworthWest Riding Regiment (Duke of Wellington's)1NovMORE
2nd LieutenantFrederick DonaldFoxSherwood Foresters5NovMORE
PrivateHenryHudstonNorthumberland Fusiliers9NovMORE
PrivateGeorge WilliamLettingRoyal Warwickshire Regiment18NovMORE
PrivateWilfredSmithSherwood Foresters4DecMORE
Acting BombardierPercivalRobinsonRoyal Garrison Artillery5DecMORE

1917 - 80 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
PrivateJohnCalvertNorth Staffordshire Regiment25JanMORE
PrivateJohnThorleyLancashire Fusiliers27JanMORE
PrivateSamuel LeonardHartshornSherwood Foresters 10FebMORE
Lance CorporalFrankLeeYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)11FebMORE
CorporalSamuelGoodallKing's Own Rifle Corps8MarMORE
Comp. Sgt. MajorErnestHollandAustralian Light Infantry 14MarMORE
PrivateWilliam HenryHaddonRoyal Army Medical Corps9AprMORE
PrivateHaroldBuckinghamThe King's (Liverpool) Regiment9AprMORE
PrivateRobert JamesDraycottEast Yorkshire Regiment21AprMORE
PrivateJohnHodgkinsonThe King's (Liverpool) Regiment23AprMORE
Lance CorporalFrederick WilliamLoweSherwood Foresters23AprMORE
PrivateWalterOldhamSouth Staffordshire Regiment23AprMORE
PrivateArthurWrightSherwood Foresters24AprMORE
Private Arthur WilliamJacksonMachine Gun Corps28AprMORE
Private Frank ArnoldJebbettCanadian Expeditionary Force28AprMORE
PrivateWilliam ShrewsburySharpeSherwood Foresters 28AprMORE
PrivateWalterLewisSherwood Foresters5MayMORE
LieutenantSidney RobertArmitageRoyal Army Service Corps11MayMORE
PrivateJohn WilliamBettleLabour Corps3JunMORE
SergeantEnoch HenryHarperSherwood Foresters5JunMORE
PrivateJohn FrancisScottSherwood Foresters7JunMORE
PrivateArthur MatthewSmedleySherwood Foresters7JunMORE
ArtificerJames ShrewsburyCoxonRoyal Navy - HMS Thistle11JunMORE
PrivateWilliam CharlesRyallMachine Gun Corps19JunMORE
Lance CorporalErnest StanleyTonksKing's Own Rifle Corps 20JunMORE
Private Ernest Edward JCalladineLancashire Fusiliers23JunMORE
GunnerErnestHollingworthRoyal Garrison Artillery25JunMORE
PrivateHoraceHartshornSherwood Foresters28JunMORE
SergeantReginald HoraceBarkerSherwood Foresters29JunMORE
PioneerArthur EdwardBarnesRoyal Engineers1JulMORE
PrivateAlbert OldhamDawnRoyal Warwickshire Regiment24JulMORE
SergeantJoseph WilliamWestSherwood Foresters29JulMORE
PrivateHarry WilsonManleyYork and Lancaster Regiment30JulMORE
SapperThomas WalterChurchRoyal Engineers 5AugMORE
PrivateAndrew VictorGuyNorthumberland Fusiliers8AugMORE
PrivatePercyTurnerSherwood Foresters11AugMORE
GunnerArthur HenryParkerRoyal Field Artillery12AugMORE
SergeantHarryAshtonRifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) 14AugMORE
SergeantAlbertTebbuttSherwood Foresters 20AugMORE
PrivateLeonard George LewisWebbSherwood Foresters20AugMORE
GunnerSamuel GilbertBoothRoyal Field Artillery23AugMORE
PrivatePercy DouglasAlsopSherwood Foresters25AugMORE
PrivateSamuelBagshawSherwood Foresters 26AugMORE
PrivateArthur PercyFrettinghamSherwood Foresters3SepMORE
PrivateJohn SamuelTurtonGrenadier Guards12SepMORE
PrivateAlfred WilliamPrestonSherwood Foresters 16SepMORE
PrivateFredPalingRoyal Scots Fusiliers26SepMORE
PrivateGeorge AlbertPembletonSherwood Foresters26SepMORE
PrivateWalter GeorgeWilkinsSherwood Foresters26SepMORE
PrivateJohn ArthurCoxSherwood Foresters27SepMORE
PrivateFrankJohnsonSuffolk Regiment27SepMORE
PrivateFrankParkesSherwood Foresters27SepMORE
PrivateWilliamWallisSherwood Foresters27SepMORE
Lance CorporalArthur EdwardBlacknellWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own)29SepMORE
Lance CorporalHorace EdwardBlackwellLeicestershire Regiment 1OctMORE
SergeantHarryLeaRoyal Field Artillery7OctMORE
PrivateClarence EdwardBarnesRoyal Warwickshire Regiment9OctMORE
GunnerFrancisHazzledineRoyal Field Artillery16OctMORE
PrivateAlbert ErnestBarkerSherwood Foresters16OctMORE
Private GeorgeGoodallRoyal Marine Light Infantry - HMS Laurentie25OctMORE
PrivateJohnCalcraftArmy Cyclist Corps30OctMORE
PrivateCharles HenryWhadcoatGrenadier Guards2NovMORE
PrivateCharles ClaudeSturtSouth Lancashire Regiment3NovMORE
SapperWilliam SydneyBaxterRoyal Engineers4NovMORE
PrivateHaroldBaileyCanadian Infantry, Manitoba Regiment6NovMORE
PrivateAlbert EdwardOsborneCanadian Infantry11NovMORE
GunnerArthur ErnestClarkeRoyal Field Artillery13NovMORE
PrivateWilliam WalterClarkeSherwood Foresters21NovMORE
PrivateWilliamAramLeicestershire Regiment28NovMORE
CorporalEnochBywaterRifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)30NovMORE
Private Thomas WilliamSparrowNorfolk Regiment30NovMORE
PrivateJohn MorleyCramptonKing's Own Scottish Borderers1DecMORE
2nd LieutenantStephen HetleyPearsonGrenadier Guards1DecMORE
SergeantHarryWardGrenadier Guards1DecMORE
PrivateFredBustThe Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)4DecMORE
PrivateThomasClarkNorfolk Regiment4DecMORE
PrivatePercyCordonSherwood Foresters6DecMORE
Lance CorporalBertie MarkLimbSherwood Foresters6DecMORE
GunnerAlbert EdwardMeeRoyal Field Artillery 10DecMORE
CorporalOliverTailbyNorth Staffordshire Regiment 11DecMORE

1918 - 80 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
PrivateCharlesTebbuttLincolnshire Regiment 25JanMORE
PrivateAlfred HaroldCalvertSherwood Foresters27JanMORE
PrivateFrederickAdcockDurham Light Infantry21MarMORE
Lance CorporalPercyBettleSherwood Foresters 21MarMORE
SergeantHoward CharltonBrownSherwood Foresters21MarMORE
SignallerWilliam RobertJacksonLincolnshire Regiment 21MarMORE
CaptainEwart ReginaldLanesLondon Regiment22MarMORE
PrivateFredSewellLeicestershire Regiment22MarMORE
PrivateHarryHarperSherwood Foresters 23MarMORE
PrivateArthur JoyceBlagdurnThe Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)24MarMORE
Comp. Sgt. MajorJohnOldhamOxford & Bucks Light Infantry25MarMORE
PrivateSydney StorerBootYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)27MarMORE
PrivateHarold GeorgeBennettYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own)27AprMORE
Comp. Sgt. MajorJackLeaSherwood Foresters 28MarMORE
Lance CorporalEvalyn ArthurJacksonColdstream Guards28MarMORE
PrivateGeorgeOldhamLancashire Fusiliers28MarMORE
Lance CorporalWilfred LeslieMosleyLincolnshire Regiment5AprMORE
2nd LieutenantPercy HewittPeadonLincolnshire Regiment7AprMORE
PrivateClaude EdwardHayesKing's Own Scottish Borderers 11AprMORE
PrivateErnest George William SharpMachine Gun Corps11AprMORE
Lance SergeantClarence HenryAustinNorthumberland Fusiliers13AprMORE
PrivateJamesHallamNorthumberland Fusiliers18AprMORE
PrivateJohn RobertBruceSherwood Foresters19AprMORE
PrivateThomasCalvertSherwood Foresters 19AprMORE
PrivateSidney PearsonRobinsonWest Riding Regiment (Duke of Wellington's)19AprMORE
PrivateCharles EdwardGreenYorkshire Light Infantry (The King's Own) 26AprMORE
PrivateHarryBrewsterSherwood Foresters28AprMORE
PrivateErnest EdwardJarrettYorkshire Regiment (Alexandra Princess of Wales' Own)1MayMORE
SergeantWilliamBracknerSherwood Foresters 27MayMORE
Lance CorporalHerbertHorneNorthumberland Fusiliers27MayMORE
2nd LieutenantAlfred SydneyBostockDurham Light Infantry27MayMORE
CaptainFrederick Williams PigginNotts Yeomanry (South Notts Hussars) 27MayMORE
PrivateThomas WilliamTurtonSouth Staffordshire Regiment30MayMORE
PrivateJohn WilliamBracknerCheshire Regiment31MayMORE
PrivateWilliamHancoxSherwood Foresters 31MayMORE
PrivateThomas BransonKnowlesSouth Staffordshire Regiment31MayMORE
GunnerThomasPeachRoyal Garrison Artillery28JunMORE
TrooperHoraceMorton3rd Hussars Kings Own7JulMORE
Lance CorporalGeorge JohnRowlandSherwood Foresters23JulMORE
PrivateWilliam HenryJacksonCheshire Regiment24JulMORE
PrivateWilliam EdwardBarsbyLincolnshire Regiment 31JulMORE
LieutenantFrank AlanRotheraRoyal Navy2AugMORE
PrivateGeorge WilliamSearsonArmy Cyclist Corps17AugMORE
PrivateJohn RobertCliffordRoyal Warwickshire Regiment26AugMORE
Lance SergeantWilliamRobothamGrenadier Guards27AugMORE
Private John EdgarSpencerThe Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)27AugMORE
PrivateJonathan DalbyLawtonArmy Service Corps29AugMORE
GunnerLotHodgkinsonTank Corps30AugMORE
PrivateHorace EdgarJeffriesNorthamptonshire Regiment31AugMORE
PrivateFrankHarperRoyal Warwickshire Regiment1SepMORE
Private Thomas WilliamRileyEssex Regiment2SepMORE
PrivateWilliam WilmottOldhamSherwood Foresters4SepMORE
PrivateGeorge ErnestSuttonLancashire Fusiliers8SepMORE
PrivatePercyBowlzerEssex Regiment18SepMORE
PrivateClaude WilliamFisherSherwood Foresters18SepMORE
PrivateArthur JamesNewtonSherwood Foresters19SepMORE
PrivateJamesKerryThe King's Shropshire Light Infantry21SepMORE
PrivateCharlesSlack MMLincolnshire Regiment26SepMORE
PrivateAlbertOldhamSherwood Foresters30SepMORE
PrivateAlbertCudworthDuke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)1OctMORE
PrivateJohn PhilipAbellThe Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)8OctMORE
GunnerThomasGloverTank Corps8OctMORE
PrivateThomas HenryBuckleyRoyal Dublin Fusiliers14OctMORE
PrivateJohn ThomasCowlishawThe Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)17OctMORE
PrivateArthur EdwinEllisRoyal Army Medical Corps17OctMORE
PrivatePercyHaddonSherwood Foresters20OctMORE
Lance CorporalGeorge Samuel GauntRichardsonSherwood Foresters23OctMORE
PrivateLeonardHoultNorthumberland Fusiliers24OctMORE
PrivateWilliamPhillipsLeicestershire Regiment24OctMORE
PrivateHarryTebbuttRoyal Army Medical Corps25OctMORE
PrivateEdgarClarkSherwood Foresters27OctMORE
Air MechanicVincent JosephSollowayRoyal Air Force30OctMORE
DriverEdward MarshallSingletonRoyal Engineers 4NovMORE
RiflemanHarryBarnesKing's Royal Rifle Corps7NovMORE
PrivateAlfred ErnestCliffordRoyal Army Service Corps14NovMORE
PrivateFred BarrettArmitageRoyal Army Service Corps19NovMORE
PrivateJoseph StanleyCastledineLancashire Fusiliers19NovMORE
PrivateFrankOldhamSherwood Foresters23NovMORE
ButcherJoseph RHoggRoyal Army Service Corps24NovMORE
LieutenantReginald ErnestTrease DSO MCRoyal Field Artillery5DecMORE

After 1918 - 5 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
LieutenantGuy LuntleyTutinSherwood Foresters27Jan 1919MORE
Lance CorporalAlfred PercivalPageEssex Regiment16Feb 1919MORE
CQMSHerbert ArthurHollowayRifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)13Mar 1919MORE
PrivateHerbert HealeyRobinsonSherwood Foresters2Apr 1919MORE
PrivateJohn RobertCoxRoyal Army Medical Corps24May 1920MORE

Only recently or not yet identified - 12 deaths
Rank Forename Surname Regiment Date of Death  
RiflemanA E MSmithRifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)...
PrivateWilliam CharlesBrownSherwood Foresters28Sep 1916.
CorporalJ HJohnsonSherwood Foresters...
PrivateW HJacksonSherwood Foresters...
PrivateELambertSherwood Foresters...
PrivateG HMooreSherwood Foresters...
PrivateS WRobinsonSherwood Foresters...
PrivateWRoomsSherwood Foresters...
Lance CorporalPSmithSherwood Foresters...
2nd LieutenantF HCoxBedfordshire Regiment...
PrivateE OTaylorEssex Regiment...

1These poignant words were used by the family of William Shrewsbury Sharpe in an In Remembrance piece published in the Beeston Gazette & Echo after the war. It is a sentiment that must have been felt by many families in Beeston and elsewhere who had lost loved ones.

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